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Hello there,

You know, from our perspective, which goes waaaay back, it appears as if your life is on one long continuum. It is a continuum of love.

On one end, there is absolutely no love for yourself, and on the other there is unconditional total love for yourself. And as we observe you on this continuum, we see that your world reflects your level of self-love.

The more you love yourself, the more wonderful things you allow yourself. You allow more abundance, more joy, and more elegance and ease in every regard. The more you love yourself, the more you allow the healing and the beautiful manifestations that reflect that love and healing.

Now, we can hear you Friend, you are thinking, “Well, sounds great Angel, but exactly HOW do I do that?”

First, dear one,  forgive yourself for all the places in your life that were less than beautiful. Forgive yourself for needing healing at all. For change always begins with forgiveness.

Next, be gentle with yourself. Treat yourself as if you were a vulnerable, innocent, loving, alien being, visiting this planet for the first time. Because, Friend, in a way that is what you are, as you unload the armor of your past, and begin to allow your true self to shine through.

I love you. More than you can know. I sooooooo love you.

Until we talk again, be gentle with you…

Your Guardian Angel

P.S. Also, honor yourself—your desires, your dreams, even your preferences. Ask yourself at every opportunity, “What would be the most joyful thing I could do right now?” And then, Friend, do it.

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12 comments to " FROM YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL "

  • Agniv

    Thank you so much my guardian angel. Its always corelate to me. I always feel my guardian angels are watching me to help me to uplift me always.

  • Roberta

    Amazing…how your words always,and profoundly touch my heart and soul along my journey..

    I know that you are my spiritual guide, and always catapult me towards my evolvement…

    Thank you for loving, supporting, and believeing in “ME!”🥰👼🏼

  • Mose

    Thank you for this beautiful message, very profound and yet verbalized in simple words. :-)

  • Magnolia

    No matter where this beautiful letter comes from…
    The Universe has it’s unique way to remind people.
    We are all unique and we ARE love vibrating on a lower or higher frequency of love.
    Love yourself to peace within is my kinda thing.
    I love all of me and all of you and celebrate the gift of you…me and all of you here on this page.
    Know that you are not and never alone on your journey that is…life.
    May we all not follow but be our highest excitement and all be the/our highest and best version of ourself in this Human experience and beyond.
    Enlightenment is a further journey…a never ending story…no beginning and no end…
    You and I are Infinite powerful luminous beings.
    You came here to awaken to remember that which you ALREADY are within.
    I honor myself and all of you.
    You are enough…you always have been enough and everything that you look for is within yourself.
    May I and all of you experience a harmonious life journey!(if that is your choice)
    From my heart to yours
    Warm heart hugs,

  • Jodi

    Thank you for this beautiful letter ❤❤❤!!

  • Gail St Antoine

    Thank you. Many times.

  • Christine

    Thank you very much for this message. And, as usual it comes at a truly perfect time ~

  • Judith

    A perfect message for me today… I am hopeful for all my needs/desires now and in the future. With deep appreciation and love to my Unseen Friends.

  • David Banda

    Thank you for everything you do for me and I will be able to Love myself more than anything in the world have a wonderful day and I love you too.

  • Kim Cochrane

    Beautiful, lovely, joyful… thank you!

  • lisaschinaspring

    I love having my guardian Angel and know it will be all wonderful in my life with love,happiness,health and financial freedom.
    Thank you for loving me:)

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