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Hello there,

Things have been a bit stagnant around here—have you noticed? Same dreams. Same beliefs. Same thoughts. Same feelings.

How about you shake it up a bit Friend? What if you began to imagine a life that is crazy different?

What? You don’t necessarily want crazy different?

That’s okay—I didn’t say to actually create that life. Just envision it, as a way to shake out the cobwebs and stretch that amazing tool you have called your imagination.

What if, for instance, you got a special invitation in the mail from a loving extraterrestrial group who were traveling the multiverse on a goodwill ship and they offered you an opportunity to be a “foreign exchange student” for the next year? You would travel to other planets and learn about other races and tell them about ours?


What if, you were driving to work one day and came up with a wild idea about a happiness pill—a little over the counter supplement that people would take once a day and be guaranteed 24 hours of ecstatic joy? How fun would that be? Can you imagine the interviews you would get?


You were chilling in a park one afternoon and you observe a golden seed dropping from the sky. You plant the seed and it grows into the perfect food—it provided full nutrition and was mouthwateringly delicious! You plant more and more and eventually you end up single handedly ending world hunger.

Oh, I know these ideas seem outrageous. And maybe they are. But the point is, if you stretch your imagination—even to the absurd—you also stretch the possibilities in your own reality. You begin to think outside that proverbial box.

And when you imagine, you create. And creation is fun—juicy, delightful, delicious fun!

Bye for now Friend, and remember…streeeeetch!!


Your Subconscious Mind

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