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We live in a scary world—if you simply look at the dangers that (seemingly) lurk around every corner. And when we first find out about the power of our mind, sometimes the world seems even scarier. After all, we used to only worry about what was outside of us, and then all of a sudden we realize WE are the ones creating the scary things, and we worry about whether those very fears will manifest more to be afraid of!

Just remember— positive thoughts are thousands of times more powerful than negative thoughts. And also remember, you can put your mind to work creating safety, security and protection. Here are a couple quick and powerful techniques to do just that:

Bubble of Light Technique

A quick and easy way to protect you and those you love is simply to imagine them/you in a bubble of white sparkling light. As you do this, call upon your or his or her higher self with a request: “Please protect _________ and keep me/him/her safe, secure and divinely protected.”

Rings of Protection

When my children were small, like most moms, I would worry about them. As I began to realize those worries weren’t helping them, I sought out ways to alleviate my anxiety while actually doing what I could to help keep them safe. A wise friend told me about this powerful technique.

Surround the one you seek to keep safe in a ring of light going completely around their body in a full circle starting above their head, going around their front and then their back, like a giant hula-hoop of light. Then, imagine another giant ring angled to one side, and a third to the other side, like two more hula-hoops forming a giant X around this person.

You’ll immediately feel a sense of relief when you visualize these rings. Let it comfort you, and know that this powerful technique will protect your loved one well.

Transmuting the Fear

We tend to think that somehow we need to be the super-humans who protect our children and loved ones. But the youngest, oldest, and every age in between have a Soul, and a higher self who are infinitely wiser than are we.  Turn your fears over to them. Let them transform the fear into energy of protection and safety. How?

Say something like this: “I call upon the higher self (or Soul) of ____________. I am afraid for them right now. Please take my fear, lift it from me, and use that energy along with the love I send to them, to keep them safe, secure and protected. And please fill me with the knowing that this is so.”

Keep safe my friends. You are powerful enough to do so.

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