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Hello there,

Think back to five, or even ten years ago. Do you realize you are the future self to that Friend?

What advice would you give to your past self? Something like…

“Don’t worry so much, Friend. You’re doing the best you can and that is more than enough. Worry won’t help and it might actually make things worse.”

Or would you say…

“Don’t be afraid to let your authentic self show, Friend. If anyone doesn’t like it they aren’t your tribe anyway.”

Or would you say…

“Don’t forget to feed your dreams, Friend. They really will come true if you believe in them and yourself.”

It’s funny, because I could say those same things to you right now, and it would still be good advice. But you’d “get it” at a whole different level.

You’ve grown and changed. And your dreams, desires and authenticity must grow and change with you.

Are you dreaming new dreams? Are you holding yourself fully and totally accountable? Are you being authentic and true to who you really are on a daily basis?

An amazing future is here, Friend—waiting for you. But you have to make some little changes to get here.

Even five to ten minutes a day devoted to dreaming a life you love can dramatically alter the path to your future.

I love you Friend, and I know what you are capable of better than anyone else.

Meet me here?

With love,

Your Future Self

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11 comments to " FROM YOUR FUTURE SELF "

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