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So, I am reading your book, The Map. I love how you have written your intentions and most of your intentions fit my intentions. Do I have to write them my own words when my consciousness has already supplied me yours?

You do not have to rewrite any of the intentions that I have written if you don’t want to. The only question to ask is, “Does this intention feel really good to me?” If it does, by all means, make my intention your intention! That is one of the reasons I included them in the book.

If they do not feel good, one of two things should be addressed:

1.    If the intention just doesn’t feel accurate for your dream simply rewrite the intention to feel good to you.

2.    If it feels like you would love it but you just don’t think it’s possible for you to create, either start with a smaller dream (and intention) or change the beliefs that say it’s not possible.

And of course, as always, have fun with this. You are creating your future—really, how cool is that?

Happy creating!


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3 comments to " Is It OK to Steal Intentions? "

  • Carolina

    Hi Boni! I am using your intentions as well, but I was wondering if it is ok for me to use them because my native language is in Spanish, but when I translate them, it does not make me feel as good as saying them in English and also they feel a bit false and untrue.
    Thank you!

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