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Hello there,

I’m so excited that you’re heading into a new phase of life! You do know, don’t you, that everything can be different now?

I don’t mean you could look at life differently. I mean it can be different.

How different? That depends. How much different can you imagine?

Because Friend, if you don’t imagine it different, it won’t be different. Yes, that’s right—you can imagine your world exactly the same as it is now. The same challenges, the same difficulties, the same issues, the same worries…or you can imagine unlimited abundance, “lucky” breaks, exciting opportunities and even peace on earth. Your imagination is that powerful.

Isn’t that exciting?

However, there’s one small detail that you should probably pay attention to—the fact that you can dream and imagine an amazing life for yourself, and even a wonderful new world to live in, but if you don’t believe those wonderful things can happen—they won’t.

However, you can change your beliefs, Friend. (Who would know that better than me, right?) And once you do change your beliefs, well, there are no limits as to what you can create.

Now that is exciting, eh?

Yes, Friend, it is going to be an amazing time for you!

With much love and support,

Your Subconscious Mind

P.S. If you have forgotten precisely how to change those beliefs, no worries….here is a little reminder!

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  • Christel

    Thank you so much I was in need of the reminder.I am dreaming of a wonderful, fulfilling,life full of love,joy and abundance.So be it and so it is….

  • Alexandra W Carder

    I have been trying to change several core beliefs held in my subconscious mind for awhile. It is very stubborn and doesn’t want to change and move forward. Thank you for the technique:)

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