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Hello there,

Sometimes it’s a challenge for me. On one hand, I’d like to wrap you in my wings and protect you from everything and anything that doesn’t make you happy.

On the other hand, I know who you are and what you are capable of. I’ve always known. And I’ve always been in awe.

I wish that you could see what I see in you. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes.

I see you as capable, strong and powerful.

I see your love—such an amazing capacity to love.

I see your ability to be crystal clear, focused and filled with resolve.

I see your desires and dreams—filled with such power, majesty and grace.

I see you as the artist of your life, with no exceptions.

You can change your world, Friend. You can change the world.

And you start by honoring, recognizing and loving yourself. Truly. You are wonderful in so many ways.

Are you perfect? Never—as long as you are human. Are you perfection personified—a sliver of God and The Goddess—having an imperfectly perfect experience? Yes. You are.

It’s time to wake up Friend. It’s time to start taking your life more seriously, as the gift it was intended to be.

And it’s time to stop taking life so seriously, and laugh and smile and fully enjoy it.

Life is a paradox.  And therein lies the triumph—let both be true.

With great love and respect for you,

Your Guardian Angel

P.S. Love yourself a little more today, okay? For me? Because it would bring me great joy to see you do so.

How? Just give yourself a full minute (time yourself) to think of all the ways you are wonderful.

Then, later, do something just for you—something that really makes your heart happy. (I’m so excited—you couldn’t give me a better gift!)

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31 comments to " FROM YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL "

  • Gail

    Thank you so much. ❤

  • Heddey Holder

    Thanks my guardian angel for this message that I have received

  • Heddey Holder

    Thank you, I received it and believe it.

  • jillerin

    I’m blessed, thank you so much for being here! XOXOXO JILL

  • Jane Taylor

    just a simple but great big “Thank You”

  • Brenda

    I love all the messages that are sent!

  • Elizabeth

    Perfect message for imperfect humans today! Thank you!

  • Sally

    Thank you my dear Angel for your watch-care! <3

  • darrell

    thank you,, and its always good hearing from you, im feeling on track again,, and that’s always a good feeling

  • Maria Lisi

    Thank you so much for this message, been feeling a little low recently…maybe I do need to love myself more, starting today!!
    Thanks again beautiful message..
    Maria X

  • Hyejin Jang

    Felt as if my guardian angel is saying to me.

  • Pamela Liberto

    It was what I needed to hear today. I cried!

  • Carolyn

    Thankyou so much for the beautiful email message today. I really needed it & it came right when I needed to read it most. Two weeks ago my 5 year relationship ended, I had to move out & back to my mums house 5 hours away for support. This meant leaving my job too. I’m restarting my life from scratch and I’m really scared actually and thinking about all sorts of things trying to make sense of it all. Your kindness and words of positivity really hit home and have helped me see a light in myself that makes me feel I can get through this if I keep faith and I will take the time out to remember who I am just like you suggest. Your emails are a real gift in many peoples lives. Thankyou

  • LaKiesha

    I really appreciate the emails. They always come at the right time.

  • Christiane

    This message is exactly what I needed to hear today. Loving myself is such a simple thing but so hard for me to do at times. So today I will take the time to reflect on how special I am and all the value I add, and still have to add, to other peoples lives and my own. I will love my self more today and everyday. Thank you for this beautiful message.

  • Kathleen

    Thank you so very much. This is spot on. I appreciate you reminding me of these things. I am learning to love myself in a better way. When I was young I purposely dimmed my light God gave me. I thought this would let others feel better about themselves. I thought then others would love me. It does not work that way. I am incongruent with God if I do not let my light shine and use the gifts he has given me.
    Thank you so very much. I will print this and frame it. What an affirmation1

  • Gina

    Yes I enjoyed the post made me feel good while reminding me how blessed I am

  • leyla

    thanks for you send me a message i like it

  • Christine

    Love,love,love this message it’s hits right at home with me. I’m going to save it so I can read it daily. Thank you wholeheartedly my heart feels full. Blessings and love to you!

  • Debby

    Thank you for this message. So uplifting today.

  • Judith

    I am grateful for this message from my Guardian Angel. It provides encouragement and optimism… All letters from Live the Life You Love sources are helpful. With deep appreciation..

  • Aquarius

    Mahalo for watching over me, & for the encouragement to love myself.


    Thank you for that message. I really needed to hear that today. I was feeling alone,left out today.Like there was something wrong me. I have to learn to love myself more.

  • Debra Wilson

    I receive this and believe this. Very timely. Yes yes yea

  • Your Name

    Love the message, so awesome, what a great viewpoint to give me today. Love bob

  • Jeffrey

    Absolutely needed to be reminded of this. Thank you my Guardian Angel!!

  • Densie Hewitt

    Thank you for sharing these words with me today. I needed to hear, today more than any other day; this is a beautiful life and tremendous joy touches each of my days. I need to recognize and live in the moment.

  • mchappy

    I’m so excited to be here. Learning to love myself has not been an easy thing to do, however I always knew that there was a beautiful woman inside just waiting to be found. And she has appeared to the world and the world around her is totally changing. Seeing her beauty, integrity, gentleness, compassionate, and creative side has made me wonder why it’s taken so long……but then imperfect perfection like pure steel does take a while to forge and the wait has been so worth it. Now I stand here knowing how much I really do not know and waiting to be gleened, sharpened, reinvented and brand new so that I may have a clean slate for the ancient ones to work with.

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