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Hello there,

Did you know there are many of us? Future selves that is. You get to choose which one you become.

Not all of them are as happy as me. But I am ecstatically happy. Yes, I absolutely adore my life—every single second of it.

Have you ever wondered how I spend my day? I thought maybe you’d be interested…

I sleep soundly through the night, and awaken feeling refreshed and rejuvenated—as if I became younger overnight. And amazingly, the mirror seems to confirm that!

I luxuriate in my morning rituals, really feeling the sensuousness of the warm water in my shower, savoring that first sip of beverage and delighting in the beauty of the day before me.

I haven’t a care in the world, Friend. I flow through my day knowing I am fully abundant, as prosperous as I desire, completely safe and secure, and totally, absolutely loved. Do you know how great that feels?

And then, I get to do exciting things! Oh I find my whole life thrilling. My “work” isn’t work, it is a joy and a passion. I do love it so.

Even beyond work there are so many joyous and exciting things to do. But here’s the deal—whatever I do, be it a walk in the park or watching the news—I do it fully and completely—do you understand? I’m there. I’m present. And I receive so many gifts that way.

My friends, my family and my community feed my soul with their love and caring. I love them all unconditionally and they me—it brings tears to my eyes just to think about it.

Oh Friend, you are going to absolutely love it here.

Assuming, that is, that you choose me as your future. (Choose me, okay?)

With loads of love,

Your (Best) Future Self

P.S. I almost forgot. You’re probably wondering just “how” to choose me? It’s simple, Friend—start living my life now.

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21 comments to " FROM YOUR FUTURE SELF "

  • Krystalized

    Best message ever received from you. Thank you!

  • Evelyn

    Just what I needed! Thank you sooooo much. :-)

  • Animesh

    it is amazing….gave me immense support…so much thankyou for this……i love it….it has completely changed my mind set..!!!!!

  • Tina

    Thank you my future self LOVE hearing from you

  • Ghasem ansari

    hi i love you and i love ur web log and ur book:map.
    thank u

  • Simstar

    I chose you. Focusing on all the love in my life, those on your blog all mirroring back the new happy me, the one who has been sharing love, positivity and happiness towards others and myself for the past four years, having dropped my defence mechanise to protect myself and allowing the good to flow in. Thank you for finding me. I love you and your messages. I look forward to finding myself vibrating like you do. I know it’s possible. I’m making my way there and I look forward to meeting the lovely lady who has given me strength with her beautiful emails one day with harm done to noone, that or something better.

  • Pratima

    Thanks. It was a much needed message. :)

  • Melanie

    Beauty in motion & present to love being in every moment breathing such gratitude!

  • Kata

    I LOVE this! :)

  • Lizz

    Inspiring, changed today’s outlook 100%.

  • Mose

    That’s great! Thank you for this.

  • Joanne

    Love this….. I am trying to be like this….It is getting harder… But I will not give up……

  • Pam

    Thank You!!!

  • Kim

    Thank you! This was yet another “sign” of intentions coming true! Love this book, love this way of life. Thank you Thank you…for those of you who haven’t started yet, it’s worth it:-)

  • Sally

    YES!! That is me too! I am so blessed. I have sunshine and rain. Just enough to make

  • La Norris

    YES! I loved this morning’s message. I’m ready. Lets go!

  • Cairline

    Yes indeed, I do love this message. It was so interpersonal! As if you know me! I want better in my life, but I think I am my worst enemy. Please help me.

  • Stephanie

    This was the only email in my inbox this morning. I own The Map and I know this was a reminder to me to open it again and do the work. Feeling overwhelmed and terribly stressed lately. Thank you my “best higher self ” for the reminder ;)

  • laurie

    So want this how do I start?

  • Mahady

    thank you

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