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Hello there,

Sometimes you get caught up in the mundane dear one. You look around at your life and see the same old thing—and you begin to get discouraged about the possibility of changing anything at all.

Then your resonance drops. And guess what you are creating then? You’re creating more to feel discouraged about.

Yes, it is easy to say, “Nothing is changing and I’m not powerful.”

It is much more difficult to say, “Nothing is changing on the outside and that means zilch—everything is changing on the inside and that will result in a far better reality!”

“YEEEHAAA!!” you then yell with glee! “This world is AMAZING! My thoughts, feelings and beliefs show up in the 3-D world if given enough time! How crazy awesome is that??????”

It is your choice Friend. You’ll do it this lifetime or another one. It doesn’t really matter when.

But hey, why not now?

Get excited! Start dreaming! Watch for the signs that you are receiving your dreams and get even more excited!

For you are creating it all dear one! And it’s so much more fun to create joy, abundance and love!!

With love,

Your (very excited for you) Guardian Angel

P.S. You really need to be like a dog with a bone, Friend. Don’t let anyone or anything take your exciting and wonderful future away from you.

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13 comments to " FROM YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL "

  • Lolita

    Very timely, thank you! Exactly how I was feeling before i read this message.
    Thank you for the reminder.

  • Nancy A Smith

    As usual, this message came at a much needed time. I decided last night to consciously work on keeping my vibrations up to joy and ease. Thank You….I am dealing with a sudden loss.

  • Kimberly Spratt

    Much Appreciated, and I LOVE the dog with a bone bit, so I will remember that. THANK YOU. NAMASTE Kimberly

  • Gajl

    Thank you so very much. I love your messages. You give me hope and encourage me .

  • Guylaine

    Just what I needed to hear today! Thank you Guardian Angel. So true!

  • Vee

    This message came right on time and on target when read it today, because it is exactly what my thoughts were on yesterday, wondering and thinking if things will ever change for me….so reading this this morning certaily hit the nail on the head…and thank you for helping me up my message to myself so that things WILL change.

  • Leslie

    Thank u Angel xoxo

  • martha wangari

    i have really appreciated your encouragement.i will embrace change with all my heart as from today.With God on my side i will manage.GOD bless

  • Judith Burlingame

    Thank You My Dear Guardian Angel for your encouragement, advice and prophecy. My dreams begin again…

  • Heddey

    Thank you my Guardian Angel for the message…

  • Lizz

    These messages are always on point. Just last night I was telling myself… nothing’s changing, I’m in the same as always. Reading these messages truly make a difference.

  • rebecca

    thank you for this beautiful reminder ~

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