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Lately I’ve been hearing from people who are unhappy about where they work.

One writes, “I picked my career almost 20 years ago because that was all I wanted to do. Lately it has transformed to something I dread. Not that the nature of work has changed, I still love the core of my work. But all the bureaucracy that people invented around it and the speed at which it changes, is overwhelming to me. I could say I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do but not what I do at work, I guess.”  

And another says, “My employer keeps losing customers to a competitor. I feel it on a personal level, as if it is to indicate to me that I am with a company that is not going to allow me to prosper.  I put myself in a positive place about my job before I go into work… to improve the energy for my own well-being, but then, as soon as I am at work, I feel the strain of being somewhere I no longer belong.”

There’s nothing worse than being in a place you dislike and feeling powerless to change it. Most people experience that from time to time. I own my own companies, have total control over just about everything, and still I sometimes lament I’m not as happy as I could be). But what you are forgetting is …  we are creating this folks!

Just because most of humanity believes they are powerless does not mean you need to fall into that pit with them. Of course, you could quit your job. But, remember, you’re going to create the same situation at the next job, and the next and the next. Unless you change you, nothing else whatsoever will EVER change.

Ok, some of you who haven’t deleted this blog in disgust will want to know how? How does one go from disliking just about everything at work, or maybe just not liking one or two little things, to absolutely loving where they work? Here’s how:

First, own the fact that it isn’t happening to you.

You are not powerless, in fact just the opposite. And no matter how you created it, you did create it, and that means you can change it.

Next, decide what you do want.

And I don’t mean, “I want Mary to be nicer to me,” or “I want George to stop complaining.”

The universe will respond much quicker and you’ll like the results better if you let it do its job and you do yours. What is your job? It is simple. Tell the universe how you want to feel while you’re at work.

George may never be able to stop complaining. Mary may not have it in her to be nicer. You could wait forever for those things to happen. But if you instruct the universe that your intention is to feel peaceful at work, Mary may be transferred, or George might win the lottery and quit.

So, answer this question: How do you want to feel when you’re at work?

I want to feel excited, passionate, joyful, creative, productive, prosperous, like I make a difference, happy, fulfilled and secure. How do you want to feel?

Then focus on that. Because it doesn’t just happen. You need to make it happen – every day. Feel the way you want to feel, so the universe knows what you mean when you speak or write those words. Feel them before you go to work. Ask your unseen friends for help in maintaining those states of being. Then, set your reminder, or alarm, or a timer, and check in with yourself every hour. How are you doing? If the answer is “not so well,” take a state break, and change your state of being.

You do this by getting away, even to the restroom, and close your eyes and say mentally, “I intend to feel _________. Higher self, please help me to feel this way.” And while you are saying that (here’s the critical part) feel that way.

Of course, take action when and if it is appropriate. If it feels right to job search, do so. But don’t wait around in despair; wait around in joy. The resonance of that energy will either create the new job or change the old one.

Finally, let go of control.

I saw you wince when you read that your creation could cause George to win the lottery. And you don’t even know George. George doesn’t even exist! We humans tend to want to have things work out exactly as we want them to – and we tend to judge who is worthy of good things and who is not. The problem is that desire to control will actually push away a better reality for you.

I know letting go of control is scary. But you can handle that fear. I would suggest strengthening the knowledge that you create your reality. And strengthen the belief that whatever happens, the result will be (ultimately) positive for you.

So, tomorrow go to work and create a magnificent day!

In joyous creation,

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6 comments to " What if the job you’ve got isn’t the one you want? "

  • Carol

    Hi, Boni,
    You are amazing, and help me more than I can tell you!

    This is my concern about this particular post: if I am at work, and I sit here and change my energy so that I am enthusiastic and focused on my job (even though I cannot stand it), won’t that tell the Universe that I want more of this particular kind of job? Which I don’t!! I’m a musician and a writer, so I try to sneak in some time, while at my desk, to work on anything related to music and writing. And these I do with great enthusiasm, because they are my love job. They are why I am here on Earth.

    I just don’t want to confuse Universe about what I truly want for a job……

    Thank you!

    • Boni

      Hi Carol,

      Great question!! I can see where you might think that if you focus on what you do like about your job you might be stuck there longer than you’d like.

      But that’s not the way the universe works. If you continually focus on what you hate about your job you’ll get more reasons to hate it. If you focus on what you love or even like (getting a paycheck is a good one), you’ll draw more of THAT energy into your life. It could be that your current job becomes more enjoyable until you see a way to get that job in the music industry. That’s not a bad thing.

      Seeing the best in a person or situation does not tie you to it forever. It simply honors the good in all things and you can still dream and intend the next creation. Always leave with love–this will ensure the next job, or person will be all that you hope it will be.

      Make sense?

      Much love,

  • JeanetteH

    I feel an overwhelming joy in that I have found my calling with my career. I have found myself stuck in the creation of where to go next. I know what I want, I don’t care how it is delivered, but I am still in this waiting phase… I am very thankful for all things around me but ready to move to the next level. And advice in this phase?

    • Boni

      Hi Jeanette,

      Congratulations on creating work you love! It is a huge piece to know that much!

      And to take your career creation to the next level, I suggest:

      1. Get crystal clear on your intentions, both for money, and work. Make sure the feeling states are there in both categories. Need direction? Download sample intentions from the Gifts page (which will be live next week).
      2. Discover any limiting beliefs that will limit the abundance, joy, fun, etc. that you can create.
      3. Flow energy towards this new reality.

      You may want to check out my series of 7 posts on How I Created a Multi-Million Dollar Business

      Keep up the great work Jeanette!

      Much love,

  • Hello, I belive this may be a tremendous web pages with wonderful stuff. Which may be why I wish to ask you if I can speak about your web site on my blog if I give you link back again?

    • Hi Silvana,

      Yes, you may certainly speak about this blog or copy portions of it if you link back to this site. Thank you for your kind words!

      with love,

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