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Hello there,

You are doing so much better than you give yourself credit for. I know…I am with you every step along the way.

Just look at yourself… You are growing. You are loving. You are becoming more…faster than you realize.

So…lighten up dearest. They say angels fly because we take ourselves lightly…and although it is not literally true, we are light-hearted.

You could stand to have a little more lightheartedness yourself. Smile more, dear one. Get out and play more. Laugh more. See the humor in everything you can. Life is an illusion, after all…no need to take it so seriously.

You are here to have fun. And, of course, to create a life you love—in every regard.

And you are doing it. Give yourself credit where credit is due. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will be your exquisite life. You’ll get there the way you get anywhereone small step at a time.

With joy, joy, joy (and love),

Your Guardian Angel

P.S. Remember: Don’t worry—be happy. Every little thing…is gonna be alright. Yes, we help with song lyrics in our spare time…(Come on, Friend, you have to laugh at that one!)

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23 comments to " FROM YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL "

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