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Hello there,

Your other unseen friends and I (yes, we talk) are so excited that you are getting to know us better. We really do want to build a solid and loving relationship with you, so that you may have an easier time calling on us for love, support and guidance.

You probably have already observed that your soul is a thoughtful, rich, slow-moving friend, filled with mystery and depth—whilst I, on the other hand, move quickly, intensely, passionately and am filled with excitement and discovery!

Yes, we work quite well together. ;)

And both of us are part of you. You have a part that is reflective, quiet, introspective and who seeks the answers within—and you also have a part that is delighted with this physical world, interactive with it and fervent about creating what you want in this spectacular illusion. There is a time and place for both of those parts of you, Friend.

These parts of you work beautifully together too. For it is only when you go within to find your passion, your voice, your desires and dreams, that you are truly inspired to go “outside of you” to create them.

You see—anything at all is creatable. But action just to be acting won’t be as fulfilling as taking action to create a passionate dream.

Creating money, or love, or success just to say you did it, just to check it off your list, or just to feel as if you are finally “OK”, just won’t contain what you are really seeking.

But creating money to feel financially free and to explore all the deliciously wonderful parts of this earth, or creating a partner to explore deeper and richer forms of love and intimacy, or to create success so you can find a juicy passion and have a blast manifesting it successfully in this world, will fill you with what it is you truly desire—meaning, love, excitement, joy and fun.

Yes, Friend, this was just a little lesson in passion and creation from your extremely passionate and creative Spirit.

I love you!!!!

Your Spirit

P.S. Don’t take my word for it—talk to your Soul about this too…they are waiting. They love you. And they want to help.

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29 comments to " FROM YOUR SPIRIT "

  • Susan

    Thank you! I needed to be reminded!❤️😘

  • Donna

    Thank you for the inspiration and reminder to call upon my Angel’s daily. I just get so side tracked during the day.

    • Janet Gordon

      Thank you. The timing for this message…like most of them have been…is impeccable. It’s amazing. It’s also a reminder to ask my angels for help and to give much gratitude for that help. Thanks again.

  • Dili jamatia

    Yes, i really love your message my dear spirit lover

  • Cynthia

    Dearest Spirit
    I thank God for your constant love and support. I’m amazed at your impeccable timing. I was feeling all alone and quite sad and lost. You remind me that there is a time for everything- a time to laugh and a time to cry. We are human beings and imperfect. We also have to understand that others are imperfect as well, and relationships can hurt. It is hard to even think about my purpose when all that I have thought was true in my life has been an illusion. It’s time to accept and forgive even if forgiveness isn’t asked for wanted. To be creative is something that I honestly haven’t thought of in quite some time. Maybe now is the best time to start something new. To build something – anything– this might be exactly what will help me pick up the pieces of what has been broken. Thank you.

  • Berenice Ibarra

    Thank you so much!! God bless you! It is a blessing to hear this words!

  • laura atkinson

    i have just read your message n its amazing thank you sooo much love light n blessings x

  • Ray

    Thank you spirit for always being there to remind me that I am special and can still achieve my dream. God is testing me at this point but I have faith that he will be with me no matter how bumpy the road gets. I can’t see the final destiny at this point, but if you will just hang in there with me spirit, I will keep working at reaching for that dream. I love you and pray you will continue to inspire me.

  • Thank you so much for the motivational words. I keep striding forward.

  • Bonnie Trepanier

    This was such a timely message. I have felt stymied and knew I needed to tweak my creative intentions. Thank you with all my heart.

  • Karen Hunley-Pifher

    Miigwetch, I Needed To Hear That. I An In Much Pain, And An Brooding. I Needed That.

  • Donald Gren

    Divine Spirit within me, thank you for your timely message. I find myself at a point in my life where I have learned to listen to and act on your messages.Today I affirm that I am “financially free to explore all the deliciously wonderful parts of this earth, creating a partner to explore deeper and richer forms of love and intimacy, and create success so I can find a juicy passion and have a blast manifesting it successfully in this world, will fill me with what it is you truly desire—meaning, love, excitement, joy and fun.”

  • Bonnie H

    Thank you sooooo much for these words today . My life has been blessed by your book and webinar. I really enjoy these soul messages. They always come at the perfect time with the most appropo words . Hugs to you Boni! From Bonnie H :-)

  • Elena

    Thank you for your support :-)

  • LaRae

    Thank you kind spirit, you know when to speak to me and how too. I have so many busy things, I feel it keeps me from what I enjoy doing. But the bills need to paid. When I do get to sew, or help my mom on her project (shes making a quilt)I enjoy it. Someday I would love to open a recycled boutique in the back in a corner of the garage, and teach a class on basic sewing. Thank you for your words on encouragement. Hugs, LaRae

  • Bonnie Ann Clark

    Much of what I am hearing is applicable to my life; I feel that any person who is at this level or place in the dance….would be able to connect to what you say. I am runing head into a fierce storm of fear with my job, this would be a part of the external world and what I am hearing is helpful but how can I know that it is specific to me so that I can really use what I hear to help bring peace and correction in my work life right now? This is a very hard time, Thank You Boni

    • Boni


      EVERYTHING in your world is specific to you. You are creating it all. If you want to hear more specific words you could sit and meditate with any one of your unseen friends. They are all anxious to do so. You know sometimes we create difficulties to force ourselves to grow spiritually and create more of what we truly desire. You can head challenges like that off at the pass if you grow without forcing yourself to grow. You do this by listening to the whispers of your inner self and unseen friends and consciously creating a life you truly love. You are safer and more powerful than you realize, Bonnie. You ARE protected and deeply loved. Begin to dream the life you truly desire.


  • Amon banda

    Dear my unseen frnd am grateful and extremely HUMBLED fo da nyc cute Articles hv bin receivin Am tryin to do thingz i neva kne i cud do in life
    Thax GOD u’ve bin there for me
    Once again thax kip wit good terrific work My da MOST HIGH c you thru.

  • Juliana

    A perfect message for my soul today ! Thanks


    I appreciate any feed back Because I do believe God speaks to us through other people. Right now I have been out of work 6wks and on the verge of being evicted by 3/22/14. Ive been putting applications and resumes in for sometime now, but no response. I have turned my life and burdens over to God. Im running out of options. So any words of encouragement would be deeply appreciated. Thank you for listening.

    • Boni


      I found myself in the same situation (except it was a foreclosure). And I have written a lot about that situation and how I got out of it here on this blog. But my overall advice is: turn your troubles over to God, but not your life. He gave you the ability to create your reality. Use it. You are more powerful than you can imagine. It’s time to take responsibility for your life and create success. He will help, but he won’t do it for you because you came here to learn to do it yourself.

      with love and lots of light to help you with this,

    • Dee

      Maureen. I hope your life changes soon. Currently it seems like the only way is up now. Every happiness and please don’t give up. I aim to keep trying to keep going in my own situation and whilst doing so will think of you xx

      • Bhagwan Patil

        Thanks a lot. You know when to speak and what to . At the perfect time and perfect day , you always speak and guide the way to move forward to have meaningful life.

        Really happy that I got to know about you and living the life what I wanted just because of your guidance.

    • you might want to think outside the box. A job is not the only way to make money and there are some fun things you can do that in time will give you financial freedom. I have something for you to take a look at but there are many things out there if you keep your mind open. The inner work about connecting to divine guidance and releasing your blocks to success and feelings of being unworthy are most important. I know you will find your way and it is supposed to be easy. Most of the truly successful people in the world went through this kind of stuff so you are in great company and what an awesome story you will tell when you find this experience brought you to your greatest life experience.

  • Carole

    Thank you for the support and kind words. Love, Carole

  • Jennifer

    Thank you I needed to hear this especially now in my life

  • Michelle Ward

    Thank you for the reminder! Blessings

  • Yogibear52

    My Dearest Spirit, I thank you with my deepest love and gratitude, for your kind words that make me feel full of life and full of joy. Your words always inspire me to be the best I can be. But to tell you that sometimes it’s hard to do so because my anxiety gets in the way sometimes. I am trying very hard to control that, so I can create with ease and elegance. Once again thank you for all your love and support. With lot of love, Yolanda

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