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Hello there,

You’re starting to get it aren’t you?

You are here to be in joy. You are here to have fun. You are here to allow success. And you are here to be loved.

Of course, you are here to love as well. But that part you’ve always done well with.

It’s the “being loved” that you’ve struggled with. You tend to judge yourself. You oftentimes hold yourself to impossible standards. You keep yourself bound to the past as some type of penance.

But Friend, in order to accept your destiny, your life of bliss, you must forgive yourself for the past. You must forgive all of the mistakes you’ve made, all of the times you could have “done it better,” all the less than loving actions towards yourself and others. Forgive them, and let them go.

Because you can’t take grudges into bliss. They just won’t go. Judgmental energy says: “I do not deserve.” And bliss says, “I abso-friggin-lutley deserve.” (Sorry for my stark language, but I really want you to pay attention here).

It’s your choice dear one. Forgive and enable bliss, or don’t forgive and keep creating the same old thing.

I love you either way,

Your Higher Self

P.S. You can say you will forgive yourself, but unless you feel it, it won’t work. Just an FYI…

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14 comments to " FROM YOUR HIGHER SELF "

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