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The brutal death of George Floyd on May 25th 2020 by a white police officer was beyond discriminatory—it was barbaric and hateful—and it was indicative of the deep level of racism permeating the United States and the world. 

It was this murder that began to wake people up on this planet, and for those who are already awake in so many ways, opened us to the questions:

How did we create this? And how do we create a world without racism?

These two questions are not to be answered by everyone. They are for those who understand that the world is our creation—all of it—no exceptions. Here are the answers as I see them—try them on in your own heart and mind, and know that your answers and the way you see it is the most valid for you. 

The first question …

How did we create this?

Please remember, friends, that just because we create a reality doesn’t mean we consciously want it to happen. We create our world in one of two ways:

1. We make something happen (conscious creation).

2. We let something happen (unconscious creation).

The second thing that is critical to remember is, we have all incarnated during a time of intense darkness on this planet. But we don’t know of life any other way, so we’re generally asleep to the darkness that surrounds us. 

Then, someone or something shines a light into the darkness—and we begin to see the injustices of the world. It is then that we become conscious of our creation and can shift our energy to create something different. 

The third critical fact is, we are in a monumental time of awakening on this planet. Change is happening around us and within us and it’s a wild ride. 

As we wake up to racism …

We begin to own the fact that we created it. Some created witnessing, some created being a “victim,” and some created being a “perpetrator—consciously or not—to one level or another.” Each of us made a soul choice as to our race this lifetime as well as with the parental and authoritative role models we had as children. 

As we begin to let in the atrocities done to our fellow humans because of the color of their skin, we begin to feel the shame, pain, and deep sadness of these facts.  We begin to see it as not only unjust, but how egocentric it is to view another human being as less-than because of their race (or age, income, weight, sex, etc.). And we begin to regret that we haven’t seen this before, haven’t looked deeply into our own prejudices and questioned our own attitudes, let alone stand up for others in opposition to these atrocities. 

Clearly, we “let” racism happen in our world. We didn’t want it, or ask for it, or outwardly condone it. 

Which leads us to the second question …

How do we end racism?

Although it’s painful to realize we allowed such travesties as what happened to George Floyd, the fact that we do create it all opens the doors to healing and change. Here is the process:

1. Own the reality and forgive ourselves. You may be a beginner at conscious creation, and can barely create enough money for rent, if you’re at that point, just letting in the concept that you create it all is enough. Others (like me) may have created a life of beauty, freedom, safety, love, and abundance—and we must look deeper. Everyone conscious enough to do this work must forgive themselves for allowing terrible realities and forgive others who are making their own mistakes. Forgiveness is the key that opens the doors for realities to change.

2. State our intentions. Intentions make what you want clear to your subconscious mind. Your intentions might look something like this:

a. I intend to create a world in which all people are treated fairly and with respect.
b. I intend to be conscious of, and stop, my own judgments of others—and of myself.
c. I intend to support equality in ways that feel good to me.

3. Look at our beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and feelings. The energy we put out is the reality we get back. Sometimes we create difficult realities because we’ve just ignored the issue and need to simply put some light, love, and imagination in the direction of it’s opposite. But sometimes we have beliefs that we wish we didn’t have.

My father was a racist. I didn’t realize that fact until I was well into my adult years. I was shocked when my brothers told me. Apparently, that ugliness was only shared with the male sex in our family—but beliefs are energetic, and don’t have to be spoken of to have impact. It’s a good idea to test yourself for subconscious beliefs you may not even know you have.

You can hold a belief of equality at the very same time you have the belief of inequality.

We humans are complex beings. But the bottom line is you can become conscious of your subconscious—and change it.

4. Flow energy towards the world we desire. Now here’s where this gets fun. Can you imagine a world where every human on the planet is revered? Can you imagine people taking care of each other, loving, honoring, respecting, and listening to each other—even with different viewpoints? Can you imagine a world where equal opportunities exist for all, and enough food, education, water, and support is guaranteed for all? No, you don’t have to know how you’re going to get there. This isn’t an either/or world, despite what you’ve been led to believe. You can create this world with harm to none. I know it seems hard to believe, and if it does, change that belief.

5. Take action in the world. It’s the “taking action” step in conscious creation that solidifies the dream in reality. It tells the universe and your subconscious mind that you are serious about making this dream real. For some, this step includes protesting the atrocities, for others, it’s writing your political leaders, for others, it’s educating oneself on what’s real in our world and then doing the work stated above to change the world into something lighter, kinder, and more loving. Take the action that speaks to your heart—the action that feels good to you. And remember, always, with harm to none.

6. Watch for signs that our world is changing. You know when your energy is changing—the world changes. Keep your eyes open for good news stories that show your/our dream is coming true. Document them—share them—feed energy to them, as a way to expand that future (and don’t give energy to the nightmare!).

7. Ask for help. Your unseen friends want to help this dream come true (they want to help all of your dreams come true). Ask them to add their light, their love, and ask them to wake you up in any ways you may be asleep—illuminating beliefs, attitudes, feelings, etc.

If any of us is a victim of prejudice, we all are are a victim of prejudice—we are all one. As we take responsibility for allowing racism in our world, we empower ourselves to create the world we desire—a world in which racism does not exist.

Join me in this dream of equality and mutual respect…a world filled with love and light sure sounds good to me. 

With so much love for everyone,

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