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Dear Boni,

I agree with so much you have to say. But I wish someone would write a book that doesn’t rely on God or Goddess—because no matter how I try to make myself, I don’t believe in him or her.

I am tired of feeling like a bad person because I failed God school or angel school or spirituality school. It all feels so punishing—like if I don’t believe I am damned to live a meager life.
What’s an atheist to do?

Believer (but not in God)


Dear Believer,

I understand how you feel. I was an agnostic (someone who doesn’t believe or disbelieve) until I was 26 years old. I felt it was stupid to believe in something or someone of a higher power when there wasn’t proof. I wasn’t going to rule out God, but I also wasn’t about to leap onto that bandwagon with only blind faith, either.

Suffice it to say it was proven to me, over and over. But I digress. Your question is about conscious creation and God.

So, can an atheist consciously create? You do not need to believe in God or Goddess or anyone in order to learn to consciously create. The law of attraction is the way this universe works. Period. Like the law of gravity, it works whether you know about it or not and whether you believe in God or not. It just is.

You absolutely are not damned to live a meager life, Believer. You have the power to create everything and anything you desire.

Simply follow the first six steps of The Map and it will absolutely help you create the life of your dreams!

So why does The Map and other books include God at all?


Your Unseen Friends Make the Process Easier

Consciously creating a phenomenal life on your own can be done, but if it can be easier, why not?

It’s similar to building a house—you can do it by yourself—but why would you want to? It’s a heck of a lot less work (and some would say more fun) if you have 100 friends and family members helping out.

Your unseen friends (who exist whether you believe in them or not) want to help. They won’t do the work for you, but they can help—especially once you take responsibility for your reality.

Does that mean you are doomed to have a difficult time of creating?

Not at all—unless you believe you will be somehow punished for not believing.

Will you miss out on some of the magic and miracles?

Perhaps. But you can still create a life of your dreams—without believing in God.

However, there is another consideration…

The Ultimate Journey is About Oneness

And oneness is a spiritual journey, and a spiritual journey acknowledges the existence of a higher power.

I don’t write this to make you feel you should believe—I write this to say, don’t be surprised if you change your mind.

I Was Surprised

When I began my quest to consciously create my reality I had just recently acknowledged the existence of God, but I saw little use in using it to help create.

After all, the law of attraction is more a science, than a “belief” I thought. If I get the thoughts, feelings and beliefs under control, there should be no problem, right?

And I was right.

But still, my spirituality blossomed like a flower, unwanted and unrequested by me. And yet, there it was—my unseen friends “proving” their existence, and my relationship with them deepening, richening and becoming so richly fulfilling.

However, wherever you are…

Believe What You Believe

I think above all else it’s important to honor your own feelings and beliefs. And to be okay with those.

And if you are at all open to the idea of unseen friends (like I was), but just haven’t had the proof in your own life, you may want to set an intention or two:

I intend to be open to my unseen friends help and guidance.
I intend to ask for their help and if they are there, have their help be crystal clear to me.

And/or ask for them to make themselves known:

Unseen Friends, if you are there, please make yourselves known to me. Send me a sign that I cannot miss. Thank you.

But ultimately, it’s your life and your journey, Believer. You can create it with or without your unseen friends.

With love,

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10 comments to " Can an Atheist Consciously Create? "

  • geoff

    Amazing stuff
    Thank you for posting
    Even if ” unseen friends” and or god itself presented to me I would not waste my energy to spit on them
    god if it it exists is a useless liar
    A bringer of empty promises

  • Dianna

    I consider myself agnostic (spiritual but not religious). I have always felt that there was something out there (Higher Power if you will) that I didn’t understand, but I just wasn’t able to put my faith into Christian/Bible way of believing. When I read The Map for the first time, I felt like I had found my religion. I love your theory of Oneness and Unseen Friends. My whole life I have felt a “Guardian Angel” watching over me. I am still getting to know the rest of my friends and love the way my life has changed for the better.

    • Boni

      Hi Dianna,

      Thank you for writing. I’m really glad The Map has been a help. It sounds like your “religion” is simply “your spirituality”, as is mine. One’s spirituality is that person’s relationship with the divine. It is an individual and sacred choice. Some follow religion and some don’t. It takes courage to do the latter.

      Congrats on your life “changing for the better”…great creating!! It’s just the beginning…

      Much love,

  • Lisa Wells

    Boni, I feel like you’re talking to me. I’m an atheist yet I am always ‘searching’ and hungry for knowledge. Yet, I don’t feel it. Is it something you have to seek out or meditate or ?

    • Boni

      Hi Lisa,

      I guess I would say it’s something you have to be open to, to begin with. Then, ask…”Higher Self, if you are real, send me a sign…” And see what happens. Or ask, as I did, for your teacher to appear. It truly is fun developing relationships with your unseen friends, and truly, that and growth is what spirituality is all about.

      Sending you light and love for a fun awakening!


  • Miles Beard


    I am a young believer.
    I just came out of an oppressing yet enlightening point in my life. You see, I was raised a Christian with the highest sensitivity to the spiritual relm, But there were certain grounds that were forbidden: talking to the dead, belief and acknowledgment of other gods,and manipulation of the spiritual or natural. That’s why it was meant for me to know these things for myself and in deeper study and truth seeking. I’ve found that much of what I stood by was a lie. Once I finally opened myself to the possibility that there was more, that “more” revealed itself to me. The truth found me.

    In reaction to this beautifully orchestrated love story, I NEEDED a little more.

    And in this process, I’ve come to know that The Map is what I subconsciously have been intending to find. I needed to know how to apply this new truth to my physical life and how to be happy.
    Yet, still. There are more questions:
    Who am I, really?
    Who was I,really?
    How can the law of One become more clear to me?

    I know you can’t give me these answers, but I would like to know the steps you took to know these things for yourself.

    What exercises/techniques did you perform?

    • Boni

      Hi Miles,

      I think our spiritual journey is all about discovering more and more who we are/were/are becoming. And ultimately, that same journey does lead us to oneness. Early on in my search, I asked for my teacher to appear. I felt strongly there was one teacher for me to study with for years/ever. And I met Lazaris. As I’ve taught in The Map and elsewhere, whatever it is you desire, the steps are the same…Remembering who you are, Intention, Flowing energy, Action, Response, Staying in joy as if you have the dream and Asking.

      The questions you ask about will take your entire lifetime to unfold (as they will for me and everyone). Sorry I can’t be more specific. :)


      • Miles Beard

        Thank you, Boni.

        Shortly after posting my comment, I actually saw and conversated with my higher self!
        He told me the exact same thing.
        Thanks for believing in yourself. Without doing so, I don’t think I would be able to do the same.
        See you soon!.;)


  • Ray

    Boni , I tried to dismiss all this unforeseen friends etc, and once said out loud, “If any of you are there, then prove it to me now.” Ok, not lying , but as soon as I said that, without warning, a HUGE bolt of lightning shook my house and me. The ironic thing is, it was raining , but I had not heard any sounds from lightning. Needless to say, at least one of my friends made it perfectly clear they heard me. Ever since, I have not doubted they were there and have seen their presence many many times. I now talk to them every day and thank them for being a part of my life.

    • Boni

      Thanks for posting this Ray. If one asks in sincerity you can get an unmistakeable sign, as you did. I think it helps us all acknowledge our signs as ‘real’ when we read about the signs of others. I appreciate that you took the time.


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