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Hello there,

Before you came to earth, you knew who you were. You accepted your brilliance. You stood proud, strong, fearless and whole.

And then you reduced and reduced and reduced your essence, and packed it into a teeny, tiny body. And you forgot everything you knew.

Why would you do such a thing, Friend?

You did it so you could have the fun of remembering. And there has been enough forgetting. It’s time, dear one, to remember.

You are not a nothing. You are not flawed. You are not powerless.

You are a divine glimmer of light. You are a part, a piece, of Source. You have unlimited power. You have natural gifts, talents and strengths.

You are SO much more than you ever dreamed. You are SO much more than you can imagine (even now).

YOU are a god-being, Friend. And you have the ability to create your world, just as Source has the ability to create you.

It is time now—to remember. But you don’t just say, “Remember,” and voila, you remember. You create yourself remembering by imagining yourself remembering…

Imagine you, one year from today. You feel spectacular! You have grown, you have healed, and you have become “more” of who you really are.

You have discovered more of your talents, gifts and strengths. And you are living life to its fullest—loving, creating and filled with joy!

Yes—it is time.

With deep and profound love,

Your Guardian Angel

P.S. This little exercise takes not more than a minute, Friend. Don’t you owe it to yourself to make a habit of it? Maybe while brushing your teeth, or taking a shower, or driving to work? This one little habit can change your world forever.

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10 comments to " FROM YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL "

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