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See Part 1 of 10 Steps to Create a Career You Love here.

Creating a career you love is one of the most valuable ways you can spend your time. It will pay off for years to come and it is the first step toward creating a life that is wonderful in every regard.

I covered the first five steps of Creating a Career You Love in Part 1. Hopefully you’ve changed the beliefs you discovered in that post, and you’re feeling different about the possibilities of a fabulous job/business/career.

So lets keep creating—here are the next six steps:

6. Make money and success “less real”

Money (and therefore work, by mere association) has been maligned and deified for years. And every time you make it more powerful in either a positive or negative way, it adds “weight” to it in your subconscious, and you begin to believe it is difficult to create.

But it isn’t difficult to create. It’s as easy as creating the air you breathe.

Wait, I don’t have to create the air I breathe, it’s just there!


Here are some beliefs that may be behind your holding money and career success as “real”:

You have to earn the money you make.
Money comes with incredible struggle.
Making money takes a lot of hard work.
Success is difficult.
When I am rich I will be obligated and stressed.
When I am rich I won’t be able to handle the responsibility.
When I am rich I won’t have time for my spirituality, friends, family.
I can’t handle success.
In order to have the work I desire I have to give up some things I value.

You can (easily) change them to:

You can receive the money you make.
Money comes incredibly easily.
Making money takes a lot of willingness.
Success is easy.
When I am rich I will be free and relaxed.
When I am rich I will be able to handle the responsibility.
When I am rich I will have as much time as I want for my spirituality, friends, family.
I can handle success.
I can have the work I desire and all that I value and more!

And then comes…

7. “Creating” the career!

Okay, with those beliefs changed you are ready to flow some juicy energy towards the work that makes you feel so excited, so prosperous, so creative and is so darn much fun!

This is where you use your imagination to draw the opportunities, ideas, creativity, passion, resources and inspired action to you. Yes! Your imagination is that powerful. YOU are that powerful.

You may want to use the One Minute Manifestor Technique, and imagine a picture of you, having just been through the first year of an amazing career, perhaps you can’t even imagine what that would be right now, but in the technique you see yourself, celebrating a year of success, a year of fun work, a year of financial prosperity, and you are thinking, “I couldn’t even have imagined this a few years back.”

Or imagine a job you do know you want, or a business that is super successful. The point is, you don’t have to know any specifics. Just know the feelings you want to have. There are more techniques on this website, or use others you know. But don’t skip this step—it is crucial to your fabulous career!

And meanwhile…

8. Follow your passion

This is my favorite part—and the easiest. It only requires that you begin to notice what you like to do—what fills you with passion—what you have the most fun doing.

But I don’t know what my passion is!

Okay, if you really believe that change these beliefs:

I don’t know what my passion is.
I can’t discover my passion.

To these:

I do know what my passion is.
I can discover my passion.

But I’ll also bet you do know more than you think. You see most people think they have to choose a passion (and they read that as career) and if they don’t know what it is, they are sunk. But passion is uncovered over a lifetime.

And there is only one way to find your ultimate passion—start following the little ones. Baby passions will lead you to bigger and bigger passions. Here’s the way to begin:

Let yourself do what you love!

It’s that easy. And not just in your job, but every day. Make a list of the top 25 most fun things you can think of. And have at it.

But you have to do it! Don’t just think about it. I know you may have a job or family or other obligations and can’t always do what you love (yet). But whenever you can, ask yourself this question: “What would be the most fun to do right now?” And do it.

By doing fun things you are giving the universe and your subconscious mind the idea that you deserve (and are willing) to do what you love.

And now…

9. Let it happen

This is the most difficult step for most of us. In order to allow the universe to bring you a career you love, you have to get out of the way. By that I mean, stop controlling, stop worrying and be patient. The emotions of control, worry and impatience only push away your dream.

But you may have some beliefs that keep you from letting go. Consider these or dive deep into your own thoughts to find the ones that stop you.

Beliefs that may stop you from letting go:

I have to control the way it looks to make certain I get what I want.
If I don’t worry something bad will happen.
If something doesn’t manifest immediately it never will.

Change them to:

I have to let go of the way it looks to make certain I get what I want..
If I just trust, something exciting will happen.
It doesn’t matter when something manifests, I know it will.

And finally, once you have done all you can to create a career you love…

10. Love the job you have

WHAT? You took me through nine steps of creating the career I want and now you tell me to love the job I have???

That’s right. You can’t create a career you love if you are always paying attention to the one you hate. Every day, find something to praise about your current job—many things if possible. Remember why you began this job/career/business in the first place.

By doing this, the message you are giving your subconscious is, “I love my work!” Yeah, it’s that easy—once those pesky beliefs have been changed.

Although you may have a belief related to this step:

If I like what I have I’ll never receive anything better.

If so, change it to:

If I like what I have I’ll always receive more to love.

I truly hope you will follow these steps, my friends. Work you love is your destiny, it will uncover your genius, it allows you to use your God/Goddess given strengths, talents and gifts, and it is oh so much fun.

I love you, and I intend for you to be happy doing work you love, now and always.


P.S. Please leave a comment below on your thoughts, progress, stumbling blocks (after you’ve done the steps) and questions. I’d love to hear from you!

See Part 1 of 10 Steps to Create a Career You Love here.

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6 comments to " 10 Steps to Create a Career You Love – Part 2 "

  • Michele

    I spent an afternoon and got through steps one through eight and the coolest thing happened:

    I followed every step, and as I rewrote old beliefs into better, more positive ones, I realized one of my limiting beliefs was that it would be really hard to find a job that paid more than what I am making with less stress and all the perks and benefits of my current position. So I rewrote that belief gave myself a bit of a pep talk about it.

    Shortly after, a friend called and asked me to join her at a restaurant in our building for a bite to eat. Usually, I would have said no in order to do some task for my job but I remember and how it’s important to do in the moment what makes you happy so I said yes and went to dinner with her.

    We got on the subject of careers and she started naming different friends she knows in the same industry as we are and giving me information about their jobs. I had no idea that one of our mutual friends is doing the same job I am, and is making $2,000 a month more than I make (I would make even more money than she made because I have 9 more years of experience than she does). She has only 2-3 contact hours per day (I have 5-6/day), she is able to leave at 2 p.m. (I work from 7am until 5 or 6pm). She never takes work home (I take work home EVERY day and rarely do anything fun on weekends bcuz I use them to “catch up” on whatever couldn’t be done during the week). In addition, she has all of the same benefits that I have and an even better housing allowance.

    When I heard about that immediately I thought about my intentions and I knew it was the universe talking to me. I sent a message to my friend, they have openings for the work I do and she is excited to tell me about it. We will be talking tomorrow.

    Then, at work today another friend who knows I’m looking mentioned a wonderful place another employee used to work out before they joined us and she suggested I talk to her. Regardless of how this works out, I’m grateful for the inspiration, and so happy to experience this synergy!

    • Boni


      That is FABULOUS news!! Congratulations! You have exactly the right attitude about these amazing signs. Sending you love and light for the perfect job for you at this juncture. Thank you so much for sharing your story.


  • Karen

    My favorite is #6- “It’s as easy as creating the air you breathe.” My interpretation is that everything I desire is right there surrounding me, just soak it in. stop trying to create it.

  • Shima

    I am workless now.
    but today I started to create my ideal work.
    I’ll notice you when it becomes reality.
    it will be soon.
    Thank you

  • Your Name


  • Carla Rose

    I am a massage therapist and energy worker. I became involved in this work because of my passion to help people heal themselves. Working in a day spa the past 18 months, I found that I have been reduced to the mentality of “making money” and competition with others. I have, not surprisingly, developed a whole host of physical ailments. At the age of 57, I have realized it’s time to step back into my passion and take a leap of faith! This email was serendipitously timely! Thank you!

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