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Hello there,

Relax dearest one. Allow me to soothe your tensed muscles and allow relaxation to flow through you like a gentle stream.

You try so hard dear Friend. I can feel your will to succeed, to grow and to become more. I know you are bound and determined to fulfill your purpose on this planet in the highest form you possibly can.

Don’t forget, though, that one of the top reasons you are here is to have fun—to enjoy the very process of living, growing and succeeding.

So lighten up! Smile! Laugh! Be playful!

This is all a very realistic 3D virtual reality game, after all. I know it seems real, but it is not. You, however, are real. And so are your love and your joy.

And Friend, the really cool thing is, the more you play, laugh, love and enjoy, the faster the “success” comes to you. Unless, of course, you believe it won’t. Beliefs trump everything in this game—they are the ultimate WILD CARD!

So play the game, but don’t take it too seriously.

With love and gratitude that you are in my life,

Your Higher Self

P.S. Psssstttt…Friend…you can stack the deck!! Change your beliefs and your “hand” will FILL with wild cards!! Hey, imagine that!!

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14 comments to " FROM YOUR HIGHER SELF "

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