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I had no intention of creating a multi-million dollar company when I started In Touch Today. The interesting thing about reality creation is if you put forth energy towards the essence of what you want, you’ll oftentimes receive a reality even greater (in form) than what you had imagined – however, the essence will be very much as you had imagined it.

Many would say creating a business like the one I created is impossible.  My investment was only $50. I didn’t work long hours. I began it working two other jobs. I never had a business plan or any sales goals. I never even had sales people.

The year prior to creating In Touch Today I had filed personal bankruptcy. If there is anything that makes you gun-shy about acquiring debt, it’s filing for bankruptcy. I vowed not to acquire debt in order to grow In Touch. I put in that first $50, but every dollar invested after that was gleaned from the business itself, not from loans.

But because I wasn’t stressed out from borrowing money or finding angel investors, or leveraging my house or car in order to grow my company, there was no opposing energy (of worry, doubt or fear) to stop the energy of success. My only goal was to have fun, be creative and (after the first six months) pay for my very pared-down living expenses. Therefore, nothing stopped the energy of success. In Touch Today kept growing and growing and growing.

Whenever you create anything in your world, consciously or not, once you establish a momentum it sort of takes on will of its own, and it is very easy to maintain and grow, if your beliefs are in agreement that it can be that easy.

There were challenges in growing a company. But every challenge posed an opportunity to figure out what caused the challenge and how to shift something inside of me to allow ease, elegance, and fun.

One of the first challenges was hiring staff. I really disliked the idea of “managing” people, so the thought of hiring employees felt oppressive to me. I didn’t want to be responsible for the jobs other people did. And yet my “to file pile” was almost three feet high. And filing wasn’t on my list of fun things to do at work.

So what does one do when the only solution to a problem appears to be a negative one? One changes the belief about either needing the solution or the solution itself.

“What if,” I thought, “I could hire people who didn’t need managing? What if I hired people who were self-starters, who more or less managed themselves?”

And I changed the belief from:

Employees need my energy, management and direction to do a successful job.


Employees need their own energy, excitement and self-direction to do a successful job. 

And guess what happened? Of course, the universe responded. I attracted people who wanted to self-manage, who had great work ethics, and who aspired to excellence. The next thing I realized about myself was I didn’t like to interview. I made a choice not to interview except for the final interview — after the person had been vetted by others. I let the managers do all the interviewing and any managers we needed I imagined just walking in the door. Again, once I decided that was possible, and changed any beliefs in opposition, that is exactly what happened.

My company kept growing and it got to be more and more fun and profitable. But sometimes what happened in my reality seemed to be in opposition to what I wanted. Like the time a customer asked me for Thanksgiving greeting cards. Because the client was a valuable one, I found some Thanksgiving greeting cards wholesale at a good price and ordered them as a courtesy. As Thanksgiving drew closer and closer, I began to wonder why the cards hadn’t arrived.

I called the company only to discover they had discontinued the card –  and there wasn’t a comparable card to be found at that price point. I didn’t have many options. I could: a) disappoint the client or b) pay the increase myself and hope the client didn’t mind the change in design. I didn’t like either option. Then it hit me – have some greeting cards designed and try and sell them to the rest of my clients to cover the cost of printing.

Our greeting card product line was born. I probably wouldn’t have started this line myself. This type of thing (bad news turning into good news) happened over and over again in my business and I was never disappointed.

The key is not to take bad news as necessarily bad. Decide no matter what happens, you’ll ultimately end up substantially better off because of the supposed bad news. The universe is benevolent – it is we who have issues. Clear up your issues of receiving, being loved, deservability, etc., and sit back and enjoy a life you love to live.

How I created a multi-million dollar business Part 7

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