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Hello there,

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Are you ready? Pay attention, because even those who know this secret don’t pay attention to it…

It’s not hard at all to discover the beliefs that create crappy realities.

You see, Friend, sometimes you pretend things are happening “to” you. Especially the things you don’t like so much.

But if you pay attention to your feelings, you can catch yourself in the act of creation!

Whenever you feel afraid, hopeless, helpless, or some other constricting emotion about something, simply trace it back to the belief that caused the bad feeling.

For instance, if fear comes up around having the money to pay a bill, realize there is an underlying belief that causes the fear, such as, “I never have enough money,” or “Money is hard to create,” or, “Money can only come to me in one way.” Or it could be all of those beliefs and more!

You see, Friend, if you get in the habit of tracing bad feelings back to the beliefs that caused the feelings, and then change those beliefs, you will eventually only feel good feelings and create brilliant realities.

Easy, eh? And oh so fun!

Yours in service forever,

Your Subconscious Mind

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