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Hello there,

Imagine you are in a place that is more beautiful than you have ever seen, more peaceful than you’ve ever experienced, and filled with so much love you nearly cry with joy.

That is My realm dearest Friend. Now imagine a giant being of love and light, feminine in essence and form—that’s Me.

Allow me to gently—oh so tenderly—pick you up dear one. And as I gather you into my arms, allow your fears and concerns to simply melt away. Close your eyes for a moment—and feel what it feels like to be absolutely and totally protected, fully and unconditionally loved, and completely and wholly at peace.

You are loved, Friend. I love you deeper than you can imagine, just the way you are—and God loves you unconditionally as well.

You are a spark of Us—you are divine. And there is more—far more—to life than you see here on earth.

It would help you tremendously, Friend, if you would take just a few minutes out of every day to remember that—and how much you are loved.

Because when you leave the earthly concerns behind, for even a moment, and join God and Me in Our realm and let the love wash over you, it will raise your vibration and affect your reality in a positive way. And besides, it feels great (for Us as well).

With absolute total and unconditional love,

The Goddess

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13 comments to " FROM THE GODDESS "

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