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I’ll never forget my first visit to a psychic. I was an emotional wreck. I had quit graduate school and had no idea what to do next, my mom had recently passed, my brother had suffered an industrial accident and lost his leg. And I was desperately trying to find my spiritual center. I knew I had an important mission on this planet and I had no idea what that was.

I don’t think I would have sought out a psychic at that time in my life, had it been just up to me. But I was visiting my new stepmom for the first time and she had been to this particular psychic time and time again. She invited me to come with her and have a reading of my own.

It was scary—I had no idea what to expect and I didn’t want to hear any bad news. But I was made brave by my stepmom’s willingness, so I went along.

The reading was phenomenal. The psychic, a 90 year old woman who operated out of her little patio home in Jupiter, Florida, laid out my future in vivid detail. I left her house with hope that fed me for literally twenty-five years.

Much of what she said didn’t come true. But the one broad stroke of the reading foretold that I would teach thousands of people, that it was my destiny, and that someone would give me the resources to get started—and all of that did come true.

That one reading kept me motivated and hopeful for a full two and a half decades. That is a powerful reading.

And since then…

I’ve called upon psychics from time to time, from tarot readers to numerologists. But more and more I find I call on the teachers who can read energy—psychics with a healing/teaching gift, you could call them.

Because I don’t want to simply be told my future—I want to be told how I can create an even better future than the one they see. And not every psychic can tell you that.

I believe in help from outside sources

I believe there are beings and systems put on this earth to help us in our spiritual progress. For instance, the Enneagram is a tremendously helpful tool in helping us to know ourselves better. Astrology is a fascinating insight into the energies we chose to embody this lifetime as well as the general path we intend to follow. Both are super useful tools to understand yourself.

Numerology, iridology, tarot, I Ching, meditation—there are many ways to receive information about who you are, where you’re going and what your current energy looks like.

I’ve worked with energy healers (both in person and remotely), past life regressionists, many channeled beings and of course, psychics. I find it extremely beneficial to receive an outside opinion from someone gifted with the ability to read energy. However…

Some psychics can be harmful

I recently received this question from a fellow creator:

Good day Boni!

I read your emails (365 Days of The Map) eagerly every day. And I have a question for you:

Two numerologists whom I visit tell me that I am going to have a “terrible year financially” but they can circumvent my fate by them giving me “powerful readings” etc.

Are they threatening me so that I pay them money to win the lottery?

How do I handle them? I don’t want to incur their wrath and I do sometimes read their mails. But I don’t want to end up believing what they say.

Kind regards,
Fearful of My “Fate” in South Africa


Dear Fearful,

Run, don’t walk, away from these charlatans as fast as you can! Unsubscribe from their emails and find some online guidance with integrity. There’s plenty of it out there.

And if you want personal guidance you can create that too—without threats.

You will not “incur their wrath” because it is you who has the power in your life, not them. Please change your belief a.s.a.p. if even a part of you believes otherwise.

And for everyone…

Things to remember before you hire a psychic or spiritual advisor:

1.  Psychics don’t predict the future
Psychics are people who can read energy. They are simply looking at the probable futures that you have created at the moment they looked at your energy. You can change those probable futures. That’s what conscious creation is all about.

2.  Not all psychics are created equal
There are people and channeled entities who really do have a gift for reading energy. And it is a good idea to get a referral before you pay someone for a reading. But also remember that a psychic who might be a great match for your friend may not be a great match for you. Which brings me to…

3.  Trust your intuition
Learn to trust that little voice inside of you to guide you to the resources, tools, and people who can help you create a life you love. And ask for guidance and assistance often.

4.  You have the power—not the psychic
Use others as tools to gain insight, clarity, and give you ideas for direction but never forget the power is within you. You are the one who can change your energy and thus your future.

5.  Even the best psychic is wrong sometimes
Psychics are not infallible. They have good days and bad, like anyone else. And some things they just can’t do—I’ve never met a psychic who is good at predicting time, for instance. Keep that in mind and remember #3.

6.  You should feel happy, excited & free afterward
A session with a psychic or other type of spiritual advisor should leave you feeling hopeful, excited, and freer than before the session. If not, maybe work with someone else the next time.

7.  The best ones empower you
Making you dependent on them for anything is not a trademark of a good psychic or spiritual advisor. The best ones will tactfully tell you what they see, while giving you ideas of how to improve that future. If your psychic doesn’t empower you, start hunting for a new one.

Like anything, there are good and bad psychics and everything in between. Take what they say, weigh it in your own mind and heart, and do the work necessary to create a life you adore.

Do you have stories of working with psychics? I’d love to hear them…please leave a comment below.

With love,

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4 comments to " Do Psychics Help (or Hurt) Your Ability to Create? "

  • Kathleen Lewis

    I have gone to several mediums/psychics over the years and all have told me the same thing which are always positive. I therefore, only focus on the positive.
    I also do automatic writings and call them inspirational writings. I feel honored to have this gift and have yet to receive a negative response!

  • Gemma

    I went to a psychic last year after a horrific break up she told my ex would come back to me and he loved me…….he’s with someone else and I can’t get over it, I wish I hadn’t been to her

  • Sharon

    I love this; thank you, Boni! I am a psychic reader and medium, and the foundation of my readings is empowering and encouraging my clients to see their choices, gain insight and understanding of the situation, and pursue their options with hope. I do not predict futures because unless soul contract is involved, the future is not in form. It’s up to each of us to create it via our choices and beliefs. Also, the reason that psychics can’t get a handle on time frames is because time doesn’t exist in the spirit world and what comes through as “two months” could actually be two years or twenty years, etc. Time predictions are tricky. Much love and many blessings, and thanks again! Sharon

    • Boni


      Thank you so much for chiming in here! And kudos for you for going about your work in such integrous and empowering ways.

      And yes, I understand about the time thing…but funnily enough it hasn’t stopped the psychics I know from giving me time frames. :)

      With gratitude and love,

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