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It was Thomas Edison who said, “Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.” And good advice it is. Nighttime is the perfect time to give suggestions to your subconscious. It is also the perfect time to ask for help from your unseen friends. Why? Because if you ask right before bed, they will have eight hours to work with you without your interference.

I love nighttime requests. I seldom go to sleep without at least one suggestion or call for assistance. Usually, it is a request for my unseen friends to help me with my work and what I came to do on this planet.

Nighttime requests are one of the easiest techniques you can do. Simply say this (or something similar) mentally or aloud, just before sleep: “Higher self…please help me to see and own more of who I really am. Help me to remove whatever may be in the way of recognizing my divinity and the power and ability I have to create my reality. Please show me and guide me in gentle, loving, and easy ways, with harm to none. Thank you, higher self.”

Want more? Here are some additional nighttime requests:

“Please help me in creating my current dream especially _________________.”

“Please help me to fulfill my destiny and accomplish what I came here to do this lifetime.”

“Please help me to live a life I love with harm to none.”

“Please help me to heal whatever keeps me from living my dreams (and in particular __________________).”

“Please help me to forgive others and myself if not for what was done at least for the underlying reason they/I did it (especially ________________).”

“Please help me to hear the whispers of my Higher Self and other unseen friends and to trust and follow that intuition.”

“Please help me to gently uncover, recognize and change the limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs that keep me from becoming all that I can be.”

“Please help me to discover more of who I really am.”

“Please help me to love to the fullest extent I am capable… including myself, my loved ones, my planet, my universe and others who share this reality with me.”

“Thank you for this day, and in particular __________________.”

“Please send love, healing and energy to  __________________’s higher self for them to direct it according to their needs in the highest and most light-filled way.”

“I ask that love and light be sent to this beautiful planet earth, for use in her healing in the most elegant and beneficial way possible.”

“Thank you for the special people in my life whom I am honored to love and be loved by, especially __________________.”

“Please help me to feel joy in my life and to stay present for each and every sacred moment.”

Nighttime requests are easy, straightforward and quick. Write some out and rotate them—reading a different request each night. This technique is as easy and elegant as they come!

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