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A friend of mine was telling me how much fun she had recently when her sister came to visit. They spent a few days in a quaint little town called Blackrock, once a mining town turned gaming town.

My friend’s sister, we’ll call her Marie, is quite new to the concept of reality creation.

As they sat down at the slots to try their ‘luck’, Marie said, “I don’t know why I gamble. I never win.”

“Don’t say that,” my friend said, “Say… I haven’t won YET!”

Marie laughed and said, “Ok, I haven’t won YET! Hey, wouldn’t it be great to win enough money to cover my plane fare out here?”

And she turned and put a coin in the machine. JACKPOT! Marie won 60,000 nickels – $300!

Her plane ticket was $301.65.

Astonished, she turned to my friend, “I can’t believe this!”

My friend replied, “It’s amazing, isn’t it? Now, can you allow yourself to receive even more than the cost of the plane ticket?”

Grinning, Marie turned away to cash in her winnings. When she came back, her grin had grown even wider.

“What’s up?” my friend asked.

“You’re not going to believe this…”

“What? Tell me!”

“When I got to the machine to get my cash, there was a $100 bill already in the tray!!”

On the other hand…

I was traveling myself this past weekend, attending a seminar with some very seasoned magicians who probably have more tools and knowledge about conscious reality creation than 99.99999% of the world.

As we sat down to lunch, I found myself listening to an in-depth discussion about how expensive and unaffordable the menu items were.

I did not participate. And I wondered if they realized how much energy they were giving to lack. Instead of focusing on how much they could afford they focused on what they thought they couldn’t.

Obviously it isn’t how much you know that makes reality manifest the way you want it to. It’s being conscious of the energy (words, thoughts, emotions, etc.) you are emitting.

How can you allow more magic in your life?

  1. Remember who you are. You are a spark of the divine. You create your own reality. Really. All of it. Isn’t it time to create it consciously?
  2. Let go of your cynicism, doubt and the past. Today is a new day folks. Don’t think, “I haven’t created my dream life”. Think, “I haven’t created my dream life yet.” Better still, “I intend to create my dream life, in the perfect timing, with elegance and ease and harm to none.”
  3. Desire something. Anything. Make a list of 10 little things you’d like to have happen. Like, a surprise within the next week, a compliment in the next day, an extra $50, an unexpected gift in the mail, a joyous evening, etc.
  4. Open to the possibility. Marie did it. You can too.
  5. Notice what you receive. You have to pay attention folks, and search out the wins. We tend to focus on what’s missing. Not because we are bad, but because we are habituated to do that. We go unconscious and forget every word we speak, every thought we have, and every emotion we feel is creating our world.
    It takes a commitment to really look for the positive to be able to see it. Now all ten things may not manifest in a week. If seven do is that a win? Five? How about one? YES! Anything is a win!! The wins, if given attention, expand into more wins!!! This isn’t the only list you’ll ever get. You can make another one next week.
  6. Allow that to expand. Here is a great way to receive a little win: “ OK universe, I asked for $50 and received $10. AWESOME! That must mean $40 more is on the way to me!! I rock! I created this! Yahoo!! I live in a loving and supportive universe and am consciously creating my reality!”
    And then, when the full $50 arrives: “Hooray!! I created this entire $50!! I am so happy! I wonder what it would be like to add a zero to that? Hmmm… OK universe, let’s create $500 in my reality!”
  7. Be grateful. For things you asked for, for things you didn’t, for everything that is right and good in your world. Gratitude is a magical energy. Whatever you sprinkle it on grows.

Try this at home folks. And let me know when your list of 10 weekly desires begins to show up.

In joyous creation,

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12 comments to " 7 Ways to Allow More Magic! "

  • Regina

    I love your writing Boni. I intend to do the list of 10 things. My challenge is each time I move towards my ideal life, something happens and pulls me right back. Not of my doing but by people close to me like my kids. Am I the cause of this and what can I do?

    • Boni

      Hi Regina,

      Yes, you are the cause of this (and of everything, although some things are from a higher “you”). I suspect it is a belief about deservability, or worthiness, or the ability to sustain the creation or responsibility of the dream. The good news is, you can change the belief and thus, your reality!

      Much love,

  • Boni


    Have you read the posts on money? Which beliefs have you changed? What energy do you flow towards that dream every day? This ALWAYS works. Like the law of gravity, the law of attraction IS. But you do need to be conscious of what you are creating.


  • D

    Hi Boni I find your website to be inspirational…but i need some guidance…I have written to the universe with all my passion and put my intentions on paper and burned it…but i find that no matter how much I keep being positive its like a tease …i want to be a millionaire and have my own business …I dont know what kind and this is where im trying to figure out…I get ideas but then when i think about the ideas i realize that it wont give me my end results…how do i make this happen in the sense of becoming a millionaire

  • Kim

    In reading your reply to Sally, it struck me that Fear of Success is one of my biggest blocks to receiving abundance. Have you done an article on that subject yet? If not, could you? I love your “List 10 Things” idea and wanted to let you know that after reading that a few weeks ago, I immediately wrote down 10 things I wanted to receive and received 6 of them within a week. Truly amazing how they happened.One of my things I listed became a reality within 3 hours of writing my list. This has now become a weekly thing I do for myself and I am very excited and happy about the outcome.Thank you very much for all you do for all of us!

    • Boni

      Dear Kim,

      Thank you for commenting! I am thrilled that you tried the List of Ten and not at all surprised that you manifested 6 within a week. It is absolutely astonishing isn’t it? Yet, this is the gift we have been given.

      I have not written much about the Fear of Success topic yet, but I will. There are so many things to write about… for consciously creating your reality is easy, as you have proven… just write down ten things, right? Yet at the same time, as our dreams grow bigger, there can be beliefs, patterns and fears that take some time to unwind and shift. It is all do-able, however. There is nothing you cannot have if you really want it. But there are some complexities and I promise I will address them all!

      Keep up the great work Kim! And I will add your success to our successes page! (I think it will inspire others to give it a try.)

      with love,

  • You said, “I was traveling myself this past weekend, attending a seminar with some very seasoned magicians who probably have more tools and knowledge about conscious reality creation than 99.99999% of the world. As we sat down to lunch, I found myself listening to an in-depth discussion about how expensive and unaffordable the menu items were.”

    I read about this situation awhile ago and it really impacted me. I do not know the individuals, but I know the people you are speaking about. What do you think is happening? Is this a lack of doing the work? Or is it really just that hard and time-consuming to make these changes? So I guess the next question to me is — why is it taking me so long to make certain changes in my life?

    • Boni

      Hi Sally,

      I really can’t answer this question for everyone, because everyone’s situation is a bit different and the only one who can really answer that is each person themselves. But… there is always a reason. Always.

      Here is my guess at the top five reasons people don’t change their realities despite knowing how:

      1. There is a payoff for the current reality.
      2. A predilection to go unconscious.
      3. Fear of success.
      4. Beliefs standing in the way.
      5. Lack of “focusing energy”.

      I intend to write a lot more on this topic because it is critical to figure out how to “troubleshoot your reality”!

      with love and light,

  • I came across this after reading your comment in the Good Vibe Blog. Interesting reading.

    Admittedly I’m not exactly where I want to be for now. It feels like a struggle, but…I guess that’s how life is sometimes.

    Thanks for posting this blog. I’ll be reading the other posts now, and see how I can use them to change my own life.

    • Boni

      Hi David,

      Welcome! I think all of us struggle to one extent or another, until we learn how not to. We aren’t exactly taught this in school, although I do believe it is the most critical piece of information to know on the planet! If we realize we do create everything in our world, and then can discover how to create that world consciously – wow! Life changes.

      I can honestly say my life contains very little struggle at this point. (I am very grateful!) But it was a process to get here. I did, however, get here. And you can (anyone can) too.

      I’m glad you’re here David. I know if you apply this information, life will change.

      In joyous creation,

  • Lynn Lowe

    I liked that affirmation about intending to create one’s dream life (#2) and wrote it down with my other affirmations :) Thanks. One of the most focused times I concentrate on speaking and feeling gratitude is early in the morning on my speed walks (one of the reasons I like to walk alone and in the dark-heh!) I keep working it!
    Hugs to you!

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