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There is nothing scarier than being afraid you won’t survive.

The next scariest thing to facing death, is being afraid you won’t survive financially—being petrified you will lose everything you own, and end up homeless, jobless, moneyless, and hopeless.

I’ve felt this kind of panic, desperation, and despair—and it’s not fun. In fact, it’s quite painful. And the true tragedy is, that those very feelings of sadness, hopelessness, fear, and panic will draw even more negative realities to you—exactly what you don’t want.

But I also know it’s possible to turn around even the most dire financial circumstances. If you look to our societal icons you’ll see many millionaires and billionaires even, have lost it all, only to turn around and create it again. Why not you?

But before I go into exactly how to begin to turn your finances around, I want to issue this…


If you’re reading this you’re likely in a very bad place. And you will be tempted to hop to one thing then another and yet another in a blind attempt to have someone offer you a magic pill, or fix it for you, or in some way take responsibility for your financial mess. (I told you I’ve been there…)

But you won’t change anything if you keep acting, thinking, and feeling the way you have been acting, thinking, and feeling. You. Won’t. Change. Anything.

So don’t just blow through this. If you want your finances to change you need to actually do the work. (End of sermon.)

OK, so let’s get those changes happening. First, as in any emergency, you need to…

Stop the Bleeding

No, I’m not talking about the financial bleeding, although that might not be a bad idea, I’m talking about the emotional bleeding. You’re likely caught in a mental loop of, “Oh my god, my life is falling apart. I’m in trouble. I am out of money. There is nothing I can do about this.”

And you need to STOP feeling that way. How?

Start here:

1.    Find a place to sit quietly, alone.
2.    Breathe slowly in through your nose, and out through your mouth, ten times.
3.    While you are breathing out imagine breathing out all of the negative emotions. Breathe out fear, scarcity, lack, struggle, and powerlessness.
4.    And while you’re breathing in, imagine white, sparkling, cleansing light entering your body and cleaning every single cell—filling your cells with choice, love, healing, and hope.

At the end of the ten breaths you’ll feel lighter, more focused, and freer to make another choice.  Then…

Forgive Yourself

You didn’t get here by accident. You created it—unconsciously maybe, but still, you created it.  Forgive yourself. Just by saying those words, “I forgive myself for creating this financial situation.”

Yes. It can be that easy. Next…

Have a Little Talk with the Powerless Parts of You

You think you are an emotional basket case right now, but the fact is, you’re more secure and empowered than you know. I’ll bet anything there are parts of you that are scared to death—and those parts of you are making you feel much less in control of your destiny than you really are. What are these “parts”?

Your child self and your adolescent self.

You see, they really don’t have a clue. They can’t create themselves out of this mess. They don’t have the power, skills or the ability—they’re just kids! And yet you unknowingly turn your problems over to them time and time again.

This is not just an exercise folks. REPEAT. This is not just an exercise.

These aspects of you are real. And they have real impact on your world. These parts of you are terrified. And if you keep asking these terrified aspects of yourself to change your world, guess what you are going to get? That’s right—more terror.

So go, sit with them, talk with them—and let them tell you how scared they are about what is happening in your world. Listen to them. Let them cry, scream, rant, and rave. And when they’re spent, take them into your arms, and love them.

What? That’s it? Love them?

Yeah. That’s all they really want. That’s all they’ve ever wanted. Oh, and keep them safe, too. You may want to give them a money tree, or a money machine to help them feel financially secure.

What? How is me making them financially secure helping me?

Because if the most powerless aspects of you feel safe, you will feel safer. Then the adult you, who is not nearly as powerless, can step up and take back control.  Hey, what have you possibly got to lose, right?

And next…

Have a Talk with Your Inner Saboteur—Your Negative Self

There’s a part of you that’s still beating yourself up over this reality. And that part of you doesn’t have your best interest at heart. That part is what I call, your Negative Self. They lie. They cheat. And they want your life on a silver platter. Don’t give it to them.


Just listen. That’s it. Just listen to them rant and rave.

What would that sound like? Something like this:

You: I’ve gotten myself into quite a financial pickle.

NS: Yeah, I see that Einstein.

You: I’m not sure what to do, but I think I can turn this around.

NS: Seriously? What kind of weed have you been smoking?

You: No, I think I can…I have come to realize we create our own reality.

NS: Dude, you are sicker than I thought. Not only are you totally hopeless at creating money, you actually believe that crap!

You: Well, a lot of people have been creating some amazing things.

NS: Yeah, and I have a bridge in Brooklyn I wanna sell ya. Face it kid, you’re washed up. Yeah you gave success a shot, but now it’s time to face up to what you are, what you always have been, and what you always will be—a loser.

You: Are you finished?

NS: No, not really, since you brought this up, I wanna tell you, that you better stop this airy-fairy dreaming stuff. Life is hard work and then more hard work.

You: Is that it?

NS: No, goddamn it. You need to wake up here kid. Face facts. All this head in the clouds stuff has gotten you where? NO-where. So stop this crap and face it…you’re a failure.

You: Are you done yet?

NS: Stop pushing me kid. I want you to know…there’s NO hope for you. Got it? NONE.

You: Now are you done?

NS: No—you should know…those jeans look stupid on you.

You: Is that it?

NS: Yeah…

And that is when you call upon your unseen friends to come and escort your Negative Self away for healing.

After that, breathe a sigh of relief. Because a huge burden has been lifted from you. And now you’re free.

Free to…

Get Real

Now that you have a little emotional balance back, you can also gain some perspective. You’ll want to remind yourself that:

1.    You are in a tough spot short term.
2.    Everything will change.
3.    You can have total impact over what that change is.
4.    You’re unconditionally loved and supported.
5.    What really matters isn’t money.
6.   Even if you had to let go of everything you have and start today with a clean slate, you could create an amazingly abundant, love-filled and beautiful life.
7.    And letting go, at least energetically, may be the shorter path to creating that life than holding on would be.

Now, take a few more deep breaths. And it’s time to…

Take Your Power Back

If you’ve done what I’ve outlined above, you’re in a different place than you were before you started this “emergency” work. You are where most people begin. And like other first responders, this is meant to stabilize you, not to guide you through recovery.

You still have to do the work of creating your reality:

1.    Own you are divine
2.    Decide what you want
3.    Flow energy towards that dream (and away from your nightmares)
4.    Take action in the world
5.    Watch for your world to respond
6.    Stay in joy
7.    Ask for help

But the map for that has already been made. You can sign up to read it free (over time), here. Or buy a copy, but remember, knowledge is power. Good luck my friend (not that you need it—insanely powerful divine creator that you are).

With love,

P.S. Keep growing—sign up here to receive regular blog posts on conscious creation, messages from your unseen friends and success stories by real people just like you.

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15 comments to " In Case of Financial Emergency—Read This! "

  • Michael Thaddeus Doyle

    This helped.

  • Your Name

    Need to come back and read this post several times.

  • Yvelise

    Thank you so very much for this wisdom. This is exactly what I needed and has helped immensely in calming me down and giving me direction.

  • Suzy Ross

    Boni-This was enormously helpful! You appear to be one of my unseen friends! I am retiring soon and am making my way through “The Map”. A masterful guidebook! Thank you so much.

  • Agnes Vivarelli

    I was there, now I have tripled my freelance 100% creative income, debt nearly all paid off! Ahhhhh doing what Bonnie said AND going into the building of beliefs (see The Map book)

  • Kerry

    This is the best advice I’ve ever read for that overwhelming panic that occurs during a financial crisis. Thank you AGAIN, Boni, for reminding us we have power!

  • Joy

    Hi Boni, I am so amazed and grateful at the timing of this. Ihave gotten to the point, especially the last few days where I was feeling so hopeless instead of hopeful about out financial situation. Packing, getting ready to move, unsure of even we have a place to move to. Job interview after interview, always the sames answer…”we loved you, think you’re great, but decided to go with the other candidate”……been feeling so negative about myself, age, life…..this was just what I needed at the perfect time. You, our unseen friends and my wonderful angels (and yours too) have snapped me out of “my mood’. I am following this advise to the “t” and thank you very very much. How do you do this!! Amazing!!!!!! <3

    • maureen

      Yes everything that Joy commented on is exactly how I am feeling! I am a spiritual person, and have asked God for help and he answers, if I would but stay out of the way! I’m on the verge of being evicted on the 4/19/14. And have no where to go! And yes its very scary living like this. I’ve worked hard all my teenage/adult life and have nothing to show for it. Nineteen yrs clean and sober and I’m in the same position financially as I was when into my addictions! I really needed to hear all of what you have said today. So thank you! It was like you were me…Maureen

    • Boni


      I’m happy to hear that this post helped “revive” you! Just remember, every single interview that they “love you but”…is a SIGN!! It is a compliment. And a whisper from the universe that you are one step closer to that job and it will be even better than the one you “weren’t right for”. And this works only IF you respond to it that way.

      Sending you lots of love and light to manifest a job even better than you had hoped!!


  • Leona

    Thank you. This was a much-needed post and definitely a wonderful roadmap thank you!

  • Dee

    Thank you Bonnie and unseen. Friends

  • Linda

    HOW did u know that I so desperately needed this post!! Thank you!! Love + light always

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