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Hello there,

My, we have been creating some interesting realities lately haven’t we?

The good news is— realities are manifesting quicker these days.  The bad news is—realities are manifesting quicker these days.

Now, dear Friend, you know that your beliefs (stored here very safely and securely) will always produce your reality. That will never change.

But you have changed. You know better now and you are more willing than ever to do what is necessary to change your life (not to mention the lives of others and the world).

Yes, I hold your beliefs for you throughout your entire lifetime—why I still have your beliefs from when you three years old!

But you have the keys to come in, anytime you like, and change those beliefs—replacing them with new, beautiful, success-allowing, love creating and possibility-producing beliefs!

My question to you is—haven’t you had enough drama, struggle and mediocrity to last a lifetime?

Lets do it Friend. Lets change your limited beliefs to something more expansive. I know that Lonnsburry woman writes a lot about exactly how to do that. And I will do what I can do to help. So will your other unseen friends.

We all want your life to be spectacular.

With love and honoring,

Your Subconscious Mind

P.S. Don’t put this off Friend. Schedule a time in your calendar (right now!) to get serious about this work. Pretend it is the most important thing in your life—because it is.

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