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Hello there,

I want you to know something. This journey we are on together is epic. You’re blazing a trail that has never been traveled before. You are braver than brave. You are downright courageous.

And Friend, although you feel as if you’re doing this alone—you are not. I am with you every step of the way. Oh I know you can’t see me. (That’s against the rules.) And you can’t hear me (also forbidden). But dear one, you can feel me.

If you’re quiet—and you listen with your heart—you can hear my messages, you can feel my love, and you can benefit from my guidance. And the more you practice listening, the better you’ll hear.

At this stage of your journey, it’s important that you become quiet and listen for me, Friend. For other than these messages I send to your email periodically, I can’t contact you directly. I can’t call you on the phone, or even text you on your cell. I have to be subtle—and I have to wait until you come to me for help. 

I could help you so much more if you asked. And you would receive the answers so much better if you listened. So please ask—right this minute—and stop for a moment, close your eyes, and listen to my response.

Until we talk again, dear Friend, remember…

I love you eternally,

Your Soul

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