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It breaks my heart that most people haven’t a clue about who they really are. Nearly all of the people I talk with, whether on the “path” or not, do not recognize the majesty of their being.

On the other hand, it is important to remember that we came to this planet as physical beings with the foremost intent to forget who we really are!

We wanted to have the experience of removing ourselves from Source (or God, or Goddess, The Divine or whatever) so that we could have the awesome experience of remembering.

That people forget really isn’t that big of a deal. But that people remember is a big deal.

Why? Because if you remember that you are divine, you remember that in your divinity you have been given the gift of creationYou are a god being.

You are also eternal. You can never die. Oh yeah, your body will die. But you are not your body. Your body, like the rest of this planet and all the people on it, is an illusion – an elaborate, very believable illusion.

So what does one do with this information?

Let it in. Stop judging the god-being you are. And stop judging the god-beings others are.

You mean they are divine too? I thought they were part of the illusion?

They are divine. They are part of the illusion. Everything is divine. And everything you can see or touch or hear or smell is part of the illusion.

And you are creating it all.

So to judge anything or anyone (all of whom are both divine and your creation) is ridiculous. It would be paramount to being mad at someone because they hit you in a dream.

The more you own your majesty, your light, your love and your ability to create your world, the more empowered you will be.

Start today. With this intention: I intend to own and experience the power of, my majesty, love, divinity and my ability to create my entire reality to the greatest extent I am capable.

And watch your life begin to change.

I love you.

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21 comments to " Who ARE You? "

  • Blessed

    Thank you Boni, I love you too!

  • Debbie

    Hi Boni,
    I am not new to any of this. I’ve known it for a long time but like some of the others’ posts, I struggle with the reality/illusion part. What turned on the light for me was when you said, “It would be paramount to being mad at someone because they hit you in a dream.” I also didn’t know that we wanted to remove ourselves from Source so that we could experience ‘remembering’. That statement alone removed a block that was frustrating me. I was trying to force myself to remember why I came to experience this and now I know that it’s something that can’t be forced because force becomes resistance. Thank you so much for your help. I intend to help others in the same way you have helped me. In Love and in Light, Namaste.

    • Boni

      Hi Debbie,

      I’m happy my post helped. Yes, that is the overall purpose of physicality. And we each have our soul’s reasons for incarnating as well. Lazaris calls them “focuses”. If you hold an intention to discover what they are, you will.

      with love,

  • Dawn

    Beautiful blog, beautiful reminders. Beneath it all is love. The question is how much can we allow in? Thank you.

  • Shann

    Wonderful post! I agree that we are each Divine beings. Spiraling back the center of who we REALLY are is one of life’s greatest gifts. When I let go of harsh judgement and accept who I am, just as I am, and accept you just as you are, I open my heart to the flow of the universe. Big LOVE!

  • Peggy Nolan

    This I’ve come to believe – We are spiritual beings having a human experience.


  • Brandy Schuster

    I enjoyed the message of non-judgement. We truly are all divine beings. The importance of uncovering the veil is a message we can’t hear enough. Thank you!

  • Stacey

    I really loved this whole post, but especially this line: That people forget really isn’t that big of a deal. But that people remember is a big deal.

    I’m awakening more and more into remembering and it really is THE COOLEST THING. I wonder how I’m going to refrain from singing HALLELUJAH all the time when I have fully remembered. You’ll have to let me know!! xxoo

  • Sue Kearney (@MagnoliasWest)

    Powerful, so glad I came to visit and read (from the visionary authors group).

    I love the affirmation, especially the part about owning my own divinity.


  • Teresa Morrow

    Knowing who you are is a journey I believe most people are scared to take, however, once they go through the journey they can realize the amazing freedom and transformation they get to realize. I had this experience about 10 years ago and I am thrilled I allowed myself to go through it. Thanks for the great reminder to each of us to KNOW who we are.

  • Minette

    This is a very inspirational perspective on Conscious Creation. I especially appreciate the reminder to see the divine in me as well as in others.

  • Laurie Seymour

    The beauty of remembering who we are is exquisite. Any time I find myself in judgment or trying to control, I feel how the energy just stops. No flow. Then I take a deep breath, the flow opens and I remember…

  • Sheila Callaham

    Wow! I love how beautifully you articulated what I have come to believe. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • Scott

    Thank you very very much, for your
    Empowering work, I stumbled in to
    Conscious Creation in my twenties
    And what I asked for came really easy.
    I on some deep level in my being knew
    That this is normal. How ever when I spoke to others about my experiences, they said I was silly, Life is work and hard work!
    Thank you for sharing the Wonderful Truth.
    Freedom of the Heart!

  • jaqistar

    Oh yes! This is totally True.

  • Zahra

    Hi Boni,
    Very impressive sayings! As a matter of fact while reading this post, I found a very vivid feeling of power, joy and hope to live a loving life. But to accept that everything around me is an illusion is sorta strange.
    You ended the post saying “I love you”! Do you mean you love us the illusions ? Do you mean we are and we exist ,yet at the same time we are the illusions of someone else?
    Would you please illustrate a little bit more?
    Love :)

    • Boni

      Hi Zahra,

      Yes, accepting that everything is an illusion IS rather strange at first. But once you begin to see it that way, it makes so much more sense than seeing it as real.

      When I said “I love you” I meant you as the god-beings you are. I love your souls. And your personality self as well, specifically the part of you who loves to search and grow. I love and honor the part of you who is also me, because we are all one (on one level anyway.)

      And yes, you exist in your reality and you are the illusion in someone else’s. It can be confusing, can’t it?

      I think it may be helpful to remember that much of the truths in our world are paradoxes. They exist and the opposite exists as well. We are one and we are individuals. The world is an illusion and it is our ‘real’ity at the same time. We are god-beings and we are very human simultaneously.

      What do you do with it all? Use the ideas that make sense…leave the rest until another time. For now, work with what empowers you.

      I hope this makes some sense, Zahra!

      With love,

      • Zahra

        Hi Boni,
        Thank you so much for the explanation. I like this part :”We are one and we are individuals.”
        I can handle the thought of considering others as illusions of mine this way:
        When I see a person, say a friend of mine, I see the part of her that I, myself, see, not the one the she sees or the mirror shows her, or another being sees. It is me to consider, say, Maryam, a friend. Maybe someone else sees her as an ordinary passerby. So in this sense, yeah, Maryam, the part of her that I see, is the illusion of mine. My considering of her as a friend may not affect her reality; her being a being.
        Anyway, handling with paradoxes in life is really interesting to me.

  • Steve Baker

    Your blog is an inspiration. I couldn’t agree more with your words and the wisdom they contain.

    • Boni

      Thank you Steve. I really appreciate your kind words and taking the time to comment.

      In joyful creation,

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