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The law of attraction sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it? You focus on money, love, and happiness, and your world is filled with money, love, and happiness!

Then why doesn’t it work?

Look around. Statistically, the vast majority of people in the U.S. are not happy with the amount of money in their lives, their jobs, their health, or their love lives. In fact, they aren’t happy, period.

Yes, some of them don’t even know the law of attraction exists—yet others (like you) clearly do know it does, yet still can’t make their dreams come true. Take a look at seven reasons why the law of attraction might not work for you (and how to make it work):

1.    You don’t remember who you (really) are

If you start from the premise of, “I’m gonna try this and see what happens,” you may or may not create a result you like, and even if you do create some good, you’d likely create some bad along with it.

Instead, approach creating this way, “I am a piece of God, Goddess, a piece of Everything. And I am a powerful reality creator.”

2.    You don’t understand the “law.”

Many think thoughts generate reality. In actuality, feelings, connected to thoughts, generate reality. And beliefs are the thoughts and associated feelings “hard-wired” into your energy field.

Spend some time learning exactly how to flow your energy towards your dreams, through your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, and you’ll see things start changing in your world.

3.    You are too wrapped up in how it will look

Most people think they need to know exactly what they want, down to the tiniest detail in order to manifest it. In truth, the more detail you imagine, the more difficult it may be to create.

What you do need to do is know how you want to feel when you have what you want. Let the universe handle the details.

4.    You’re flowing energy towards your nightmares

You may “say” you want a glorious life—but what are you giving attention to? Lack? Hurt? Worry? Fear?

You’ll have to stay awake to create a life of your dreams. And consciously flow energy towards it. And you’ll need to stop flowing energy away from it—which means ferreting out those beliefs that say you can’t or won’t have the life you desire—and then changing those beliefs.

5.    You haven’t fully committed to your dream

Lots of people have “dreams.” But few wholeheartedly commit to making those dreams a reality.

Either you believe you create 100% of your reality or you don’t. If you don’t, change that belief. If you do, start behaving as if those dreams are going to come true. Take action. Be disciplined. Get in the game to win it.

6.    You aren’t patient enough

Many say they want to create a job they love, a committed, loving relationship, financial abundance, etc., but can’t keep the faith that it is in the process of actually manifesting long enough for it to do so.

In order to create anything, you must hold the resonance of already having it. Yes, at first this is difficult to do. But it does get much easier once you can recognize the “signs” that it is on its way. Any powerful technique will produce a “sign” that your reality is changing within just a few days.

Learn to recognize the signs. Watch for them. And then rest assured that what you are doing is working. It makes being patient oh so much easier.

7.    You aren’t allowing assistance

If you feel you have to do this on your own—grow, create your dream, become more of who you really are—you are wrong.

Ask for help and ask for it every step along the way. You could force yourself to do it alone, but why? You have tons of assistance. Let it in.

The law of attraction always works. Always. Our responsive universe does show you exactly what you are putting out in the form of energy—simply look at what you are getting back (your reality).

And there are always ways to change your resonance to receive exactly what you want. You can do this. It is why you came here—to live the life you were born to live.

In joyous creation,

P.S. Another reason the LOA doesn’t work is that people haven’t been properly taught. The Map will teach you (step by step) how to create your reality–elegantly, easily and with lots of fun. Order your copy of The Map and The Map Workbook today.

As one Amazon reviewer said, “If you don’t think you create your own reality, you will be convinced that indeed that is exactly what has happened throughout your life after reading The Map by Boni Lonnsburry. The beauty of this well written, orchestrated and energetically imbued book is that Boni masterfully shows the reader the power one has to change old restrictive beliefs that have shaped one’s reality into new limitless beliefs that will create the life of their dreams.

Thoughtfully organized chapters take the reader on a transformative process that can break through self-created limitations and into an expansive life where dreams are made manifest. Boni clearly shows, in an easy to follow step-by-step format, how each person can acquire the techniques to change their reality through setting intentions and getting into a state of truly `feeling’ their newly created reality. This is where the magic begins. How liberating! Intend to get your hands on a copy of this book. It will revolutionize your life!”

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37 comments to " 7 Reasons the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work (And How To Get it to Work!) "

  • Casper

    Please explain to me how I, before I was born, as a newborn and as a young child manifested a family with abuse, violence and addictions etc? I didn’t have beliefs or thoughts prior to all of this. Instead beliefs were formed BECAUSE of this. We are born with a blank, or open, mind, and can be molded into basically everything, right? So how was all that pain and suffering manifested when that was neither what I wanted, needed, focused on or deserved?
    I really wanna know and would be very happy for an answer to this. Please just don’t write it off with, “karma”. Thank you!

  • Tom

    This is all bullshit. Nothing positive will happen in your life unless you take action toward it. Look at the successful people you see on TV, movies, magazines, wherever. They didn’t use the law of attraction to get where they are, and many of them are dishonest and outright criminals, adding nothing positive to the world, only feathering their own nest. Positive thinking and the law of attraction are fine, but you can’t just sit and wait for things to happen, you have to go do something, usually involving years of hard work.

    • Boni

      Hi Tom,

      Everyone uses the law of attraction to get what they have in life, know it or not. But you’re right, action is an important step, and is one of the seven steps of my book, The Map.

      And the “years of hard work” is a belief, and can be changed.


  • Wafa


    I am trying to manifest perfect health and it hasn’t yet happened. Any advise? I read a story on the Secret website of someone with the same condition as me and she regenerated her kidneys and I want the same.
    Tips? Thank you!

  • A very Lucky person


    Simple and plain! For the past 5 years I have manifest more than a 1000 things just by thinking about it with the most simple though on my head. Up to the point to be really scared and feel that there is an invisible person executing my thoughts.

    Now….why for the most part I can’t manifest what I really want whether I get obsessive or not about it???

    I could write books about thousands of thing that come to me just by thinking about it. The fastest one in 5 minutes others in 3 days but why my dream which is what I really want it seems faraway…?? I have it on paper with details and even drawings that I have made and still nothing seen I created this plan back on 2013.

    Thank you.

    • Boni

      Hi Lucky,

      You are proof that the LOA works. :)

      It hinges on your beliefs, Lucky. Change them, change your world.


  • Candice

    Hi, I’m wondering if we all have a predetermined life path and if we do; does that impact our ability to manifest? For example if my life path doesn’t plan for me to have a life partner, I can plan and manifest all I like and I still won’t have a partner. Is this flawed thinking? I’m starting to give up after 12 years alone.

    • Boni

      Hi Candace,

      No matter what our life plan might be (choosing a life plan with the lack of anything is unlikely, unless that “lack” would make you happy), we still have free will. Always. This post might be helpful:


    • Jason

      There is someone for everyone..don’t forget this.. You may have to wait for the right person and will most likely go thru a lot of frogs but your soul mate will unexpentely come into your life.. The law of attraction does is a universal law which never fails. Your soul mate is not in a position to present himself at this moment in time.. Maybe he is in a bad relationship waiting for the right time to break free to make himself available to you.. Be patient.

  • Benjamin

    Greetings Boni,

    The law of attraction has become gruelingly difficult for me to use. I discovered it last year as an 18-year-old, & actually manifested a nice summer job. Now, it seems as if I am getting closer & closer to finding the groove that works for me. However, I can only sustain success for a day at most. Then, everything crashes to the floor & I feel worse off than I did at the last crash. I notice a sort of roller-coaster-like wavelength in my life. Thus, my highs keep getting higher & my lows are getting seriously horrible. What in the heck is going on? My daily guidelines are as follows:

    1. Handwrite 4 large intents in present tense & with positivity.

    2. Daydream about my ideal state for 15-20 minutes.

    3. Live an action-oriented lifestyle with gratitude.

    Something is wrong. I have tried dumbing down &/or singling out my intents, but to no avail. I appreciate any insights!

    • Boni

      Hi Benjamin,

      I know how frustrating that can be. And there is an answer. But to find it you’re likely going to have to dig deep into your belief system.

      You are doing the right things, Benjamin, but if your beliefs do not support it you’ll get those highs and lows. You put out energy to create the highs but your beliefs won’t sustain it so you drop back into the old resonance.

      I would look at your foundational beliefs first, then more general beliefs.

      Wishing you much success with this!


      • Benjamin

        Greetings again!

        I believe I have discovered the perfect balance for me! I appreciate your help in finding this. I had been searching frantically for ways to reshape my beliefs for the better but to hardly any avail. Then, I randomly remembered a method my father used to use for getting rid of stress. It’s called the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It involves tapping on meridian points of the body while repeating certain redeeming statements. After I glued that with the law of attraction, I pressed on to uncover a deep hormonal imbalance in my body. This was causing my rollercoaster-like mood swings. I have since found a way to manage this as well! SUCCESS!

        • Adam

          Hey Benjamin!
          Did it work for you?

        • Adam

          Hey Boni!
          Thank you for your great advices, I was about to give up and then I came here. I know for a fact that NEGATIVE thoughts really works and can destroy your life. Everything in my life crashed right after my heartbreak, I gave up at my studies, quit my part-time job as a firefighter, my world collapsed. Not all at once, but one after another for 3-4 years. I’m only 23 and I gave up at many things I was alone, depressed, living with my parents. It was a chain reaction – bad thing happened -> bad thoughts came -> another bad thing happened -> another bad thoughts came. I realized that this heartbreak (to be precise she cheated on me) changed my inner belief about myself and about my life, my thoughts about myself. The only thoughts that were circling in my head for years were like: “I don’t deserve this/that”, “I won’t be happy”, “I’m useless”, “I don’t deserve to be loved” etc. And guess what. It all manifested in my life, it couldn’t be different. Now I “regrouped” my thoughts and I’m trying hard to change my beliefs about myself, believe it’s not easy, it’s really hard to become independent from current reality and to vibrate in a proper way. Financial aboundance is what I want now to become independend and to start my new life. I deserve it and I think everyday like a rich man :D, it gives me amazing boost of confidence, makes me walk and act a lil bit different, smile more. I think the Universe will return my love to it with a surplus :) I’m fighting back my life and your blog is really helpful.


  • Mukhtar Akpopirebo

    I have been practising LOA for decades. It took some time before results showed up, but when they did, I tell you, they were astounding. At a certain point, it took just a few seconds of thought to set manifestation in motion. After I turned 50, I began to notice a decline in these joyful experiences. Today, at 59, I can’t say I’m making things happen any more. Does age affect efficiency in manifesting desires?

    • Boni

      Hi Mukhtar,

      That is a great question. And the answer is no, age does not affect whether you can manifest or not. In fact, wisdom and experience make you a better manifestor. I think what you are hitting up against are beliefs about getting older and dreams and joy. Many stop dreaming as they get older because of various beliefs. Weed out those sabotaging beliefs and fire up your passion and you’ll see the manifestations again, I promise.


  • Matthew

    I “discovered” LoA a few years back and tried everything. I have suffered from depression since I was young and even with help my life continues to be a nightmare. I have really tried to stay positive and do all the things mentioned with LoA with no result and it seems things are just getting worse. I don’t know what else to do???

    • Boni

      Hi Matthew,

      LOA ALWAYS works. But most don’t know how to really apply it. It isn’t as simple as thinking positive or creating a dream board. The Map (book) will teach you step by step, and this site has a ton of information too.

      As for the depression, I strongly urge you to try some Bach Flower Essences to help heal that. It works fast and is amazingly effective.

      Sending you love and light for creating a life you love!


      • Matthew

        Thank you. I think the fact I haven’t completely given up is a sign things will be amazing. Love this site. :)

  • Andrea

    Nice blog but I feel the law of attraction does not work with things that have no virable. I have been trying to manifest a lottery jackpot winning. I have studyed many teachers and like one a lot ms. Shinn. For five years I had done vision boards, talked about the winning moment, planned and imagined myself in the end. Then two years ago I really started to study. Today there is no results. I feel broken. Very sad and my thoughts say this stuff does not worknwhen it comes to one fixed variable. I get the goal setting and taking action. I am a counselor. I get that if you become that person in your mind you will become that person. For you will educate yourself and take that knowledge and expand. This is why I felt taking the approach of a fix outcome and route would help prove it to me and help spread the word. I am now at the point how long dies one have to wait. It turns my stomach when people win and they say I can’t believe I won. They did not intentional use the law of attraction. Then I am intentionally using it with no results. If you have basic rules don’t we all, we buys tickets do the same thing, have a brief flash of what will happen.

    • Boni


      We are ALL using the law of attraction ALL of the time. The trick is to use it consciously. You can create everything you desire, but you can’t control how it manifests (i.e. the lottery).

      If you are willing to do the work (hear that…) you can shift your reality to include abundance, love, joy, fun, excitement, etc.

      It’s always up to you.


    • alex

      is hard for LOA if millions of people try to manifest the same thing ( lottery jackpot)at the same time…try something else.

  • Rodrigo

    Hello Boni!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write this blog, it has come in times of desperation to be honest, i think i attracted this to my life, since i crave for more, and I KNOW there is MUCH MORE of life than what I have right now, and I KNOW i deserve it, so this is being a real powerful tool! I’m just starting to build a life, i’m 17 years old, but full of dreams and hunger for success.

    Once again, thank you so much! Let your life be full of love and light!

    Rodrigo <3

    • Boni

      Hi Rodrigo,

      I’m thrilled you attracted us to you! Lucky you for coming upon this information so early in life. I was nearly 30 when I did. You are right, there is MUCH more…and there are no limits to your power and ability. Exciting isn’t it?

      Much love,

  • Ellie

    Hi Boni! Thanks for your posts, I think I’ve read them all and am getting better at applying LOA, although I sometimes make mistakes. For instance, I manifested a semester abroad to Spain. But because I had manifested a wonderful boyfriend just before going I wanted to stay with him and not go, which I told him: of course that was out of fear that living away from him he would begin to forget me or I him. He warned me not to take decisions depending on him, but well. This decision was really difficult: I spent weeks agonizing about it, and finally decided not to go. Finally my boyfriend broke up with me as well. And now I really regret not going to Spain because it really is the country for me. However I have a job starting in September in my country and it’s a good position. Things is, I manifest wonderful things, but because I do not HAVE TO do them, and it is only for my own pleasure to actually do them, I then let fears take over and renounce those things, both consciously and unconsciously: I agonized over the decisions for months almost. I have done that repeatedly and I want it to change, and thought it had, but I have made this mistake again…

  • sally


    It’s my first time hearing about this law and I like it cos I need to change my thinking and believe in things. Thanks.
    You said that we don’t need to do it alone–we can get help. But what kind of assistance and from who? Is it from people have the same issues?
    Thanks again.

  • Jennifer

    This is a great reminder! I love your blogs.
    Thank you for sharing

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