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I remember sitting in the law library, studying for mid-term exams. My mother had recently died after a nasty battle with cancer, and I was wondering whether she had loved her life. I didn’t think she did. She loved her family, of course. But I don’t think she was in love with her day-to-day life. The thought made me sad.

Then I asked myself the same question: “Boni, do you love your life?”

The thought jolted me. I had been lucky enough to gain a clerkship after my first year at a top law firm in my city. As much as I loved learning about law, I didn’t like working in it. And more importantly, I couldn’t see myself happily working in the legal field.

I was beginning my third year in law school. I was at the top of my class. I had a joint MBA tied in with the law degree. If I quit, I wouldn’t graduate with either degree.

But I did quit. And I never looked back.

Determining which career path to take can be a difficult decision. But there are three questions you can ask yourself to make the choice easier …

After you’ve watched, I would love to hear from you in the comments below…

Have you ever been at a career crossroads? How did you handle it? I’d love to know.

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4 comments to " Career Crossroads – Passion or Money? "

  • Anni Tuffnell

    Hi Boni I so enjoyed this talk as it pulled me back to what I know inside my very soul. I am currently anxious about achieving everything I want to do and excited too! Reframing the negatives to positives are so helpful. Just pure faith and living each moment and cherishing it. I was traveling up to London from Somerset on our sweet local bus and passed meadows of poppies dancing beautifully and happily amongst the long green grass. That made me feel good!

    Finally your comment about delegating the things you don’t want to do…..resonates so well. In giving the ‘job/chore’ to someone else this releases you to do what you love and develop and grow the business/life style further. You are also giving someone else a job where they can earn and use their skills at something where they are likely to be more suited than you! And do it in half the time!

  • Tracy | Millinery Treasures

    I’ve arrived at many crosspoints in my life. If I close my eyes, and ask for clarification, there’s usually a clear answer. Every experience builds upon a previous one. We may simply not recognize it.

    Great advice Boni.

  • Nancy Smith

    i absolutely love these messages and videos. I purchased the Map to Abundance and started reading it. I always want a magic wand to “WHAM” change my stuff immediately. However, I practiced removing Core 2 and Core 3 beliefs and it wasn’t bad!! and helpful. I am still a bit anxious…always am. I am at a career croasroad. I created a small business and I am exhausted…done. I want to move forward with a national chain variety of what I presently do. I have passion for it…it dwindles, I get repassionate…etc. I truly feel it will be a success.

  • Shontell

    This makes a lot of sense. I recently graduated after ten years. I had lots of struggle and life experiences all tied into one. Kids divorce new long-standing relationship. Well it all took it’s toll. Now at 39 I am again single two adult kids and two younger boys and I am working in a field that isn’t what I went to school for but I am learning how to deal with a more sensitive her serious thing that has plagued my life. Mental illness, my 23 year old son is suffering from this and it’s so hard to rebuild and figure out a long term plan that will allow me to care for my son possibly the rest of my life. I cry all the time, I am scared. It’s all on me what if I fail? I have many talents. I love to write, I love helping people, I went to school for broadcast mass communication but I not interested in doing news I think I work better doing my own thing. I just recently realized I have to stop ignoring my unique spiritual gifts. So I read tarot and I study lots of spiritual healings and anything I am guided to do. However I still feel confused right now. So sorry for the long comment.

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