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Is The Law of Attraction The Only Law In our Universe?

A reader writes: I heard Oprah speak about the law of attraction. She said that, “It is not the only law in the Universe and we cannot expect it to answer every question we have even though it is a fundamental law.” What insights can you share on this?


Actually, I saw the video of Oprah on Larry King. (If you haven’t seen it you can watch it here.)
And I LOVE Oprah. I think she’s an amazing woman and has helped a lot of people on this planet. She’s inspiring, engaging and informative. But she is not an expert on conscious creation.

OK. So maybe the Law of Attraction is not literally the only law in our universe. But it’s the only law that we use to create our world.

I think Bashar* explains it best. He teaches that there are four laws:

1.  You exist. So there is no need to worry about not existing—ever. You have no choice but to exist.
2.  The one is all and the all are one. We are all connected. And we are all a part of the divine.
3.  What you put out is what you get back. Or in other words, the law of attraction.
4.  Everything changes except the first three laws. Everything. Changes. My advice would be, start thinking of change as a good thing.

So even though technically there are more laws than the law of attraction, when it comes down to creating our world, that is the one that does it all. Our energy creates our reality. Period.

And when you think about it, it does account for everything, big and small, that happens in our world. I think that is why I love teaching conscious creation so much—because once you really learn it, you’ve got the keys to heaven—with no exceptions.

I speculate that Oprah said what she did because she was covering herself in case she was asked a tough question like, “Why would we create wars and poverty and illness?”

But if you really understand how this universe works, you know that we create things in two ways:

1.  By making things happen (This is conscious creation.)
2.  By letting things happen (This is unconscious creation, and unfortunately the way most things have been created—until now.)

Just because something happens doesn’t mean anyone wanted it to happen. We create wars, poverty and illness not because we want them in our world, but because we unconsciously let them manifest by focusing on them and believing we have no choice in the matter.

There are no other laws. There are no other reasons why things happen.

And that is the most freeing information you will ever read. Because if you understand that you are creating everything (either consciously or unconsciously), and you are committed to learn how to use your God-given power to create a life you love, there are no limits as to the joy, love, prosperity, success, fun and happiness you can create.

Now—how cool is that?

With love,

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13 comments to " Actually, Oprah, It IS the Only Law "

  • Hyejin Jang

    Hi Boni, I found out this website yesterday and reading all the articles one by one.

    I have been into spirituality for years and years ever since I went through the dark night of soul and because of it, I have read so many messages and materials from many channelers,.

    But, I am asking this out of genuine curiosity, not trying to offend. But How do you know it is the only law when it comes to creating reality? What makes you say that with certainty?

    I am asking this because I feel that from your answer, I might have a really important insight from you.

    I always thought that those ‘spiritual teachers’ know better that others who do not have any so called ‘awakening experiences’ and those who can not see through their third eye or who can not do channeling, I mean ‘normal humans’ cant know about the unknown…but I sometimes see people say thing as if they actually do know about the realm.

    In your words, you say that ‘We are god beings’ ‘We are divine’…..
    How do you know that it is true? and what makes you say that like you have seen it and experienced it like other psychics who do actually have the extrasensory abilities to see things?

    I got myself in some deep trouble because…. I got deep into spirituality because I thought that they know better than others and the amount of wisdom and knowledge spiritual teachers preach is….something respectful…. But..well…hope that you can get my point… Please help me to get out the belief through your thought on this.

    • Boni

      Hi Hyejin,

      You ask a really good question. And I want to answer it in depth, so I’m going to write a blog or a vlog on this. I hope you are on my lists so you can see the answer!!


      • Hyejin Jang

        I am on your list. I am looking forward to your answer. it might change my whole point of view on many things about spirituality and spiritual people. Thanks!

  • Hi Boni,

    Wow, after reading this, I actually felt liberated. This is a very nice point of view, Boni. I’ve actually read so many articles telling me that if you have a positive outlook in life, then you will attract positive opportunities. I try to live by this advice and it feels just great!

    • Boni

      Hi Mike,

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad the article helped you. While positive thinking is helpful, it is not the only component of creating a beautiful life. It is a bit more complex than that.

      The bottom line though, is that it IS all in your control. And that is truly liberating.

      Wishing you fun and joy on this grand adventure!


  • gailen

    I try to grasp thisconcept, and I get very confused. I would let go of the past if I knew how. I look and try to take responsibility for the choices I have made.I feel clueless about those choices and try to over analyze them and stillhave no clarity.Perhaps, if my life right now felt better than I might not still belooking over my shoulder and asking why.I have no answers to much of those questions and they chase each other around.It is and is not about wanting to attract more.better and I ean this in a physical and feelings way.I do not dare to dream because when I have I have been hurt and told I am impulsive. I have a lot of guilt and feel so badly. Though, I act from love. I always feel like I am screwing up. Trying to balance my needs with the needs of others and my own specific destiny.

  • Yes, I love being a creator! Thank you, Boni!

    • Boni

      Hi Cloris,

      Isn’t is SOOOO much fun??!!

      And, yes, at times a bit frustrating. But I guess that is part of it’s allure…we love challenges.

      Thanks for your comment Cloris! Looking forward to being on your show!


  • Beth Dolan

    Beautifully said, Boni. Thank you for your easeful clarity on the subject of conscious creation. Your words speak to me — your heart comes through always and in all ways. xo

    • Boni

      Hey Beth,

      Thank you so much! It’s such a beautiful gift we have received, the ability to create, I am honored to study it and to help others understand it.

      I am grateful to you and for the love you bring to the world.


  • laurie

    I understand it much better now, Thank you.

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