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One of the most important things we can do to create a spectacular life is to be consistent in flowing energy. If you aren’t consistent, nothing will change. But if you are, everything can change! Check out a recent message from another creator:

“In early 2011, I was sitting in a hotel I deemed ‘the kidnapper hotel’. Not a pretty place—I was totally having a pity party. I came across the visualization technique on your site…sitting at a table in France, etc., it really called to me.

I printed it and traveled with it. And most importantly I kept reading it and working on it. And long story short, I’ve achieved every single one of those intentions.

And Boni, they weren’t little intentions like I want rock star parking. I said I want to work from home, in a creative position with people I enjoy, with opportunities to travel and influence others in a positive way while earning more than $250k per year. And that’s my life today. So thank you!” ~ MB

The technique this creator speaks of is the Morning Mastermind Technique. I used it years ago to begin to create a magical life. This technique trains your subconscious mind, the universe and your unseen friends to be crystal clear about what it is you mean when you say you want something. I have written of it elsewhere, and here it is again, but in detail!


Set aside 10 minutes every morning to clarify what you want to experience each day and to request the assistance of your unseen friends to make that magic happen.  You do not need to know what specifically you want to happen during the day; you only need to know how you want to feel.

Choose a place in the world that you love, or have dreamed of visiting. My choice was the south of France. At the time I made up this technique, I had never been to France but it was on the top of my list to visit. I imagined an outdoor café, next to a river, with the birds singing and sounds of conversations in beautiful French going on around me.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in this place that is beautiful to you, seated at a table at a gorgeous outdoor cafe. And imagine others join you at this table…your higher self, your future self, and a personification of your subconscious mind (the king or queen of your subconscious if you have read “The Map”).

You have gathered these friends to you this day in order to request their assistance in creating your day. Explain to them what you want to create today AND what those feelings feel like…something like this:

“OK my friends, today I intend to feel happy, and this is what feeling happy feels like…”

And then you FEEL HAPPY.

Why do you feel it for them? Because you want everyone to be on the same page about what happy is. You see, for years you might have asked for things and gotten the opposite. You may have asked for money and gotten a bill, for instance.

You may have confused the universe, your unseen friends and your subconscious mind, by asking for money but feeling fear about not having enough money–which is actually the opposite of abundance, it’s scarcity.

You see, the universe, and your subconscious mind, DO NOT CARE what you ask for, and they DO NOT CARE what you get. They are like computers.

When you type the word “scarcity” into your computer, does it frown, or type back, “NO, you don’t want scarcity, you want abundance!”? Of course not. It shows “scarcity”—exactly as you entered it.

And the universe and your subconscious are the same. They will simply give you back what you put out. And your unseen friends will support what you want, no matter what.

So, in this technique, you tell your friends what you want, and then you feel that feeling so that everyone is on the same (energetic) page.

“Today I intend to feel happy, prosperous, excited, creative, joyful, passionate, peaceful, as if I am making a positive difference, to be delightfully surprised” etc. And you feel each and every feeling for them.

And then you turn to your future self and higher self, and say, “I would like your help in creating a day filled with those states of being, or even better!”

And you turn to your subconscious mind (the king or queen) and say,

“And I would like your help in changing any beliefs that stand in the way of my creating a day that results in those feelings.”

And you thank them, and open your eyes. Go about your day, expecting it to be surprisingly wonderful!

And at the end of your day, take a few minutes to go over the day. Was it filled with the feelings you asked for? If not, take a few minutes and go back to your friends…and say something like, “OK, I appreciate your help today. But I want to clarify something…I asked to feel prosperous today…but I got an unexpected bill instead. So I just want to make sure you know what prosperous feels like, it feels like this…”

And you imagine yourself feeling like you just won the lottery, or found a bag of money, or had unlimited wealth.

And you open your eyes.

Sleep. And repeat.

You will be amazed…if you do this consistently.

This technique is available as a guided meditation! In less than 15 minutes, you can specify what you want to experience each day and make that magic happen. Begin each morning with a powerful focus and flow energy towards the results you desire throughout the day.  Our guided meditation can help!

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