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Hello there,

There is so much pressure to adhere to “societal standards”—and if not that, to “parental standards” or “peer standards” or “whatever is ‘cool’ at the moment standards”.

But Friend, when you “adhere” you are in essence giving your power away to those you deem more worthy than you. But, dear one, no one is more worthy than you.

This is not to say, “Do not learn from others.” For others can teach you great lessons. But it is to say, “Never rely on others more than you rely on yourself.”

For you are the expert on you and the love that you came to flow. Trust that. Trust yourself. And trust the destiny you came to fulfill.

I love you. And I believe in you.

Yours always,

Your Spirit

P. S. It also should be funfunfun!!! Remember that, okay?

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16 comments to " FROM YOUR SPIRIT "

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