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Changing a core belief WILL rock your world and make the energy you put forth to manifest your dreams (aka the law of attraction) work so much better for you. If you missed the first blog in this series, “Why I Revealed My Shameful Secret (And Why You Should Too…)” take a few minutes to catch up now.

It is not hard to change (even core) beliefs. But we don’t believe it can be that easy or that impactful. And that stops many from even trying. But I’m here to tell you…it not only works, it is critical that you change the core beliefs that stand in the way of you and your dream. Otherwise you’ll get the magic to work sort of, sometimes, well…not really. Yeah. You have to do this.

Remember, a core belief is the most difficult belief you will ever change, so there are more steps, but sooooooo much more reward. And, my friend, they are all do-able. Here they are:

Preparing to change a “core belief”

1. Write out why you want to change this belief.

Be specific and really think about how this belief has affected you for your entire life. If for example, you were changing the belief, “I am not good enough,” the answer may be something like this:

“I wish to change the belief that I am not good enough because it keeps me stuck in mediocrity. I have always been afraid to try my best. I have a ‘why bother’ attitude about life and about dreaming bigger dreams. I can’t imagine a person of the caliber I want to attract being interested in me.

“This belief has stopped my dreams from manifesting over and over, no matter how close I came to receiving them: Not getting the job at nineteen as the head of marketing for a large mall in New York; not being featured in a very popular book series (I came so close!);the interest in my work from a very well-known national publisher, which fell through the cracks; a book I wrote, and found a very good agent for, that I lost, literally lost, etc.

“I purposely hold my dreams small and those I do go for never succeed to the extent they could if I truly believed I was good enough. It has kept me from speaking my truth (what right do I have?). I do not feel worthy of the life I have, let alone a life containing a bigger dream.

“I have passed this belief on to my children, whom I love more than anything. I have judged my friends and relationships as being less than—after all, if they were not losers what were they doing with me? I have stayed in relationships I should have ended. I have been defensive. The list goes on and on.”

2. Why don’t you want to change this belief?

Yes, there is a part of you that doesn’t want to change the belief. Think about this. What are you afraid of? What could go wrong?

Looking at the same example above, the answer might be:

“I don’t want to change this belief because I’m afraid it won’t work. Then I may as well give up on life because I’ll never ever stand a chance of being good enough. I am also a little afraid that it will work. Then I will have no more excuses for not making my life work. That is scary too.”

3. Check in with your child, adolescent and young adult selves.

What do they need to be OK with you changing the belief? Talk to them, individually, and ask them to give you permission to change this belief. Explain to them why you want to change it. Ask them what it would take for them to give you the OK. And whatever it is, give it to them. Return to chapter five, if necessary, to review this technique.

4. Write out how your life will change with the new belief.

With the new belief “I am good enough,” this might be the answer:

I will allow my joy and fun and abundance! I will allow more happiness. I will be more secure and kinder and more loving to myself and others. I will be more powerful. I will allow more success! I will be comfortable dreaming bigger dreams and allowing them to manifest. I will be able to make a bigger impact on my world. I will be at peace with speaking my truth.”

5. How will your self-concept change with the new belief?

With a belief that “I am good enough,” you might see your new self-concept as:

“I am happy, peaceful, content, excited, joyous and fulfilled. I am confident, loving and sure of myself. I am bold in painting my life with joy and people and adventures and experiences. I am at peace, with who I am and who I am becoming.”

So what you have done thus far is to prepare your conscious mind for the shift that is about to take place. But you still need to address your subconscious mind. This is where the belief is actually stored.

Changing a “core belief” (level three belief) in the subconscious mind:

1. Write out or print out the old and the new beliefs.

2. Get into a quiet space, and close your eyes. Have your list of old and new beliefs with you. Call upon your unseen friends (it doesn’t matter if you don’t know who they are) to assist you. You can say:

“I call on my angels, higher self, guides and others who desire to help me successfully change these beliefs. Gently guide, protect and assist me please, with harm to none.”

3. Imagine you are in a beautiful place in nature. This place is serene, quiet and safe. Then imagine your unseen friends coming to be with you, surrounding you in a bubble of love and light. Take a few moments to close your mental eyes and feel the wonderful love and light. Feel the love, guidance and protection of your unseen friends. When you open your mental eyes you are surrounded in mist. And before you is a grand marble staircase. You, and your unseen friends, begin to walk up this staircase…up, up, up into the clouds.

4. At the very top of this staircase, you will be at the entrance to a city, which represents your subconscious mind. It could be modern or ancient. It could be a city in nature, with natural caves and carvings in the rocks. It could look like anything at all. It may change shape. Whatever it looks like it is perfect for you.

5. The king or queen of this city (your subconscious) will soon come to welcome you. Tell them you want to change your beliefs. They will look to your higher self for permission, and your higher self will nod its consent. “Are you SURE, they will ask?” Your higher self will look at you, and back at the king/queen and say, “Yes, it is time.”

6. Follow the king or queen to the Building of Beliefs. Your higher self will join you. They will take you to the room that holds your level three beliefs. They press a secret button—you cannot tell exactly how—and an entire section of cabinets opens up to reveal a secret door.

7. The king/queen goes through the doorway and beckons you to follow. You and your higher self do follow, but you barely catch a glimpse of them as they head down a hallway, and then turn a corner. They twist through long passageways, this way and that. Finally they enter an elevator and you follow, barely making it in before the doors close. The elevator goes up, over, down, then down, over and up…over and over. You have entirely lost track of where you are. The doors open, and the king/queen/ leads you to a door marked, “Core Beliefs: Do Not Enter.”

8. They unlock the door and allow you to enter. It is a small room. A table sits in the middle of it and on the table is a thin book marked, “My Core Beliefs.” “Now,” the king/queen says, “tell me the belief you want to change.”

9. Tell them the belief you want to change. They open the book to exactly that belief.

10. Picking up the thick black marker, you cross out the belief obliterating every word. You rip the page neatly out of the book and tear it into tiny shreds. Your higher self looks at you, “Are you certain?” they ask, “This will change everything.” You nod your head. And they point their finger and the belief bursts into flames, leaving nothing behind.

11. You look down at a clean white page in the book, pick up a thin black marker and begin to write your new belief, saying each and every letter in your mind as you write.

12. You put down the marker and close the book.
13. Your higher self and your subconscious mind are grinning. You grin back, thanking them with your eyes. You say your goodbyes, close your mental eyes and allow yourself to be back where you started…but you are different.

14. Open your eyes.

Conscious mind follow up:

Write or type out the new belief. Every day, for ninety days, read the new belief twice a day, with as much excitement and joy as you can muster. (If you skip a day, just add another day at the end.)

And when you do this, congratulate yourself. The journey isn’t over…in fact it’s just begun! The fun begins…now

Well, kinda now. Actually changing the belief (yes, even a core belief) is just part of the Flow Energy Step in The Map. What you have done is to stop flowing energy away from your dream. You still have to take steps to flow energy towards it. But now with your core belief changed, you will be able to create what you desire easier than every before!

My love to each and all of you,

P.S. I owe my friend, guide, and amazing teacher, Lazaris, a world of thanks for helping me to learn how to change beliefs way back when. My own processes are based on the work and information Lazaris taught me. If you are so inclined, do visit The material is unsurpassed.

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16 comments to " It’s Easier Than You Think—How to Change a Core Belief "

  • Kagambage Higiro

    Very nice

  • Sidharthrajdan

    Hi Boni…ur article is really helpful….May God bless u..wishes n prayers from d heart

  • Namrata

    Hi Boni,
    Thank you for this exercise. I am excited to try this out. While reading through it, i could already feel an excitement building and im certain it will benefit me!
    One question, if i have multiple beliefs i want to change, should i do the process seperately for each belief? should i focus on one belief at a time and after 90 days start on the second one or can i just go in there and change two at a time? What do you think?

    Once again thank you!

    • Boni

      Hi Namrata,

      Core beliefs are the deepest beliefs we have, and they are broad, meaning they affect many areas of our lives. Generally people only have one, two or maybe three core beliefs to change. The rest would be level II beliefs (you can find out how to change level II beliefs

      In answer to your question, yes you can change a few beliefs at a time. I would say up to 3 core beliefs (level III) and up to 10 level II beliefs. More than that is not impossible, but since this work takes a lot of energy, I think more than that would be too much at once.

      I hope this helps. Have fun!


      • Namrata

        Thank you for your response. I am focussing on two level 3 beliefs and 1 level 2. I followed the steps to prepare my conscious mind. Should i be doing the process of making the trip to my subconscious mind every day for 90 days or i just do it once and change the three beliefs in one meditation and then everyday for 90 days reaffirm twice a day ?
        Kindly advice,


  • Cristol

    Wow! I have been looking for a way to bust through my resistance to all that could be and you have given me that gift! In the castle I eradicated my belief of unworthiness. After that page turned to dust, I was transformed into an Athena-type warrior! Thank you! I feel alive and determined!

  • Anurag

    Hey Boni,
    It would be helpful if you could give your own example of how you changed your own beliefs, if it’s not too personal.

  • Ashesh

    Thank you Boni. But without your permission I added my own little part in it to make it more emotional for the sake of the subconscious mind “There was a little beautiful looking frog sitting in the book named YOUR CORE BELIEFS and the King asked me you have to kill this little frog if you wish to proceed to erase of your belief. I looked at the little frog, it looked so beautiful and innocent and had every reasons for me not to kill it. But as I was steadfast to my intention and had no other way so I begged the frog and God a deep apology and reluctantly whacked it in a single blow. So here I am indebted to the frog forever and always for helping me out changing my belief. Whenever the belief pops out I remind myself of the frog and its sacrifice this gives me even more energy to move forward..

    • Boni

      Hi Ashesh,

      I’m happy you adapted the technique to be more powerful for you. You don’t need my permission to change any of the techniques I teach. You are the power behind any technique and they should work as best they can for you.

      With love,

  • Unknown

    How can I tell the difference between intuition and insecurity (based on past experiences)?

    I feel as though I should be aware of untrustworthy behavior in someone but I’m concerned it could just be an insecurity. It’s pretty strong and I’ve had this feeling before but I’ve been able to subside the urge to communicate the feelings with the other but this time I want to speak up and let my feelings be known.

    My biggest concern is that I’m acting prematurely in this relationship, but I just can’t shake the feeling that “something is just not right”.

    How do I know this is intuition helping me make the right decisions vs insecurity triggering self sabotage?

    I just can’t shake it!

    • Boni

      Dear Can’t Shake It,

      Whether it’s intuition or insecurity…does it matter? If you feel uncomfortable in a relationship something is not right. All relationships are meant to help you (and the other) grow. Talk to that person. Tell them how you feel and admit “It might be just that I’m feeling insecure.”

      The best relationships are built on vulnerability and trust. Trust grows with the relationship. You learn to trust. And what’s a more beautiful way than to put your vulnerability out there a bit and see what happens?

      What is the worst that can happen? You find out your intuition was right, and decide to more on to someone who is worthy of your love? That’s not so bad.

      And, like trust, intuition is built by acting upon it. So good for you for listening to your gut.

      If your findings are indeed, insecurities, you may want to change some beliefs about being able to trust (men, women, people?).

      Keep me posted on your progress, okay?


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