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A Facebook reader* asked, “How do you prepare to be a millionaire? Just wondering.”

I think she was joking. But I am not.

If becoming a millionaire is what you want you can have that. You can have anything.

I created becoming a millionaire just a few years out of bankruptcy. It’s totally do-able.

Think of it this way… everything you see, feel, hear, touch, is an illusion. If it’s an illusion, does it really matter how much illusion you have?

Air is an illusion too. But we don’t see it as scarce so we don’t pay any attention if someone is getting more air than someone else. But we do with money. Why? Because we give it more meaning, more weight.

How do you make money more like air, and create an abundance of it like you do air?

You stop giving money weight.

How do you do that? (You do ask a lot of questions… I hear them!)

You change the beliefs like:

It is hard to become wealthy.

You can’t do what you love and be well paid.

In order to be rich you must give up something (your time, your family, your morals etc.)

What else do you do?

You do what Florence Scovel Shinn suggested… you prepare for being there before there is the slightest sign that you ever will be. What did she mean?

I believe she meant prepare physically emotionally mentally and spiritually.

Spiritually ~ Ask for assistance from your unseen friends to help you manifest the abundance you desire. Request that you are shown what stands in your way gently, clearly and with harm to none. Trust they will listen and respond.

Mentally ~ Watch your thoughts and stop thinking like a poor person. Instead, think like a rich person.

Example: You walk into a store you love, and instead of your normal thinking, “Gosh I wish I could buy this and I wish I could buy this…” instead you, the creator of your universe, say, “I could buy anything in here, the money just has not arrived in my account yet, it’s held up somewhere in time and space but it is on it’s way and I can buy anything, if not everything in here!”

Emotionally ~ While you may not have the type of experience (yet) in the photo above, and your actual experience celebrating in your car may be more like this one:

 It is important that emotionally you feel as though you are already a millionaire. That does not mean racking up charges on your credit card. It does mean treating your current car like it were a Mercedes and feeling like you already have the abundance you desire. This is a fun exercise, and so powerful you may be very pleasantly surprised!

Physically ~ This is the “action” part. Do some research on where you will invest your money. Start looking at cars and homes you may consider buying. Plan how you will joyfully spend your time when money is no longer an issue.

Caution: None of this will work unless you have your beliefs in alignment with the dream.

But if you do, baby, sky’s the limit!!

In very joyous abundance,

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10 comments to " Preparing to be a Millionaire! "

  • Jean-Paul

    Oh how I LOVE this post! I love Florence Shovel Shinn, andalso Neville Goddard. I know a huge point is to “think and feel from” the perspective of the Wish Fulfilled. The most powerful words are I AM. I AM now what I wish to be, this very moment. Think and Feel from the vantage point of being what you Desire, so much so the new thoughts and feelings crowd out all other thoughts and feelings that aren’t in alignment. Smile, Know You Are What You Want to Be.

  • Yonka

    I’m so in tune with this I actually just finish shopping for my new home its beautiful what do you do when you get overly excited? That’s Good Right!!!

    • Boni

      Hi Yonka,

      Excitement is a wonderful energy with which to create! As are expectation, imagination, joy, celebration, and gratitude!



  • Layla Davis

    I love the article but how do I start believing when I don’t even have a job yet and no source of income

  • MelloMel

    I am in alignment with this post!!! So much so that the pic of the couple on top of their car – the surrounding area looks just like my new home state in the beautiful sunny Southwest!!! Way to go alignment!! LOL. Loved the physical part – I have been actively researching places to invest my manifested millions. Thanks Boni.

  • Survivor 2012

    Enjoyed this piece and was inspired to look at the work of Florence Shovel Shinn only to discover her middle name is Scovel! X

  • Michael Scialabba

    I love this Boni! You keep things short, sweet and easy to understand and implement!


    • Boni


      Thank you so much! Conscious creation is interesting… on one hand it’s very easy. On the other… quite complex. I’m glad you find my writing on the easy side!

      with love,

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