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Hello there,

God and I created the multiverse. Did you know that? Many think it was God alone—but it required both of us.


Because creation requires a balance of masculine energy and feminine energy. It takes both.

The feminine energy is the “being” energy—it creates the resonance, the idea, the essence. And the masculine energy is the “doing” energy—it creates the force and the form. Together, masculine and feminine energy result in beautifully balanced creations.

You, Friend, also contain masculine and feminine energy. It doesn’t matter what sex you are—that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about being balanced in dreaming dreams (feminine) and the manifestation of those dreams (masculine).

It’s easy to do, do, do. But if you do, you run the risk of not fully enjoying the very life you are living.

If you also make time to simply “be,” life can be richer, fuller, and more fulfilling.

It doesn’t take much…taking a long walk without a destination, sitting in nature and allowing your thoughts to wander, or luxuriating in a hot bath—the point is to be fully present and simply know you are enough. You don’t have to “do” anything. Just “be.”

You may be surprised, Friend, at the ideas, the inspiration, the joy that flows from your “being” sessions.

The bonus is: if you can fully “be” for more of your life, the “doing” will become “more” as well. You’ll spin your wheels less and accomplish more in less time.

Isn’t this universe wonderful?

I love you deeply, fully, and forever,

The Goddess

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