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Creating work you love is not difficult. It begins with loving the work you have.

“What!” I can hear some thinking, “But I don’t love my work now … in fact there are a lot of things I don’t love about it.”

That may be, but if you focus on what is good about it – the good will grow and the not-so-good will diminish. The next step is to “feel like you have” the opposite of what you don’t like.

So let’s say you have a job at which you love the people and most of what you do but the pay sucks. To change what you don’t like (the pay), change your emotions around it (the pay) and increase the positive emotions you already feel (the people and the work). So, every day spend some time feeling gratitude about the people, and doing what you like, if not love. Also spend some time feeling like the pay doesn’t suck. Feel as if the pay is three times what it is.

 “But it isn’t three times …”

 Yeah, I know, but pretend it is. Even if for a few moments – maybe just on the drive to work and the drive home. Pretend, as you get in the car, you have all the money you could possibly want, and feel gratitude for the abundance. Drive to work pretending you are in a car that you would buy if you had that income, or pretend your car is paid off.

My point is, you need to start flowing the energy of abundance if you want more of it. And your life will change. Be patient.

I know this stuff works – incredibly so. But you have to hold the resonance long enough to allow your reality to change.

I did it… and life became amazing.  And then it wasn’t. The dream manifested more than I could ever hope possible. But then I started to become bored. And my company began to falter.

Some would blame it on the mortgage crisis and the floundering economy. I knew better. Whether I made it happen or let it happen, my company started losing money.

Why? Because I wasn’t flowing energy to it in the form of new dreams, desires, intentions. I was focused on other aspects of my life and ignored it energetically.

Was that a failure? There is no such thing as failure. There is only feedback. When you drive your car and take your foot off the gas pedal do you take it personally that your car slows down? Of course not. It is simply feedback that you need to step on the gas if you want to move forward.

Reality is the same thing – simply a feedback mechanism. It is a bit more complex than a car but once you learn how to “drive” it becomes much simpler.

So what did I do? I began to dream new dreams. I dreamt of writing, and teaching – the most exciting thing on the planet (to me). I changed the belief that said I couldn’t do both. And yes, my company began responding. It is back in the black (at the timing of this writing), and I’m thrilled to be writing from my new office (below).

The current view from my desk as I write.

Once you manifest your dreams, you simply dream more. Of course you’ll reach the limit on the trappings. One can only have so many cars, houses, clothes, until they become more burdensome than exciting. But there’s never a limit as to the joy you can experience, the creativity to tap, the love to flow into what you do and the lives you can impact by that joy, creativity and love.

Your work (and your life) can be and should be spectacular. No fine print. No exceptions.  Is your time now?

In joyous creation,

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9 comments to " How I Created a Multi-Million Dollar Business – Part 7 of 7 "

  • Evelyn

    Hello, love your stuff! I want to know exactly how to pretend. Thanks

  • Fernanda

    Well, you see my whole life I’ve really believed that everything is possible… and that was what I was taught, I love setting goals and all of that, but it’s like every time I try visualizing what I want to happen, the opposite happens… so I got traumatized by that, not sure what to do or how to deal with that… I believe in my potential, but actually we are going through a very difficult financial moment in our lives, in a way that most of you could not understand because it’s so far from your reality… so I want to think positive, but I get afraid it’s not going to work out if I do…

  • One more comment…

    I love your idea of “Pretending.” I sell some sewing patterns that utilize heirloom sewing techniques that few people care to sew these days. I sell them because I love them even though sales are few and far between. Yesterday I “pretended” people love sewing with one of these techniques. During the night I received an order for the two most complex (beautiful but unpopular) patterns. A complete miracle!

    I love “pretending.” It is so easy. You do not have to change any beliefs or figure out if what you are imagining is way out of line with what you believe is possible.

    • Dear Sally,

      I love your reality!! I smiled ear to ear when I read your comment. Thank you for sharing with us… I find it so helpful when people share their experiences. Way to go on creating an elegant and beautiful success.

      I love pretending too. And it is amazing how quickly reality can change these days. And you are right… ‘pretending’ is so easy! I was having lunch with a dear friend yesterday, and he was talking about his adult son, and the particular challenge the son was facing. I said, “Lets hold it that he (the son) works his way through this elegantly and easily and is made more by the process.”

      My friend replied, “You know that feels SO good!” and we changed the subject. Shortly after we got back to the office, his son called and told his dad, “Don’t worry, I handled everything and I’m great!” My friend was flabbergasted. But it CAN BE that easy.

      Now if you can’t even pretend, or find your reality does not respond, then it is time to take a look at beliefs…

      Keep up the great creations Sally!!

      With love,

  • By the way, I love the view from your new office!! My daughter called today and said she and her husband were giving up their time-share condo in Maui. She offered to give it to us for free.

    Love, Sally

    • Thanks Sally… I love it too!

      And congratulations on a really lovely reality! Whether or not you ever take her up on it, it is truly a spectacular creation! I do hope you are owning that!

      with love,

      • We did take my daughter up on the offer to give us her time-share condo in Maui and a lot happened after the agreement to take it. Maui has a volcano. I am fascinated by volcanoes and so I watched about 6 hours of informational shows on different types of volcanoes. As I watched I said to myself that I did not want to actually create any volcanoes erupting. (I haven’t processed that one yet, maybe I “unconsciously knew” what was coming.) Then Japan’s volcano and tsunami hit. The next day the legal papers came to sign to take on the condo. I couldn’t find out any information about our exact condo other than it was in the area in Maui hardest hit by the tsunami. So… we took the condo. We will make it OK.

  • Thanks for giving us all this information Boni! It is so helpful!

    I have been “Ordering Up My Day” as you recommended in Part 2 since you wrote the article. And also I have been changing Beliefs.

    I have had some days where I felt happy, abundant and productive. I have had other days where awful things have happened, things that push my buttons hard. I have had the sales of my companies go way up and fall way down. What a ride!

    I really appreciate reading your processes and experiences!



    • Hi Sally,

      I blogged about your comment in today’s post: What do you do when your day is a bust? And will write more tomorrow. Thanks so much for commenting!!

      With love,

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