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So there I was, broke, alone and about to be evicted from a home in foreclosure (back then foreclosure was an unusual and shameful thing).  I knew I could do great things and that my skills were valuable, but I had no idea what that thing would be. My big saving grace was, I gave up fear, worry and doubt for happiness. That is when things began to change.

My home was sold just before it was foreclosed upon. Yayyy (something seriously wonderful about not worrying folks)! And I actually netted over $3000 after closing costs and lawyer’s fees were paid. I had enough money for a rental that didn’t exceed $1000 a month assuming the landlord would ask for first and last month’s rent and a security deposit.

I had been used to living in rather large and definitely lovely homes. To move to a rental was a bit frightening. I felt the fear, and let it go. And then made a list of what I wanted to manifest in the rental. And a funny thing happened … Despite being initially skeptical that I could find a place that met my desires, the more I focused feeling excited about desires and stayed happy, the more I began to believe it was possible. And it was.

I found a townhome that had just been remodeled. It was beautiful. It was spacious, three bedrooms, vaulted ceilings, contemporary, attached garage and most exciting, a back deck overlooking a creek that was totally secluded, despite being in the center of a city.

I did worry that the landlord would do a credit report and turn me down, so was proactive. I had a talk with her about my situation. And I met with my future self, in meditation – the one who lived in the townhome.

I got the place! And it was, of course, $1000 a month. That was a huge win. I was elated and celebrated and thanked my guides and owned that I created it.

However, I was broke again, and I still had no direction or inspiration about what to do. I knew I needed to do something though. I didn’t want to take a job just to have a job, but I wanted to get out in the workforce. Being a “temp” seemed to be a great choice. I applied at a temp agency and told them I’d work 1 or 2 days a week, giving me other days to process, program, apply for jobs and go on interviews, or start my own business.

Temping worked out great. I was called to answer phones for a property management company. I worked for a construction company using a graphics program to create maps of Africa for a job they were working on. I worked for another company re-organizing their file room (this was fun – I love to organize).

As long as I began my day, with that little visualization (described in part 2) claiming a day of fun, creativity, etc, the day did turn out that way. Of course I was tempted to look at the negative aspects, “You are temping for God’s sake, girl! You’re wasting your time, your talent, your days on a $10 an hour gig that will last only a day or two! You’re out of your mind – this won’t even pay for groceries and gas let alone $1000 a month for rent!”

But I refused to stay in that energy and forced myself to look at the positives<  “Lucky you – you get to practice this new technique, every single day. And it’s working! You’re having fun. (I was excited to see what each new company did and how I could help.) You’re excited! You asked for these things and you are getting them!”

I added another piece to the technique. I would do a short visualization at the end of the day as well. I would go over my list of intentions for the day, and give thanks for all the emotions the events of the day had brought me that I had requested. And if something fell short, I would explain why it fell short, and feel for them what the thing I wanted felt like.

So for instance, if I came home at night feeling like I wasted my day because it was boring, I sat down with my higher self and the rest of the gang and said, “Hey you guys, this morning I asked for being excited at work. You must not have understood exactly what excited feels like, so just for the record, it feels like this …”  And I would feel as excited as I could feel!

I also took a long look at my beliefs. And I recorded what my reality was telling me about what my beliefs were and changed them to what I wanted them to be. For instance:

My reality was – I never had enough money.

The belief was: I never have enough money.

The belief I wanted (and changed it to) was: I always have more than enough money.


My reality was – It was hard to figure out what to do to make money.

The belief was: Finding one’s passion in life and making money at it is difficult.

The belief I wanted (and changed it to) was: Finding one’s passion in life and making money at it is easy.

And in less than a month, I received a call from the temp agency, offering me a temp position for the second time that week. “I know you said only two days a week,” the rep began, “but since you have a degree in marketing and this position is in a marketing department in a very large mortgage company, we thought you might make an exception…”

You won’t believe what happened next ..

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5 comments to " How I Created a Multi-Million Dollar Business – Part 3 of 7 "

  • hey Boni,
    I loved reading your blog, you’re a really good writer! Thanks for the inspiration, love Victoria

  • evelyn

    I love your story (in fact, I love all your stories). I would like to know what technique you used to deal with the beliefs. Like you, I’ve had results, but now I see that I did not owned them as my creations (I am learning!). I am using the meeting technique, and it is awsome!

    • Thank you Evelyn! I will be writing a LOT more about beliefs. Shifting energy at the subconscious level is critical, and where most people fail at creating consciously.

      I believe one has to access those beliefs (sometimes they are deeply hidden, so it can be tricky to access in the first place) and then change them in the subconscious mind.

      Personifying the subconscious, as I wrote about in one part of this story, is one way to access the subconscious. When I did that I would simply tell her what I wanted and ask her to change any beliefs that were in opposition to that desire.

      I will write a lot more about beliefs. Stay tuned!

      In joyous creation,

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