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Hello there,

So many on your planet focus on the differences between races, religions and people.  They want to make one type of being, human, talent, temperament or point of view better than another.

They are missing the point. The point, dear Friend, is love.

Love is why you came here. Love is what you yearn to receive (and of course to give).

No matter the days you call sacred, the language you speak, or the traditions you hold dear…you, my dear Friend, have one gift more powerful than anything that ever was…


And I connect with you, here, today, this moment, loving you so deeply, so unconditionally, that if you could let in even a tiny portion of that love, you would never, ever want for another thing as long as you lived.

For if you really felt the love I have for you, dearest Friend, you would automatically love yourself, and thus create a heaven for yourself on this very earth.

So, my love, I pray, let it in. Let it in. Let it in.

With unending love,

The Christ Consciousness

P.S. Dear Friend, go ahead… I know you won’t be able to stop it. Don’t even try. Let that love spill over onto others today—for you are “Love”.

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