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In my book, The Map to Abundance – The No Exception Guide to Creating Money, Success & BlissI included an idea for an Abundance Session. The idea was to have readers make a list of 100 ways their life is abundant, but having nothing to do with money.

I instantly loved the idea, but I wondered, “Can people come up with 100 ways?”

So I decided to try it myself. And yeah, 100 is a lot. I know I could do it but these Abundance Sessions shouldn’t be difficult marathons. They should be manageable creation sessions that result in shifting people’s resonance (and reality) with abundance. I changed it to 25 Ways.

I’m happy I did this exercise for myself. Of course the earth is abundant—how many grains of sand are there, right? But my life is abundant with things I truly cherish—and so is yours. As you let that in, it’s a short jump to allowing more monetary abundance as well.

25 Ways My Life is Abundant (Not Counting Money)

1.      I have an abundance of health. At nearly 60 years and counting I am grateful that I feel maybe 20.

2.      Millions of snowflakes fall outside my window, blanketing everything in soft, silent, white.

3.      Endless ideas percolate out of me—unstoppable and unfailing.

4.      I look into the night sky and am awed by billions of stars there to greet me every single night.

5.      I live in Colorado with an abundant 300 days of sunshine.

6.      I am blessed with an abundance of friends.

7.      I feel deeply and abundantly loved.

8.      With a head of uber thick hair, I try to focus on how fortunate I am to have luscious locks and not on how long it takes me to blow it dry.

9.      As an avid reader, I’m thrilled that there are 129,864,880 books in print according to Google Books—and many, many of those are excellent.

10.  Speaking of information, how lucky am I to live in these times? Very lucky. There are over 1 billion websites offering me access to a crazy amount of info 24/7.

11.  Back to abundant Colorado—one of my favorite things about this state is the abundance of wildflowers, which makes hiking and even driving so beautiful—love, love, love that.

12.  Hey what about all the choices in entertainment these days? It used to be a handful TV shows worth watching, but lately it seems like the quality and the number of worthwhile shows has skyrocketed.

13.  I am, hands down, the most grateful for the abundance of beauty in my life. Every single day I look at a breathtaking sunrise, or the sky reflecting perfectly in a placid lake, or the unexpected early bloom of a flower in my yard. Beauty is everywhere.

14.  Music. So. Much. Music. No, it doesn’t all appeal to me, but what does there is a lot of, and wonderful new music being born constantly.

15.  Creative ideas! SO many creative people out there—delighting and inspiring me with their ideas, inventions, and creations.

16.  There is a lot of kindness in my world. Little kindnesses like people opening doors for me or letting me in when I’m trying to cross lanes in traffic—and bigger kindnesses like readers taking time out of their busy lives to message or email me to share that my work has impacted them or to leave a review on Amazon.

17.  I have an abundance of happiness. Yes, I’ve chosen it, asked for it, I focus on the thoughts that bring me more of it—but I still feel profoundly blessed to be so happy so much of the time.

18.  It is my belief that the earth is abundant in what we need to heal. If there is an illness or malady, the earth provides a way to heal it.

19.  Life is abundant with new experiences to be had—whether travel, near or far, new restaurants, or new concepts, life is amazingly abundant in expanding my horizons.

20.  Growth. Okay, beauty now takes second place as my favorite personal abundance. I live to grow. My growth has been profound, expansive, life-altering, and it never, ever stops.

21.  How could I have written this many ways without listing nature? Nature is not only magnificently beautiful, it’s incredibly healing and centering too.

22.  Laughter. Is there a sound so sweet? I’m grateful to have an abundance of reasons to laugh.

23.  My not so guilty pleasure—crystals. There’s something magical, powerful, and indescribable about the crystal consciousness on this planet. No matter how many times I say, “I have enough,” there’s apparently a huge abundance because there’s always room for one more.

24.  Delicious food. What an amazing planet where nourishing, tasty, beautiful foods are so abundant they seem to grow on trees (haha).

25.  I am profoundly grateful for the abundance of assistance I’ve received in my life, from seen friends as well as unseen friends. No man (or woman) is an island—I thank Goddess every day for those who have loved, guided, and supported me every step of the way.

We do live in a beautiful, abundant world. And by recognizing and owning the abundance we have, we open the door to even greater abundance of all types.

I invite you to join me and write your own list. And if something surprises you or touches you, please share it with us in the comments below.

With love,

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5 comments to " 25 Ways My Life is Abundant (Having Nothing to Do with Money) "

  • Blessed

    I just had a breakthrough on abundance myself! I realized we are all so abundant each moment we are alive, how each moment is the wealth we’ve all been given, and how it is our choice how we spend this wealth once we are led to become aware of it that’s what matters.

    I feel so lucky and happy to have had this realization. Thank you for helping me get here, Boni and team!

  • mart

    Wow! Number 3 blew me away!

  • Amy

    Hi, Boni. I think it’s cool that you’re nearly 60 because I have a spiritual connection with the number. No joke, 60 for me is the number of peace, balance, harmony, happiness, etc. And I’m only 18 myself. Do you know what this connection is about, spiritually speaking?

    • Boni

      Hi Amy,

      How cool that you are learning this so early in life! I know all numbers have meaning, but I don’t really know what “60” means. I like the meaning you give it though! :)


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