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We are brainwashed.

No…no one is suggesting we drink the kool-aid.

Or are they?

Every day we take on suggestions from others, which solidify into beliefs, which in turn not only color, but sculpt our world.

I’ve been thinking about conscious creation for a long, long time. And one of the questions I’ve often come back to is, is it all within our control? Or are some things, well, inevitable?

The more I create, and the more I study creation, the more I think…Nothing is outside of our control (except for, of course, how something shows up).

If we expand and expand and expand the possibilities (in our minds), our world expands along with us.

Case in point: The dentist

My life has become pretty amazing. From morning until night my life is filled with beauty, love, creativity, fun, magic, freedom, joy and abundance. In spades.

And yet, I still have to go to the dentist. Maintenance, right? But can’t maintenance be fun too? That is what I wanted to change. “Let the maintenance be fun” was my battle cry (er, I mean my creation cry)!

And yet, when I found my new dentist “by accident”, I wasn’t even thinking about my quest for an enjoyable dentist–but luckily, the universe hadn’t forgotten my intention.

I first visited my new dentist’s offices for a consultation. I was struck by the ambient lighting with a few well-placed candles, creating a graceful, peaceful and soft atmosphere. I enjoyed the hot latte, coffee and yes, even biscotti. I partook of the comfy furniture, was soothed by the helpful and attentive staff and was grateful for the text and email reminders of appointments.

But then I had to go in for a cleaning.

“Yuck” was my past experience of cleanings. Come on now… how fun can a cleaning be?

And yet I kept thinking that everything should be enjoyable…in theory at least. If we create it all, then all means all, right?

(Oh universe, you never cease to amaze me.)

On the day of my scheduled cleaning, I entered the office and sat waiting for oh, maybe 30 seconds (not minutes mind you, but seconds!).

Then the hygienist came to retrieve me. “Hello! It’s great to see you. Would you like your hands dipped in a hot paraffin wax to allow them to moisturize while I clean your teeth today?” she asked?

“Would I? Are you freaking kidding me?” I wanted to respond! “Yes please,” I actually responded. I lathered my hands with cream and dipped my hands (twice!) into the hot wax, slipping them into plastic bags and then into soft cotton “mitts”.

“Wow,” I thought, “maybe my thoughts about making everything enjoyable (even dentist’s visits) are working!”

I was led into a well-decorated treatment room, with a lovely pine tree directly outside the window, on which hung a well-placed bird feeder. I love birds, and it was fun to watch a half dozen or so take turns at the feeder. I was then handed some noise-canceling headphones and told I could choose whatever station I preferred.

“Nice,” I thought as I settled back and listened to the soothing music, as I accepted the snuggly blanket that was laid over my lap. “It doesn’t get better than this.” I thought.

I was wrong.

Yes, folks, when you let the universe handle the details sometimes it just amazes you. And this day, it amazed me.

In came the massage therapist, who proceeded to massage my feet and legs for the next thirty minutes!

Can I tell you how happy I am that I expanded my idea of what kind of experience it could be going to the dentist?

When we reject the kool-aid given to us by our parents, the media and other authority figures, we are then free to design a life we want to live, without exceptions.

What area of your life do you feel confined by? What changes can you imagine in that area?

You, yes you, are the designer of every aspect of your world. Don’t drink the kool-aid. Think for yourself. Today…design boldly, with compassion, love, power and fun.

In joyous creation,

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6 comments to " This Is Gonna Hurt…Or Is It? "

  • Christina

    Dear Boni,

    I do believe we create our universe, i believe I am a powerful being filled with infinite possibilities. But why am i still struggling to manafest some of my truest desires?? I have done and continue to do the work, i know i am deserving, i ask for assistance, what more could I do??

    • Christina,

      When our realities perplex us because we “think” we are flowing positive, aligned energy, it is usually our subconscious mind that is tripping us up. I suggest taking a close look at your beliefs. Have you read The Map?


  • Becky

    Wow, that’s awesome! Who’s your dentist? Haha! Actually, I have a pretty cool dentist but now I’ll think about the visits differently! I did create a pleasant visit to the DMV though! I had to renew my license, get a new picture, etc. I decided to visit a different DVM than before. I drove up into a scenic parking lot along a large pond surrounded by beautiful trees. As I walked into the building I was greeted by two smiling faces at the reception stand. I waited maybe 3 minutes until my number was called and the agent I dealt with was so nice and funny. I had a blast at the DMV of all places!

  • Doris1949

    this is so great who would have thought that we as humans have that kind of power and are so un-aware of it’s potential……

    • Boni

      Yes, I agree Doris. It is amazing. Hard to believe so few are aware of this. Yet I’m willing to bet that many many more will open to it and begin to use the abilities they have always had.

      Thanks for commenting!


      • thobile

        Boni hi,can you forward me the exact techniques you used
        I am despararete here my marriage has never been stable meaning proving ,protective etc have 4 kids 32 of relationship.leave in a in a rested house that i would like to buy,unemployed hubby men I am in in trouble unsupportive inlaws…! Please help need mentor

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