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Dear Boni,

I understand that we do affect everyone else with the vibrations we send out to the universe.

But does that mean other people’s negativity affects us?


Dear Wondering,

That is a really good question! Because we are all a piece of God and Goddess, and All That Is, yes, we each affect each other on some level.

But, there are a few things to keep in mind:

First, positivity is vastly more powerful than negativity.

Second, you have incarnated in a free will universe. This means you can decide whether you want to be affected by general negativity in your illusion (reality).

The best way to deal with a planet with such polarities as this one is to raise your own vibratory level so that negativity has no impact on you.

Third, there are those people in our lives whom we are more vulnerable to, who can impact us negatively far more than a stranger on the street. Why?

Because we have given them the ability to hurt us by opening our heart and mind to a trusting, loving relationship with them. This is why it is not a good idea to trust people who are untrustworthy.

And most important of all, by taking responsibility for our own lives, by taking our power back, opening to our gifts and talents, choosing and learning how to consciously create a life we absolutely love, we become not only a way shower for others who long to do the same, but the energy we flow assists all who are near us, whether or not we say a word.

It affects the plants, the animals, friends, family, even strangers. Those who refuse this higher vibration will likely find somewhere else to be, but that’s ok. They are on a Soul’s path which is perfect for them.

I hope this helps Wondering.

With love,

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4 comments to " Must the Darkness Affect Us All? "

  • Great theme and question/answer, Wondering and Boni! Long before “The Secret” anything appeared, my wise mom used to tell me that “you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar,” which she further explained that positive attitude, outlook, and actions are better than negative attitude, outlook, and actions. There was more, bigger, better created from a place of positive vibe as versus negative vibe, in other words. She also offered insight into shifting one’s energies in order to break out of negativity. Start with a simple step was her suggestion, such as doing something like washing your face, brushing your teeth, or putting on lipstick, or brushing your hair. Laugh aloud (watch a funny movie, for instance). Raise you hands up towards the sky and stretch. Do a cartwheel. When you did a simple step or two, you’d feel better and life would look better. Mom also suggested putting on your favorite music and dancing about or singing (she loved to do all that). She said that exercise and movement got your energy flowing and that you feel and project from a higher place after a walk or workout. Mom was also a passionate cook and seamstress who would often turn to those cherished activities during more stressful and negative times, both of which, she mentioned, would put her in a much more positive mindset. As well, those gifts of love and purpose and the higher vibration that resulted in doing what she so loved to do, affected the energies of all those around her. You could not help but feel good in seeing and wearing the beautiful clothes she had made or in tasting one of mom’s delicious key lime or pecan pies. You could not help to feel uplifted after one of mom’s upbeat “you can do it!” cheerleading talks. I definitely agree with Boni here; our vibration, be it negative or positive, does indeed affect others. There is a greater connection. A positive vibration attracts, as does a negative one. Which would best serve you and serve others? In raising and maintaining a positive vibration, you are not only empowering yourself, but you are also serving as an energizing light that inspires, strengthens, and gives to those all around us–those and that up-close and those and that far away. As the Beach Boys song lends, “Good…good…good…good vibrations!”

    • Boni

      Hi PJ,

      Yes, your Mom was very wise. You were quite fortunate to have her as an early role model and teacher. She had really wonderful techniques for shifting to another state of being. Thanks so much for sharing these with us PJ!

      with love,

  • Doris

    How do you project high energy when you are around a sick person who will not try and see things on a different level HELP!!!!!

    • Boni

      Hi Doris,

      Thank you for reading and for your question. Yes, it can be challenging being around certain people. I think I will write a post about this, but the short answer is, those who challenge us are in our lives for a reason and ultimately we are still in charge of our reality. That said, it helps to have some techniques handy to deal with these challenges. I promise I will write about this soon!!

      with love,

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