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The idea behind any “technique” is to shift your resonance to a higher level—in general or around a specific area. Sometimes techniques “focus” intense energy for a short period of time, such as the “One Minute Manifestor”. But sometimes techniques simply prompt you to flow some energy.

“The Password Technique” is a handy little reminder to think of your dream and feel the excitement of having that dream.

If you are like most people, you have many websites, devices and other security procedures that require passwords. Once, or several times a day (or an hour!) you are required to enter those passwords to gain access to somewhere.

Why not use those several times a day to remember (and send some energy towards) your dream?

One of my passwords is (or was—because now that everyone will know it I will have to change it!):

BLnytbsa – And every time I type this into a computer I repeat what what the acronym stands for in my mind: “Boni Lonnsburry, New York Times Best Selling Author”

Yes! This is a dream of mine. And when I have to type in that password I remember that dream and a smile comes over my face and I get excited about it happening and guess what?

Without even intending to, I’m flowing energy towards that dream! What could be more elegant?

So try out some of these passwords, or create some of your own:

MJpooahslMary Jones proud owner of a home she loves
JStdfaliJohn Smith totally debt free and loving it
DEeoty2013Dan Evans, entrepreneur of the year, 2013
SWeccahpotpSara Wright, expert conscious creator and happiest person on the planet
SSatiagf_Sam Starlight, and today I am grateful for (then fill in this blank every time you enter the password)

These can be fun! But remember, the secret to their success is that you feel positive emotion as you say them in your mind. If they become just one more meaningless password, they won’t have nearly the impact they could have.

So add some excitement, imagine that glorious future, and be grateful for the ease with which your life can change!

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