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Everyone has heard of the Law of Attraction. According to this law, “like attracts like,” and by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results.

And the Law of Attraction is true.  But the law is, well, a law. It isn’t what you DO to make things manifest in your reality.

Conscious creation IS what you do to make things manifest in your reality.

But hey, I don’t want to jump into this too fast. First things first—before we go any further, you should understand this…

Critically Important Concept #1

Everyone creates.

You are creating your reality 100% of the time, and you do it absolutely flawlessly. You could not be a better creator if you tried.

But until you learn to create consciously, you are creating unconsciously. And when you create unconsciously, it’s likely that you aren’t going to be happy with everything in your world.

When you consciously create, you learn to change the things in your world you don’t like. You can literally create wealth, love, happiness, success, jobs, homes—whatever it is you desire.

Sounds like a fairytale.

Yeah, it does, doesn’t it? Maybe, just maybe, this is where fairytales come from? Maybe, it’s been this good all along, and we’ve been sold a bill of goods about “chance” and “luck” and “bad things happening to good people.”

Maybe, somewhere along the way, we’ve forgotten our roots. Which brings me to…

Critically Important Concept #2

You are divine.

You are not just a human being. You are a piece of God and Goddess. You are inherently, unequivocally and indestructibly divine.

And because of that divinity, you have been given a gift—a gift of the ability to create your reality.

You see, this body, this planet, and everything that happens outside of you is actually an illusion. What is real, is the “you” beyond your body—the “you” that loves. And that “you” decided to have a physical experience.


To forget for the fun of remembering—remembering who you are: divinity personified.

And for the fun of remembering what you can do—consciously create your world.

What Can You Expect When You Consciously Create?

Learning to consciously create your reality takes time. (Yeah, I know…bummer.) But it does work. And it doesn’t cost anything to do it, except time and some effort.

Your results will depend on your honesty, tenacity and desire. But if you do the work, everything can change. You can create:

•  As much abundance as you desire
•  More success than you’ll know what to do with
•  Happy, fulfilling and loving relationships
•  A beautiful love-filled partnership
•  A healthy, ageless, vital and beautiful body
•  Day after day after day of happiness and joy

And just when you were wondering, “Does it get any better than that?”

I say, “Yes! It does.”

Once you create your own life of bliss, joy and success, you can begin to consciously create a different reality for those you love, for your community and for your world.

Imagine that.

How Does Conscious Creation Work?

Conscious creation works because you take control of the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that create your reality. Your reality is created as a result of your:

1.    Thoughts
2.    Feelings
3.    Beliefs

When you get this down it will be a new way of “being” in your world. You’ll stop reacting to what happens outside of you and begin to choose your state of being from moment to moment.

And you’ll also discover the subconscious beliefs, which are responsible for so much of what happens to you and for you. You’ll learn how to change those beliefs, and change your life.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Know About Conscious Creation?

Good question. I have wondered that myself. My theory is, the pendulum has swung all the way towards forgetting as much as we could possibly forget. And now it’s swinging back.

Think about it, this concept is far more prevalent in our world than it was one hundred years ago or even ten years ago. We are remembering—each in our own time—each at our own pace.

The Most Important Thing Is

You are waking up. You are remembering. You are reading this for a reason. You are ready for the most amazing journey of your life.

Happy creating.

With love,

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15 comments to " What IS Conscious Creation? "

  • Chrystel

    Dear Boni, thank you so much for being here and for doing the work you do. I’m so happy to have found you and am really delighted to read all your amazing posts <3

    • Boni

      Thank you so much for your kind words Chrystel! I’m so glad you are finding this site helpful!


  • Chandni

    Hi Boni
    I am reading your mails and all the stuff I can get online. It gives me peace and happiness. But I really want to create the life i love. I try but get stuck on one or another thing…just bit lost on how to flow energy towards my dreams and how to manifest them. Please help me out.

    • Boni

      Hi Chandni,

      I wrote an entire BOOK that will help you out! Waaaaayyyyy more than I could possibly write here. You can receive it for free if you’re patient enough to read it over the next year:

      And remember, the difference in your life will show up when you DO the work.

      Sending you love and light for a ton of success!


  • Kamil

    i met one guy when i was overseas. and this guy is not from my country and much younger to me. We were in touch for few days and he stopped all the contacts suddenly.But i totally fall for him and missing him really bad. Do you think LOA can help me to get him back to my life

  • Joyce Kaiser (@Driftseed)

    Everyone creates all the time. I love it. I believe that is true, but the simplicity in the phrasing of it this way just makes it so perfect. And gives such power to the question What will you create today? Thank you.

  • Butterfly

    I am SO inspired by your beautiful messages dear Boni, at times my heart is gripped by icy claws of such fear, then I bring into consciousness Words of Wisdom + let go + let God … Sometimes its hard but I so want to BE + DO all that you have made so clear. I admit, I do long to be forever released from those intermittent “negative interruptions” to my ideal state of peace, contentment + inner joy of simply “being”.

  • laurie

    I feel as though I have been in a coma for 50plus years and Ive just been woken.Im just now realizing who I really am.My whole world is new and.Im making changes,thank heaven that i found you.and i now truly believe that it is NOT a fluke.The future is going to be better now that I AM creating it.Thank you so much for the support i get through your insight.

  • swarna

    Dear boni,

    I just came your website by search for the review of miracle manifestation by heather matthew ,but i got inspirated of your words and experience . i am new to law of attraction and i don’t have much money to spend on any course . i depend on my husband salary. kindly help me, how to improve my life using law of attraction . is it miracle manifestation is it useful attract law of attraction . waiting for reply

  • Lesley

    Perfect timing! xx

  • Manish

    Bonni i wish i could think like you in terms of law of attraction too create the best life for myself

    • Boni


      I didn’t “get” this overnight. It is a process and takes time. BUT anyone can learn how, Manish. It is what you came here to do.

      Take it one day at a time, but try and spend even ten minutes a day learning, changing, healing or growing. It WILL pay off.


      PS And I just read your INSPIRE story Manish, it sounds like you are well on your way to becoming an expert conscious creator too! YOU rock!


    WOW! I’m starting right now to CREATE my own life of BLISS, JOY & SUCCESS.T~H~A~N~K YOU!!!

  • Dimples

    Thank you! This came at precisely the right moment and I enjoyed reading it.

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