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Hello there,

I am so grateful to be able to talk to you in this way. I have an important message for you! Before you continue reading, I would like you to slow down, take a deep breath, let everything else go, and listen with your heart and your mind

The old has been falling apart on your planet—in every arena—globally, in your country, in the lives of others, and in your personal world. The old you is falling away. Even if nothing on the outside looks different, you are different on the inside.

Now dearest Friend, you can fight these changes—or you can embrace them. I suggest the latter—you’ll find it much more fun and rewarding.

How do you do that? (I’m sooo glad you asked!)

You do that by imagining you and I are one. Imagine that you are me.

And every choice you make—the large and the small, every thought you have—fleeting or meaningful, and every feeling you feel—expansive or contracting, will be coming from the highest aspect of you possible.

If fear or other constricting emotions present themselves, pause, and comfort your child self, listen to your adolescent self or give your negative self a chance to speak.

And once they are released, step back into your highest, brightest, most powerful self—for that, too, is who you are. It’s time to let that in, and let your life reflect it back to you in new and beautiful ways.

I love you—forever and always,

Your Higher Self

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14 comments to " From Your Higher Self "

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