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Dear Boni,

What can you do for me that I cannot do for myself? And if your own life is not exactly as you yourself wish it all of the time, what impels you to believe that you can help any one else “create” their personal reality?


Dear Cynical,

I can do nothing for you that you cannot do for yourself. You have everything within you to succeed in creating a dream come true for yourself, your loved ones and your world.

My question to you is – are you doing it?

If you are, clearly you do not require my assistance. Go – enjoy your life!

If you are not – then maybe you, like I did, can learn from and receive help from others. If my words speak to you, wonderful – I am grateful and honored. If not, keep looking (and asking) for those that will.

We are not in this alone. There is more help out there for us than our (relatively) tiny human brains can grasp. Why not receive it?

I have learned from many teachers. Some were teachers for a day, an hour, or less. Others have been with me for more than three decades. Some of my students were also my teachers. And for some of my teachers I have been a teacher to as well.

That said, I don’t think anyone who calls themselves a teacher is necessarily helpful. And while one teacher may be helpful to one, at one level of growth, to another that same teaching could be harmful.

Discernment is very important. Never automatically take a teacher’s truth as your own – try it on. Think about it. Feel through it.

My personal litmus test is: Is my life changing for the better? Whether for a moment, because someone’s words made me feel lighter, or forever, because someone’s technique to access my own power worked.

Teachers don’t do it for us, but make it easier and hopefully more fun to do it for ourselves. Earth can be a difficult place to remember who you are. Personally I’ll take all the help I can get!

In joyous creation,

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6 comments to " Seriously – Why do you even need me? "

  • I want to respond to Willam’s comment: “What can you do for me that I cannot do for myself?” I don’t hear Boni saying she can do something *for* us. Boni, I hear you reminding us that *we* can have the life of our dreams if *we* so choose it. It is ours to create. AND, if we have a life that is NOT the life of our dreams, it is because some part of us believes we do not deserve better or more or whatever. Our life is a mirror of what we believe about ourselves. I’ve heard it said, and I believe “If you don’t like your results, change your responses.” William also said, “And if your own life is not exactly as you yourself wish it all of the time, what impels you to believe that you can help any one else ‘create’ their personal reality?” One is not dependent upon the other. There is nothing that says since I am the creator of my experience it “will be exactly as I wish it all the time.” It is merely about stepping out of a victim posture and taking responsibility for my own life and happiness. It is a choice. AND, there is much I am not conscious of within myself as a fallible human being. Part of my life experience is about becoming aware… aware of how I am getting in my own way with the thoughts I think, the internal messages that I carry. Self-criticism, for example, is a learned behavior that creates much resistance to one’s joy. However, most people have been doing it for so long, they have become accustomed to that internal critic. The process is about raising my level of awareness in order that I may make changes and experience more joy. That is the reason we are here; to experience joy. If you don’t believe that, listen to the internal messages you tell yourself about why that is not true. I am betting those messages were taught/told to you by someone a long time ago. We can choose today what we live by as truth.

  • Clyde

    Dear Boni,

    I have recently been in a healing session with the Jackie and the “Team” and they urge me to connect with you on various intentions I made.

    My intent is to learn the process of creating a new reality from you.

    Love and light..

    • Boni

      Hi Clyde,

      Welcome! I love Jackie and the “Team”! They have helped me tremendously. I suggest you check out the website and sign up for the email updates. Also, if you are on Facebook I suggest you “Like” the page for daily inspirational reminders.

      As always, question welcomed – if I haven’t answered it before on my blog I will do so but cannot guarantee when. I’m happy you are here Clyde!!

      With love,

  • Dear Cynical:

    You ask a very good question and I would love to respond. Boni is the most impeccable person I know as it relates to reality creation. I have known her for years and can tell you that she holds herself responsible for everything in her life. When something in her life isn’t working, she goes right to work to see what belief she may be holding that is creating that circumstance in her life.

    I recommend her work to all of my clients because I know, without a doubt, that Boni has done the work and lovingly supplies guidance and clear and concise truths that help people to make new choices. There is no ego involved.

    On earth, there will always be challenges to push you further into discovering truth and uncovering more of who you really are. Boni sees everything as an opportunity to learn and test her knowledge and knowing. These are the signs of a great teacher and mentor.

    This is not to say that she hasn’t experienced emotional pain but she uses these experiences to push herself further into discovery and self reflection. She never goes into victim or martyr.

    Allow this opportunity to work with a Master Teacher to move you into a magnificent life!!

    With great love for all…


    • Boni

      Thank you dear Jackie. I am humbled and honored by your comments.

      And as we are on the subject of teachers… You and The Team have been among the greatest teachers I’ve had (and friends). You’ve been there to help me through my toughest lessons, I can’t imagine my path (or life) without you. I look forward to my weekly talks with The Team and you, after what, seven years now! Thank you for all that you do. My deepest love and respect, Boni

      PS To learn more about Jackie’s work visit or listen to her weekly radio show on It is wonderful.

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