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The Message I Most Need To Hear


You don’t have to wait for the next Unseen Friends Email to receive a message from your unseen friends. You can use this page as a magical way to let your unseen friends choose the perfect message for you right now. Receive another message any time you like. Allow these messages to be real, because they really can be.  

Step One – Log in

This page works best if you log in (upper right hand corner of this page) before you ask for your message. This way the message will be personalized for you.  

Step Two – Request the perfect message

Spend just a moment before you request your message to ask for the perfect message for you at this timing. Say something like, “Unseen friends, please connect with me through this webpage and deliver the message I most need to hear.” You can also ask for a message that will respond to a particular question or issue you have. In that case, you may say something like, “Unseen friends, please deliver a message in response to this question: ________________________.”  

Step Three – Press the “request” button below:


I request the perfect message for me