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I remember sitting in the law library, studying for mid-term exams. My mother had recently died after a nasty battle with cancer, and I was wondering whether she had loved her life. I didn’t think she did. She loved her family, of course. But I don’t think she was in love with her day-to-day life. The thought made me sad.

Then I asked myself the same question: “Boni, do you love your life?”

The thought jolted me. I had been lucky enough to gain a clerkship after my first year at a top law firm in my city. As much as I loved learning about law, I didn’t like working in it. And more importantly, I couldn’t see myself happily working in the legal field.

I was beginning my third year in law school. I was at the top of my class. I had a joint MBA tied in with the law degree. If I quit, I wouldn’t graduate with either degree.

But I did quit. And I never looked back.

Determining which career path to take can be a difficult decision. But there are three questions you can ask yourself to make the choice easier …

After you’ve watched, I would love to hear from you in the comments below…

Have you ever been at a career crossroads? How did you handle it? I’d love to know.

Thanks so much for co-creating with me!

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3 comments to " Career Crossroads – Passion or Money? "

  • Tracy | Millinery Treasures

    I’ve arrived at many crosspoints in my life. If I close my eyes, and ask for clarification, there’s usually a clear answer. Every experience builds upon a previous one. We may simply not recognize it.

    Great advice Boni.

  • Nancy Smith

    i absolutely love these messages and videos. I purchased the Map to Abundance and started reading it. I always want a magic wand to “WHAM” change my stuff immediately. However, I practiced removing Core 2 and Core 3 beliefs and it wasn’t bad!! and helpful. I am still a bit anxious…always am. I am at a career croasroad. I created a small business and I am exhausted…done. I want to move forward with a national chain variety of what I presently do. I have passion for it…it dwindles, I get repassionate…etc. I truly feel it will be a success.

  • Shontell

    This makes a lot of sense. I recently graduated after ten years. I had lots of struggle and life experiences all tied into one. Kids divorce new long-standing relationship. Well it all took it’s toll. Now at 39 I am again single two adult kids and two younger boys and I am working in a field that isn’t what I went to school for but I am learning how to deal with a more sensitive her serious thing that has plagued my life. Mental illness, my 23 year old son is suffering from this and it’s so hard to rebuild and figure out a long term plan that will allow me to care for my son possibly the rest of my life. I cry all the time, I am scared. It’s all on me what if I fail? I have many talents. I love to write, I love helping people, I went to school for broadcast mass communication but I not interested in doing news I think I work better doing my own thing. I just recently realized I have to stop ignoring my unique spiritual gifts. So I read tarot and I study lots of spiritual healings and anything I am guided to do. However I still feel confused right now. So sorry for the long comment.

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