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Believe it or not, money is one of the easiest things to create. I didn’t believe it for a long time. And, of course, my reality showed that belief. Once I figured out how to create money, though, I knew that it was true. Money was a snap.

This technique is designed to help you shift your resonance around money. You can do it as often as every day. And it is also designed to grow with you as your receptivity to being abundance increases.

The Ingredients:

•  3 white candles – any size

•  A metal or glass bowl

•  Matches or lighter

Two strips of paper with this written on them:

o    Money is hard to come by— it doesn’t grow on trees.
o    Money is easy to create—it’s as if it grows on trees.

The Process:

1.    Find some time to be alone. Play some soft music and assemble the ingredients in front of you on a table.

2.    Take a deep breath, and on your exhale let go of the day’s thoughts, feelings and concerns.

3.    Take another deep breath, and on your exhale let go of all preconceived notions of the outcome of this ritual.

4.    Take another deep breath and on your exhale remind yourself of who you are—a divine spark of consciousness from God, Goddess and everything that is.

5.    Light the first candle, and say, aloud or in your mind: “Higher Self, I invite you to join me in this ritual, to add your love, healing and energy and to add your dreams for my abundance.”

6.    Light the second candle, and say, aloud or in your mind: “My Soul, I invite you to join me in this ritual, to add your love, healing and energy and to add your dreams for my abundance.”

7.    Light the third candle, and say, aloud or in your mind: “Angel Gadiel, I invite you to join me in this ritual, to add your love, healing and energy and to help me to release and heal any negativity that may be in the way of receiving prosperity and abundance.”

8.    Close your eyes and feel the presence of your Soul, your Higher Self and the angel, Gadiel. Feel their love, their support, and their belief in you and your ability to create abundance. Spend a few minutes basking in this love. Allow any insights as to beliefs to change, actions to take, or inspiration as to your next steps, to gently filter into your consciousness.

9.    Open your eyes and hold the slip of paper that says, “Money is hard to come by— it doesn’t grow on trees.” Think about the effect this belief and others like it has had on your reality. Think about the struggle, the scarcity, the sacrifice this belief has caused.

10.    Now forgive yourself for it all. All the lack, all the fear, all the doing without, all the pain, all the worry. You did the best you could at the time. Say it, aloud or in your mind: “I forgive myself for believing I was less than powerful and abundant.”

11.    Hold the paper over the bowl and burn it, allowing all of the negativity, constriction and old patterns to be released.

12.    Pick up the slip of paper that says, “Money is easy to create—it’s as if it grows on trees.” And read it aloud or in your mind.

13.    Imagine the change in your world, if you allowed this new belief to take hold in your subconscious mind. Think about how your life would be different if you never, ever had to worry about money for as long as you live.

14.    Close your eyes, and imagine yourself in a beautiful, serene place in nature, sitting under a huge deciduous tree. Allow the tree’s leaves to sway in the wind. Feel the gentle breeze upon your face. You realize this is your private place. Maybe it’s your yard, or a secret tree no one knows about but you.

Then you decide to lie down underneath this beautiful tree. It’s a warm summer day and the grass is soft and cool beneath your body. It feels wonderful to lie beneath this magnificent tree.

You don’t know how or when, but you drift off to sleep. And when you awaken you look up into the tree. And what you see astonishes you.

A dollar bill is falling from the tree!

You have no idea where exactly it is falling from, but it falls, slowly drifting down before your very eyes, and lands at your feet.

You pick up the dollar. You turn it over and inspect it. You wonder if you are dreaming, and you realize you are not. And you thank your unseen friends for assisting you in bringing this abundance to you in this most fun and unexpected way.

And then it hits you. If you can create ONE dollar bill falling out of a tree, you can create a HUNDRED dollar bills falling out of a tree. And sure enough, just as you finish that thought, another bill floats down as if from heaven.

And another and another and soon you are in a gentle rain of abundance. Stay here for a while. Play in the money. Gather it. Think about what you will do with it.

And when you are ready, open your eyes.

15.   Tape the paper somewhere where you will see it often, such as the bathroom mirror where you brush your teeth, your refrigerator, or your office. Everytime you see it, read it, and know that the belief that “money is easy to create” is solidified in your subconscious and conscious mind.

16.    Watch for signs in your world that you abundance is shifting. When you see a sign of $1 or more, then next time you do this ritual, $5 bills will fall. And then look for signs of a bigger nature, and the next time, $10 bills, then $20 and then $100.

17.    As always, change any beliefs that crop up as a result of thinking about and focusing on money.

And as always, have FUN my friends!

P.S. If you would like to have this ritual recorded, please let me know in “comments” below?

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71 comments to " The Abundance Ritual Technique "

  • Fernando Caamanio

    Hi Boni,

    I have 2 questions:

    1) After we finish the ritual do we blow off the candles or we let them consume until the end?
    2) Let’s say I do the ritual regularly, like every day, what do I do with the “Money is easy to create—it’s as if it grows on trees” papers? I mean I put one on the mirror but if I get too many papers I don’t want to have my place full of them lol

    • Boni

      Hi Fernando,

      You don’t need to replace the paper on the mirror. Keep the same one there for subsequent rituals. You can burn the new ones you use, with the intention to release the dream into the world for manifestation. And blow out the candles when complete. Thanks for asking!


  • Fernando

    It would be really great to have a recording of this. Can I exchange the glass or metal bowl for a plastic container with some water and holding the paper with thongs? I try to usually be very careful when burning papers at home

  • Alice

    Wanted to let you know how grateful I am you shared this ritual. I added it to my full moon ceremony this week and two days later received a call about a retainer I provided for services 9 years ago that was never fully used and would be returned to me this week! Truly amazing how quick the results came. As soon as I hung up the phone I thanked the universe and spirit for the gift. Again, thank you for sharing.

    • Gabrielle Malfatti

      Beautiful ritual. About to perform it again with the Full Moon.
      One question. What should be done with the slip of paper that says, “money is easy to create-it’s as if it grows on trees”?
      Thank you!

      • Boni

        Hi Gabrielle,

        Yours is a great question! I updated the technique:

        Tape the paper somewhere where you will see it often, such as the bathroom mirror where you brush your teeth, your refrigerator, or your office. Everytime you see it, read it, and know that the belief that “money is easy to create” is solidified in your subconscious and conscious mind.

        Thanks for asking!


  • Jan Vincent

    Love this so much !!!!!

  • lucas.martinoia

    Thank you Boni !

  • Carolina

    I would love a recording! Thank you so much for creating this beautiful ritual!

  • Chrystel

    Hi Boni, I’ve just found you and I’m so happy I have ❤️. Please, I’d love to have a recording of the ritual, thank you ????

  • edmundo a sebastian


  • Rozanne Elmore

    Please would love recording. Thank you

  • Marguerite Lattimore

    I would love to have a recording. And also does it have to be white candles? I have some prosperity charged Reiki candles that I thought might be good for this?

  • Blue

    Yes, I’d LOVE to receive a recording of this, thank you!

  • Louise Nehl

    No no
    I would love to have a recording!
    Thank you!

  • Your Name

    Great post! Can you suggest something similar for love?

  • Erinmaura Condon

    Would love to have this recorded. Thank you

  • Noble

    Thanks for helping us to be rich.I did the ritual as much as I understand it, but I didn’t see any money. Please help me,I need money desperately to the point of frustration. Please help me urgently

  • Kidong

    How do i end up the ritual

  • luki

    if someone could be rich though dis wey, what are mine waitin 4 but I re need someone to teach me on how 2 paform dis ritual? tank u boni

  • obi

    if you are not in america, could you visualize the local currency,the pound sterling or the Euro or the Yen or the Naira.

  • obi

    about to carry out the ritual,but reading through,i do not see how the ritual is closed,like when to extinguish the do not even give information on how the candles are positioned,disposal of the ashes and the other piece of paper,would appreciate some more details.Thanks for your assistance.

  • Patricia

    What is the 1 minute manifestation recording?

  • Patricia

    Did you make the recording?

  • Nancy

    Yes, please, I’d like to know when you have recorded this. I like the multiple denominations. Like candy. :)

    PS, I got your 1 minute manifest recording, liked it so much, I bought a second and sent it to my daughter. <3 <3 <3

  • Patsy

    I would love a recording of this!!! Thank you!!!

  • Melissa

    I would love this recorded. Thank you!

  • Sheryl

    Wondering if you’ve come around to that recording yet? Or I can record it myself :)

    • Boni

      Hi Sheryl,

      It is in the works. :) And you can record it yourself as long as it is for your personal use.


  • Barb

    Yes!Please! A recording would be fantastic!! I love this, thank you Boni!!

  • Karen

    I’d love to have a recording. I thoroughly enjoyed this ritual. Thank you, Boni!

  • Corrina

    I agree with K’s comments above, I envisaged a tree with different denominations on the one tree eg. $5, $10, $20, & $100 bills falling down onto me. Much more effective and felt great!! Would love a recording of this also. Many thanks :)

  • Tutoatasi Sio

    YES PLEASE…a recording of this would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU

  • K.

    When I did this exercise in my mind, I instantly switched the $1 to a $100 bill, which felt much better. I had a great experience with the rainfall of $100 bills. Would love a recording using $100 bills instead of $1. It was hard to get excited about the $1, even one hundred $1 bills.

    • Boni

      Hi K,

      :) I’m happy you are upping the ante! Good for you for changing the technique to feel more exciting to you!!! If I record, I’ll use $100 bills! Thanks for the comment.


  • Patricia

    I would love a recording. How would we receive the recording?

    • Boni

      Hi Patricia,

      I haven’t recorded it yet…just wondering if people were interested! Thanks for the feedback.


  • Ed McShane

    Would absolutely love a recording! This is great…. :)

  • Christy

    Loved this ritual!! Almost used a whole match book to completely burn the old belief!! Feeling so much lighter and like my cells are getting the message they are powerful and abundant! Yay!
    What is the difference between my Soul and my Higher Self?
    Thanks Boni! Love the body of work you share with the world!!!!xo

  • D

    i would love to have a recording of this.

  • Lu Alarcon

    I would love to see a recording of this!

  • I’d love a recording of this ritual! Great idea!

  • Regina

    A recording would be great…stopping to read on a card what you’ve written can be distracting!

    • Boni


      Yes, I agree. I’ll plan on recording this.



    • Nancy

      Okay, ready for this?
      I’ve been doing a money manifest bootcamp for the past week(brings up all kinds of delicious resistance for inspection) in addition to your ritual.
      I did the ritual once with the candles, then, the other day, I found myself dancing around my small bedroom, vividly imagining $100 bills fluttering all around me. I was scooping them up as fast as I could from the floor, counting out stacks of 10, and lining the stacks neatly on my bed. It was really fun, it was like I could see them. After $10,000 worth, I bundled them together and stuck them in my sock drawer with my other “mad money.”

      Yesterday, out of the clear blue, my partner received a card and check from his mom labeled, “living inheritance.” You guessed it $10,000. I asked him to give me $5 just for being me (part of my other challenge), and we both danced around.

      Our monies are separate, but as you said in the minute manifest, watch for other people’s windfalls. We’ve decided we’re pretty powerful together. :-)
      I think it’s time for some more dancing.

      • Boni

        Hey Nancy,

        What a GREAT story!!

        Are you ready for this?

        I was just imagining someone giving me a GREAT manifestation story! Haha…

        I really do love our universe.

        And hey, seriously, nice manifestation. And yes, it was your partner, but I’m sure his abundance does affect your abundance and you can take credit it that too (but you don’t have to tell him that!). Now, given that it was a sign for what you can expect coming to you…I hope you’ll keep the energy flowing?

        Really cool mom that dude has too… “living inheritance!”. LOVE it.

        Keep up the great work Nancy!!


        • Nancy

          HAHAHAHHAAAA! You are in the flow, lady! Perfect Universe.

          His mom has generally gifted him $100 each Christmas, so this was a wonderful surprise! We agree that our energies together are opening things up for both of us.

          I’ve been musing on money for the past year, on how I everything I’ve believed about it is an illusion, esp. “if you want more money, work longer and harder.” Looking around at the workers of the world, that’s just not true, is it! Lots of understandings coming to light, with understanding, the energy moves. Love you, thanks for all you are.

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