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I received this message on my Facebook page today:

Hi Boni,

Can we start a meditation for the coronavirus to be cured and be rid from our world completely?



My answer is: No, I won’t.

I won’t for three reasons:

  1. The virus has already been cured. Cures exist for everything. Everything. Believe in, intend to find, and resonate with the cure and you’ll see it.
  2. If we rid the world of the coronavirus while people still need that type of expression to learn from, it will do no good—we/they will simply manifest another virus to learn from. Instead, let’s intend (and create) a world where people are empowered to “respond” to things like viruses instead of “react” to them.
  3. All the meditating in the world won’t make a positive difference if you come from a place of fear. Instead…

I’d like to help you take your power back from this admittedly scary potential threat. And I say “scary” because it is. We are physical beings and it’s okay to feel fear when something appears threatening. However, what you do with that fear makes all the difference in the world. Here’s what I suggest:

Feel your feelings

Emotions create your world. But denying them doesn’t make them go away. So, when you read the latest headlines about the virus (or anything for that matter), give yourself a moment to feel what comes up for you. Dread? Panic? Fear? Hopelessness? Powerlessness? It’s perfectly okay to have these types of feelings—and you’re not a spiritual failure if you do. You’re human.

Once you’ve given yourself the freedom to feel what you feel, you “unplug the drain” (thinking of your emotions as the water in a dirty tub). Once they (the emotions) are gone (felt, or expressed), you can see what’s in the bottom of the tub (the cause of the emotions).

Understand the source of your emotions

Then ask yourself: “What part of me is afraid?”

It might be:

  • The child self – who cannot handle the idea of a pandemic (and should not be made to).
  • The adolescent self – who thinks they are invincible (but deep down they know how powerless they really are).
  • The young adult self – who perhaps got sick and feared dying or watched someone they loved succumb.
  • The negative self – who loves these types of realities (much like the media) so that they can whisper sweet nothings of “doom and gloom” into your ear and thus keep your attention (read: your power) to themselves.

How do you tell?

You connect (briefly—it doesn’t have to take long) with each of them.

For instance, if your child self is freaked out and afraid that everyone they love will die and they’ll be all alone, go, talk with them in meditation. Tell them, “I’ve got this in my current reality.” They are safe in theirs. And give them whatever they need to feel safe. If it’s living in a bunker, let them live there. If it’s giving their mother a degree in medicine—done! If it’s a protective bubble over their town shielding them from every disease imaginable—do it.

But you might also suggest they don’t have disease in their world—that you, the magical being that you are, eradicates all disease in their reality.

Yours isn’t to censor what they say—it’s to help them know they are not you. You are you. They get to live an amazing (and 100% safe) life—you will see to that. But one caveat is, they must stay in their world—and you must stay in yours.

Do the same thing with your adolescent self, and younger adult self.

For your negative self, it is important to let them vent however they want. This is what my negative self had to say about the Coronavirus:

“Girl, you are so fooling yourself! You think you have this ‘direct link to truth’—well you are sadly mistaken. You won’t be so high and mighty when this hits your town, your family, your life, will you? You’ll be as dead as the rest of ‘em. And then, won’t you feel like shit that you’ve mislead so many innocent souls?”

Yeah. Ouch. You can tell when you are hearing your negative self accurately. The words sting. Why? Because they know exactly what to say to push your buttons. It’s what they do. But when you open the abscess (by listening to them), all the poison comes out. (It’s critical to remember your negative self always lies. Always.) When your negative self is done “sharing,” call upon your higher self to take them away for healing.

These two exercises (feeling your feelings and talking with your aspects) will help you immediately feel better. But please, don’t stop there.

Look for (your personal) message

The next question to ask is: Why is this happening in your reality? Everything has a message for you. Everything. The first place I look when it comes to body-based issues are resources that list the “common causes.” In this case, I looked to two talented authors:

Louise Hay – from You Can Heal Your Life

Viral Infections: Lack of joy flowing through life. Bitterness.
Affirmation: I lovingly allow joy to flow freely in my life. I love me.

Evette Rose – from Metaphysical Anatomy Vol I

Viruses (note: there is a lot more information on viruses in the book): Viral issues are related circumstances where people are battling out their worthiness issues.

After reading what they both had to say, I would ask myself, “Are you totally in your joy? Do you feel and believe you are totally worthy?”

And if the answer to either is a “no,” I would work on that. If the answer is a “yes,” I would ask myself, “Okay, what is the message of this virus (to me)?”

Maybe it’s simply to be a light in a dark world. Remember, you incarnated in a time on earth where the earth and humanity are transitioning from dark to light. That transition is going to be chaotic. Expect that. But hold your resonance throughout. You have the tools to do so.

Examine your beliefs

Next, remind yourself who is creating your reality—(yes, it’s you!). Why would you want to give your power away to the media, or Facebook, or anyone, for that matter? Do you really believe “you create it all except for the Coronavirus”? Of course not. You know you create it all, so act like it.

But if you do believe you create it all, and fear still comes up for you, take a look at your beliefs. Look at these beliefs for starters:

  • The coronavirus is a threat to me and to those I love.
  • I do not have the ability to protect myself from the coronavirus.
  • I cannot attract a cure to the coronavirus.
  • I cannot trust myself to create safety in a crazy world.

If any of these are your beliefs, change them to:

  • The coronavirus is a message to me and to those I love.
  • I do have the ability to protect myself from the coronavirus.
  • I can attract a cure to the coronavirus.
  • I can trust myself to create safety in a crazy world.

Note: the above beliefs are not a conclusive list—they are just to get you started.


Respond in the physical world

Now let’s talk about “taking action” (a part of The Map, remember?). Just because you believe you’re protected doesn’t mean you let your negative self convince you to not protect yourself. You do what feels right in the physical world to protect yourself: wash your hands more, keep your hands away from your face, boost your immune system, socially distance, etc.  The old adage, “Trust in Allah but tie up your camel,” is true here and for every example. You live in a physical world—respect that.

Train yourself to respond (not react)

And finally, train yourself to respond differently when you see the news, witness a person freaking out, etc. Here are some ways to respond:

  • Imagine yourself surrounded in a bubble of white, sparkling light, protecting you (and those your love) from all but letting in all the good, positive, loving energy.
  • Surround the “freaking out” people in that white light as well.
  • Ask your unseen friends to help blanket the earth and every human on it in light and love, to help them each become empowered to take responsibility for their own health and well-being.
  • Remind yourself that you are one of the first to awaken on this planet, and it’s going to be a bit chaotic from time to time. You have the resources to get yourself back to your powerful center and to be a beacon of light and strength for others.

If you’re new at this …

This may feel like a lot for those of you who are new to consciously creating your reality—don’t worry. Keep these things in mind:

  • Positive thoughts and feelings are far more powerful than negative ones. Becoming even a little more positive and hopeful will have a positive impact on your reality.
  • Hold the intention: I intend to learn to create my reality consciously, and while I’m learning, I ask my unseen friends to keep me healthy and safe.
  • Your message from the Coronavirus may be that you needed it to discover and prioritize your own power and growth—congratulations! And welcome to the most exciting, fulfilling, and rewarding study on earth: Conscious Creation!

All that said, I will definitely organize a world-wide meditation on the private Facebook Page (you are all welcome to join) to empower each and every human on the planet to take their power back from the Coronavirus and take responsibility for their health and their lives. I hope this has helped you Shruthi (and all of you) to take your power back from the Coronavirus and anything else you’ve given it to.

With so much love,

PS If you need assistance in changing your beliefs, our guided meditation makes that process elegant and easy.  You can learn more about your unseen friends here.

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2 comments to " Take Your Power Back from the Coronavirus "

  • Evelyn

    Love it! Just what I believe and do. The media can “infect” us with whatever it wants to, so, your advice is right to the point.

  • Alice Yu

    Dear Boni, this is truly powerful and helpful. As always, thank you for sharing the wise words.

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