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Hello there,

How are you, dear one? I send you love each and every day, did you know that?

I understand it can be confusing, not seeing me directly, and sometimes questioning “why” things happen as they do. Many say, “There is no God—because God would never let [fill in the blank] happen.”

Those who say that have no remembrance of our discussion before incarnating this lifetime. It went something like this:

You: “Hey, God! I think I’m going to head down to earth—my soul wants to grow.”

Me: “That’s great, Friend! Have fun.”

You: “I’m super excited about this next lifetime. I absolutely know I’m going to remember how connected I am to You and to All That Is. Your love is so strong and ineffable, there’s no way I can forget it!”

Me: “I’m happy you’re excited. But maybe I should remind you if you forget?”

You: “Thanks, but no thanks. The whole point of forgetting is for me to remember, that I am divine and that I create my reality. Please don’t step in unless I ask or desperately need a miracle, okay?”

Me: “I always say, ‘yes,’ so of course, I’ll respect your choice to do this on your own.”

You see, it’s against your wishes for me to step in. It’s against everyone’s wishes. Earth is a place where you and others want to “wake up” and realize you are powerful reality creators and that you don’t need rescuing.

So I sit back and watch—loving you unconditionally, assisting when you ask, but knowing fully well, “You’ve got this.”

And you do, Friend. You really do. You’re growing stronger, wiser, and more powerful every day.

I won’t do it for you—that’s not what you want on a soul level. But I do want to help, so ask, dearest one, simply ask.

With unconditional love for you (lifetime after lifetime),


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